Friendships: the Spice That Make Everything Nice

As I fly home from an amazing long weekend with three lifelong friends, it gives me time to reflect on the joys of all types of friendships.

There’s such joy in both new friendships and lifelong friendships. Some friends I don’t see all that often, yet when we do get together it seems like nothing changed between us. Others I phone often, but see seldom – yet we know each other inside and out. Do you have these different types of friends in your life?

Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends leave footprints in your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt

The local friends I’m able to see most often keep my fun-factor going.  It’s always fun to meet friends for an impromptu cup of coffee or cocktail….maybe dinner….but definitely chatting and laughing.

Growing Old Long-Term Friends

The inspiration for this post is a group of us friends who have survived the test of time. Although I went to kindergarten with two of these ladies, our friendships really started around the junior high school years.

They all play a big role in my high school memories (the 80’s were crazy, and so were we)! We stood up in each other’s weddings, eagerly told and listened to “kid stories” as our children were born and as they grew into adults themselves, supported each other through life struggles, celebrated successes, and so much more. Basically we have seen each other through good times and bad.

Knowing each other’s roots gives us a bond that is acquired via nothing but years. We know each other’s parents and siblings from our childhood. As adults, we know each other’s spouses, children, and even dogs!

We know where each of us came from and what we each went through to get us where we are today, four decades later.  We’ve all changed throughout the years and have our differences, but our roots are deep. I think those roots help us understand each other, and accept each other even with our idiosyncrasies!

We no longer live near each other, but we still make it a priority to keep in touch. And by keeping in touch, I don’t mean just Facebook.

Sure, Facebook is a fun way for us to stay connected. I especially love seeing their photos – and we’ve reached the adult age where photos now include grandchildren (seems impossible, yet awesome). Facebook would have been especially convenient during the busiest of years when we were in college, raising children, or building a career, but Mark Zuckerberg was only in elementary school at that time!

So although technology helps adult friends stay connected, seeing someone’s face, hearing their voice, and giving them a hug is so much better.

Childhood friends turned adult friends!

Four of us lifelong friends just got together for a long weekend in Denver. We don’t get to see each other often, but we easily pick up right where we left off a year or two ago.

We each have different personalities, but I think those roots I mentioned earlier help us be as ease with each other. I’m the quiet one, but no worries because there are a couple of talkers in the group! There was a nice mix of exploring the Denver area and simply relaxing. We talked and laughed (and shopped) endlessly.

Next summer will be our 35-year high school reunion, so that’s always a good reason to get together.  As empty nesters (or close to it) we are already thinking about our next vacation together which may include our spouses (although they don’t know it yet). This group of ladies along with a few others that were not able to join us are truly priceless gems in my life.

Time with Friends is Self-Care

When I return home after a fun ladies weekend, I feel like I’m a better person.

I took time to focus and reconnect with people who are part of my support system. I took time for me. I feel a little rejuvenated and ready to get back home to my hubby, dogs, and routine.

Read my post 31 Simple & Free Self-Care Activities for more ways to rejuvenate yourself.

If You’re Too Busy For Friends, You’re TOO BUSY!

Life gets busy, and it’s real easy to let friendships fall by the wayside. It takes some effort, but friendships make life good.

If life has gotten away from you and maybe you don’t have the friendships that you’d like to have, take action! People move, jobs change, and a whole host of other things happen, But that doesn’t mean you need to lose touch.

Everyone is busy, but you CAN make time. Come up with creative ways to make time for friends, and then make it happen.

Whether it’s taking a vacation together, scheduling a monthly phone call, or anything in between, just do it. Reach out to an old friend or to someone new in your community.

Friends truly are the spice of life and are important to your well-being and happiness. Reach out to someone, and make some fun happen!

If you're too busy for friends, you're too busy!

Here is some of the beautiful scenery we took in on our friends weekend:

Hiking with friends near Denver.

Time in nature with good friends is priceless. "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

Hiking with friends near Denver. Friendships make life good!

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  1. I agree. I have friends that I have known since elementary. Although we may not live near each other, we still keep in touch. That is so vital.

  2. Thank you for reminding us of the beauty of friendship! I’ve got it on my calendar to do the same next month with a group of ladies that I consider precious gems😉

  3. Some days with just a phone call a friend can turn a bad day into a good one.I agree,friends are a blessing from God and he seems to know best which one you need in your life at all times.

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