About Me

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! If It Brings You Joy is a blog for everyone, because everyone deserves joy in their life. I have a passion for personal growth and bringing joy to my life, and I want to share my ideas with all of you. Of course what I find joyful may not always be joyful for you, and that’s ok. We can learn from each other.

Blog author, EllenMy name is Ellen Burgan. Although I tend to be a very private person, I’ve been inspired to start this blog and put myself out there. I’m not sure where this blog is leading me, but I’ll take it one step at a time.

My intent for If It Brings You Joy is to do my part in making this world a kinder and better place. May my words be just what you needed to hear today, and may my words even inspire a positive change in your life. Let’s build a community of people who are open to new ideas to make life fun and happy. Together we will remind each other to appreciate all the big AND little joys on our journey.

I am a wife, mother to two twenty-something year old children, a step mother, and I have two dogs. I also have 30 years of experience as a business analyst and still work full time.

Please join me and help to spread joy by commenting on my posts with your thoughts and ideas. I’m just getting started, and I’m excited to focus on all things joyful.

Feel free to contact me at Ellen @ ifitbringsyoujoy.com. Read the following posts about me and my family to get to know me a little better:

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