Eye Candy Architecture in New Orleans

On a recent vacation in New Orleans, I ended up with a camera full of colorful photos of distinct and grand architectural eye candy. From the French Quarter’s century plus old houses and business buildings, to the mansions in the Garden District near St. Charles Avenue, each had its own delightful personality.

Featured were unique doors, tall shutters, fancy corbels and balusters, ornate wood trim, wrought iron, and incredible paint color combinations. It was a whole host of interesting architectural elements that left me and my camera falling behind my group as I tried to capture as many pieces of eye candy as possible.

Gorgeous architectural art shop in New Orleans

Two house styles that I found most interesting were the shotgun houses and the creole cottages. Shotgun houses got their name because they are deep and narrow, and theoretically if you fired a gun at the front door the bullet would go all the way through the house without hitting any walls. Creole cottages have two key distinguishing elements: a roof line that runs parallel to the street, and a second “half story” where unusually small bedrooms are fitted directly under the steeply pitched, gabled roof.

Houses in New Orleans French Quarter Area

This was one of my favorite houses. The turquoise/teal shutters attracted my attention because it’s my favorite color. The corbels, columns, staircase, porch lamp, decorative top siding, and all the other details give your eyes plenty of things to soak in. (And my friend added a charm of her own!)

Spectacular New Orleans architectural elements! Bright turquoise shutters on New Orleans shotgun house.


This house is obviously well-loved as it’s in such nice condition. I particularly like the eggplant shutters with the gray/green main color.Gorgeous paint color combination on New Orleans house


Peach along with my favorite colored turquoise shutters! Notice those impressive corbels.

Eye candy paint color on New Orleans house


Very purple, but typical bright color in French Quarter neighborhoods.

Bright purple house in New Orleans


Light green exterior with dark green shutters, along with an awesome balcony with great balusters makes for a very distinguished home.

Beautiful architectural elements on New Orleans home


This shotgun house is so perfectly worn that I don’t think you could reproduce the look if you wanted! Love every single detail about this house.Worn yet charming house in New Orleans French Quarter area

Businesses Have Architectural Character, Too!

Court of the Two Sisters beautiful building in New Orleans


What a charming, adorable guest house!

Charming guest house in New Orleans


Just of Royal Street is Fleur de Paris that has an incredibly ornate ironwork balcony railing.

Architectural building in New Orleans


Great colors! Eggplant walls with turquoise shutters, topped with an iron balcony railing – LOVE!

Gorgeous paint color and architecture in New Orleans


Not your typical hotel! The Cornstalk Hotel was originally built in 1816 and is supposedly haunted.

Architectural hotel in New Orleans


Antoine’s Annex located on St. Louis Street in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

New Orleans building


Aerial Views

The roof-top pool and bar area at the Omni Royal hotel gave us some great views! It was interesting to see the city from this different perspective.

I love this aerial view of Jackson Square featuring St. Louis Cathedral, and the Mississippi River in the far back. The square had a really fun open-air art market that was also sprinkled with several tarot card/palm readers.

Aerial view of Jackson Square in New Orleans - just one of the interesting photos of architecture in New Orleans. #travel

Aerial view in New Orleans


I just love all the shutters!

Building tops from New Orleans aerial view


Mansions in the Garden District

We hopped on the St. Charles Street Car line and walked around the antebellum mansions in The Garden District. (By “hopped on” I mean that in a confused state we quasi-painfully figured out where exactly we were trying to go, and which car to get on.) We didn’t feel the need to know the nitty-gritty historical details about each house, so we just wandered and enjoyed each house for the visual joy it offered.

The details on these mansions were amazing. This  cornstalk gate took the prize for most unique gate.

New Orleans Garden District Cornstalk Gate


This is the home of the actress Sandra Bullock. The architectural details were incredible!

Sandra Bullocks home in New Orleans Garden District


Here’s another Garden District house that caught my attention.

New Orleans Garden District Mansion


Other Interesting Architectural Elements in New Orleans

Look at the details in the corbel and wood trim above the tall, sleek shutters.

Building details on house in New Orleans


I’m not sure if it’s the colors, the semi-worn color on the brick,  simple wood header, or the door shutters, but I found this attractive.
Awesome door in French Quarter


Now this is a fancy door!

Fancy, ornate iron door in New Orleans


Check out the iron work on this railing, column and porch light.

Incredible ironwork in New Orleans


Love the door and window panels even though it could use a little sprucing up!

Interesting New Orleans door


If walls could talk! Some may call this in great need of a paint job, but somehow I love the patina of the worn home.

Interesting worn walls and door


Wow. Just wow! Can you see yourself having a cup of coffee on this balcony overlooking the city?
New Orleans architecture


I’m not sure if this was an apartment building or a business, but it certainly was interesting to take in.

New Orleans building

Peaking through an iron gate

So that’s the end of my camera roll. Heading down to Louisiana? In addition to the awesome music, food, drinks, and art, be sure to wander around to check out some of the architecture in New Orleans. Let me know in a comment below what’s your favorite aspect of the architecture in these photos. And be sure to read my blog series about my son’s year in New Zealand because traveling vicariously is fun!

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Enjoy 28 photos featuring spectacular New Orleans architectural elements. From the New Orleans French Quarter’s century plus old houses, to the mansions in the Garden District, each has its own delightful personality. IfItBringsYouJoy #NewOrleans #Travel


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  1. Nice pictures! I think my favorite is the first pictures of the art boutique with very tall, bright turquoise shutters. Need to scroll through again!

  2. Wow! I remember going to Savannah and doing the same thing. I took a ton of pictures just because of all the architectural detail that attracted me. I ended up printing off and framing some of those photos that are still hung in my house today… what are you going to do with yours?

    1. I was thinking I was just creating a fun blog post with them, but framing them is a great idea. There’s no way I can pick just one, so I’ll need to think about it. Thanks for the idea, Joy!

    1. I hope you get there soon. Lots of interesting things to do, and of course great food and drinks.

  3. I live about 40 minutes South of New Orleans. I think you did the city proud. I hope you were able to get some beignets while you were here!

    1. H Malina, thank you so much for your nice words. We had a great visit and found lots of interesting things to see and do. Although we didn’t have any beignets, we did have lots of fresh oysters and seafood, a muffuletta from Central Grocery, and even a few sazeracs.

  4. So many great photos! I just love looking at architecture and all that iron scrollwork, colors, and shutters are just amazing.

  5. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to our great state and were able to capture the beauty of post Katrina New Orleans. I see you indulged in the Central Market muffuletta, but there are so many other great places off the beaten paths that you would love. You must come again.

    1. Now I know who to connect with before our next trip! We tend to ask locals for restaurant suggestion. Wonderful city!

  6. New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit. Your photos are really beautiful and capture the feeling of the place.

  7. What fantastic pictures, I love the pink guest house and shutters are one of my favorite things on windows.
    I hope to live in a home one day that has shutters they are so friendly and inviting. Thanks for the great photography!!

    1. There’s just something about those tall shutters that make them the frosting on the cake. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  8. Whoa! Now that was truly awesome! Thanks so much for sharing such adorable pictures. Some of those colors too were really very pleasing to the eye don’t you think? I’ve never been there, but maybe some day I’ll go. I’d love to see the Mardi Gras!!! Thanks for sharing so much! I had a great time! hugs

    1. Glad you enjoyed the “virtual” trip! Taking walks off the main path sure paid off in New Orleans.

  9. I live the antique shabby chic! What a unique place! I am from Australia & I don’t think we have a place I could say is that antique shabby chic…although we do have some amazing places.

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration anytime!

  10. Oh I am so jealous. I love the achitecture! Thanks so much for linking at the Fabulous Party.
    I would like to feature your post this week. And, you’ve prompted a post that I will write on my blog! I will link back to you.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. I hope you come by My Journey Back on Tues.
    and see the post you prompted. I am over here
    Have a great weekend. Come back and link any time at the Fabulous Party!

    1. Hi Sherry, thank you so much for featuring my post next week. Anxious to see your post that is inspired by my NOLA photos. Cheers!

  11. Fabulous photographs and lovely little insight into New Orleans. I’d love to visit some day. Jill x

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