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It's time to focus on you

Are you a woman who spent her life prioritizing others? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions and not feeling fulfilled?

You’re busy, committed to the people you love, and have a complete life. Yet you feel overwhelmed and not sure who your authentic self is anymore. Plus, perfectionism, people-pleasing, or self-doubt may have you second guessing your best ideas.

If that story feels like you, it’s a sign you need to focus on yourself so that you can get the joyful life you want and deserve!

As a Joy Coach, I will help you let go of what is holding you back so you can take intentional action to fill your life with more joy, meaning, and fun than ever before.

The road of life has gotten you to some good places. It feels comfortable (usually) and others think you should stay on it. Yet as you look further ahead, you realize you want to take a different route.

You feel like your gas tank is hitting “Empty.” You could take that first exit ramp, but the life YOU want is further ahead.

Let’s get you the clarity, confidence, and courage needed so that you can get unstuck, fill your tank, and navigate to the best exit ramp for you – and become unstoppable!

It’s Time to Focus on You!

Has taking care of everyone else left you feeling depleted and you don’t know how to boost yourself out of the rut? Are you ready to take time to care for YOU, yet not sure where to start?

Deep down you know it’s time for a change, but you lack the clarity, confidence, and a plan to take action. So you stay stuck instead of getting the life that you want.

It’s time to choose you.

It’s time to invest in yourself so that you can get the life you want and deserve. And then you will naturally be a better partner, parent, professional, and friend.

I’ll help you step out of your comfort zone, experience a little fear, and get the life you want and deserve.

Get ready to wake up feeling excited for the day!

Are you ready to:

  • Build your self-confidence?  Get empowered to build the confidence you need to stop the overwhelm, move beyond self-doubt, and have the courage to make long-lasting changes so that you can reach your full potential. No excuses!
  • Empower yourself to live the life YOU want? Move beyond your fear of rejection or failure, get unstuck, and build the joyful life YOU want and deserve. You’re right, there IS something more meant for your life!
  • Expand your inner joy? Let go of what is holding you back, build life-changing habits, and get peace of mind. Joy is an intention, cultivation, and a practice. Joy is a choice!

Making changes in your life can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Result from joy coaching

Let’s Get Started!

Let’s uncover hidden fears that are keeping you stuck, get clarity on your desires and dreams, and grow your self-confidence so that you have the courage to take control of your life and build your inner joy.

We start with a 30-minute discovery call to discuss your challenges and goals. If we determine that we are a good match for each other, we will get a plan for how we will work together to help you get the life you want.

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If you always do what you’ve always done,
you always get what you’ve always gotten.

YOU are your best investment!

To get where you really want to go, make a choice to do something different. Life Coaching with me will help you discover what you can do differently, and you’ll have the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

I coach because I love to help people get beyond their fears, polish their unique strengths, and start a new chapter of life with more joy, meaning, and fun than ever before. Prior to becoming a Joy Coach (a Life Coach focused on Joy), I worked in the business world where I built professional relationships with a wide variety of people and acquired the skills and insight to coach on a broad range of issues.

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“Before starting my work with Ellen I was constantly scared to ask for help and terrified to hold a conversation with a stranger which was holding me back in my workplace. Throughout the 12 weeks, I gained confidence and don’t let those things hold me back in my day to day life. Even though I am still not 100% comfortable always, I can truly say that the fearless living program has helped me and I would suggest everyone do it. When you begin to work on your “Wheel of Fear” and “wheel of freedom” your eyes will widen and you’ll learn so much about yourself. I am so grateful for this journey and seeing how I continue to grow.”

Britny J, VT

“Ellen is such a caring and intuitive coach. I only ever experienced thoughtful and empathetic thought-provoking questions from her, never did I feel judged or criticized. Ellen let me do the work, the thinking, which is so rewarding. She’s so good at getting me to think from angles I hadn’t considered before, ultimately giving me freedom to let things go and embrace new truths. I felt that she was as invested in my breakthroughs as I was; she’s just that committed to her clients’ joy! MONTHS after completing my coaching, I’m still using the tools from my toolbelt.”

Chris D, WI

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Life is a journey that should be filled with joy.
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