Archangels 101: Learn the Basics (Names & Meanings)

Guardian angel hanging pictureAngels have always intrigued me. As a young child I often recited the guardian angel prayer. I also remember studying a picture hanging in my grandparent’s house of a guardian angel helping two young children over a rickety bridge. (It now hangs in my mom’s home.)

In this past decade, angel cards have become an important part of my life. Angels have grown to be a important part of my daily life, and I’m happy you’re here to learn more about archangels along with me.

The most amazing thing to know about angels is that we all have angels with us, and we can communicate with them!

How & why you should communicate with angels

Communicate with angels because angels can help make your life easier. I ask angels to protect me, help a trip go smoothly, provide comfort, give me wisdom to know what to say, and even to find lost items. There really are endless ways that angels can make your life easier.

Both guardian angels and archangels are ready and waiting to assist you. The main difference between the two is that archangels have a more powerful essence than guardian angels. They oversee and guide the other angels who are with us.

If there is an archangel that specializes in your need, I usually go straight to that archangel versus asking my guardian angels. By the end of this post, you will know more about which archangel to call upon for specific assistance.

How to call upon archangels to make your life easier.

Communicating with both guardian angels and archangels does not take any special training and anybody can communicate with angels. 

Simply focus and either in your head or out loud, ask for  help. Keep it like a natural conversation. You may tell them your worries and ask for guidance or specific request.

No request for assistance is too big or small for any of the angels, and they can help an unlimited number of people simultaneously.

You may also use angel oracle cards to communicate with angels. If you’re interested in learning more about using angels cards, read How to Ask Angels for Guidance Using Angel Cards.

As I continue on my journey of personal growth, the topic of angels remains something I want to learn more about. Thus, I’d like to tell you about extremely interesting information I learn in a book I recently read. It’s titled Archangels 101 and is authored by well-known angel expert, Doreen Virtue. Doreen has learned about, worked with, and taught about angels for many years.

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Archangels 101- How to Connect With Archangels for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

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Basic Facts about Archangels

The book starts with some general information about archangels, such as:

  • Archangel means a chief or principal angel. They are the chief messengers of God, and watch over other us and other angels.
  • They’re extensions of God, and see the goodness within everyone.
  • Each has a specialty and represents an aspect of God.
  • Archangels radiate divine light and love to everyone on earth.
  • They were around long before humans and religion, and they are non-denominational, as is this book.
  • We don’t pray to nor worship archangels. We work with them because they are God’s gift to us.

It’s not known exactly how many archangels there are because it differs according to various sources. For this book, Doreen chose to describe her favorite 15 archangels who she easily connects with, but Doreen believes there are many, many archangels.

Archangel Names, Meanings and Specialties

Learning the names and specialties of archangels will help you develop a closer relationship with archangels. You can then call upon them for specific situations.

To give you a feel for what you’ll learn about each of the 15 archangels, I’ll give you a short synopsis of my favorite 5 archangels that Doreen described in the book.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael watches over and protects us. His name means “he who is like God” and has a royal purple halo light.

He is probably the most famous of the archangels. Michael is the patron saint of police officers and other protective people.

Michael has several specialties including physical and spiritual protection. Ask Michael to protect you anytime you get into a vehicle, or to protect you and your home while you sleep. He is the chief protector of everyone.

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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals” and has an emerald green light. You may call upon Raphael whenever you need healing (emotional or physical) or comforting.

You can call on Raphael for healing help on behalf of another person. However, if the other person doesn’t want his help for some reason, Raphael will not be able to heal but he can stay by that person for comfort.

Archangel Raphael also:

  • Is the patron of travelers. (Ask him to ensure a safe, smooth trip.)
  • Is known to assist people who are healers, such as doctors, nurses, and spiritual healers.
  • Helps heal animals.

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Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God,” and is often referred to as the Finding Angel because he can help you find anything that you’re looking for.

Doreen shares stories of how people found items that they knew for a fact had been thrown out, yet with Chamuel’s help the items were found – sometimes in a location they had already thoroughly looked through.

Call Chamuel to help you find your car keys, eyeglasses, or even a misplaced (or long gone) cherished ring. His mission is universal peace and wants to reduce human stress.

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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel’s name means “the beauty of God,” and her mission is to bring beauty to all aspects of life, including thoughts.

Jophiel can help you shift from a negative mindset to a more positive viewpoint about circumstances in your life. She will remind you of the joy of beauty, and therefore will help you live a happier life. Her halo color is a deep fuchsia pink.

Archangel Jophiel can also help:

  • Beautify your home, office, and anywhere else you spend time.
  • Reduce clutter so you’re better able to work in relaxation in your space.
  • Beautify your personal self, such as with your wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Ask for Jophiel’s help when you’re shopping for a special outfit or furniture.

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Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel’s name means “the grace of God.” She has a gentle, nurturing energy and a pale blue light.

Haniel is ready to help you develop your intuition and clairvoyance – she can help you wake up your inner self. It’s especially helpful to call upon Haniel during a full moon to help you release anything, such as negativity.

She is a compassionate healer of emotional pain. For example, she can help you move on from a relationship break up without holding negative feelings.

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True Stories of Archangels Helping Someone

With each thorough description of these 15 archangels, Doreen tells true stories of that specific archangel helping someone who called upon him/her. I particularly liked these stories because they highlight real-life ways I can keep these helpful beings active in my life.

For example, one lady driving on a highway realized she was the target of a person with extreme road rage. She immediately asked Archangel Michael to protect her. Suddenly a white van came up from nowhere and positioned itself between her and the person with road rage, keeping her safe. The other person eventually exited the highway, and the white van stayed with her until she was safely at home.

What I particularly love about these real-life stories is that it brings to light that angels won’t necessarily look like they do in the movies. Although angels may appear to you in a white gown with wings and a halo, they may also appear to you looking like a human being.

Most people will go through life unaware of the angels’ invisible presence. Even without viewing their presence, know that they are there.

Just Ask!

Doreen encourages you to be mindful of how you feel when learning about each angel. You might connect with some angels more so than others.

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue is a book you'll want to re-read.

Angels are unlimited beings who can be in unlimited places. They want to help you and can assist everyone simultaneously.

Never feel as if you’re asking them for help about something too trivial or that you’re asking them for too many things. The important thing is that you just need to ASK for their help.

Good Read

This book was an easy read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

The names along with their specialties helps me connect with each archangel. I don’t keep many books, but Archangels 101 is the type of book that I will refer back to when special help is needed.

I also have the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, and they have become even more helpful after reading Archangels 101. The messages they bring to me are spot-on helpful for the guidance I ask for.

If you decide to order Archangels 101, I highly recommend you also order the Archangel oracle cards because you’ll really enjoy having a method of receiving angel messages. Thank you for reading my article and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about archangels. For more related reading, check out my article  How to Ask Angels for Guidance Using Angel Cards.

How to call upon archangels to make your life easier.