Rate Your Life, Build Your 90-Day Plan

Are you set up for success for the last 90 days of 2020? 

Great gratitude to Kimberly Snider, the guest author of this post. Kimberly’s leadership experience shows the importance of 90-day plans – professional and personal! She shares tips for planning our self-care, our courage, our resilience… our accomplishments before the year ends. Without further ado, here’s Kimberly!

Can you believe, we are unsuspectingly being edged into our last 90 days of 2020?

What a year it has been!  It started with New Year’s Celebrations, big dreams of a new decade, making epic plans to leap forward, innovate and seize the day!

It all came to a halt March 2020 … with uncertainty, concern for our safety … kids returned home … and our sanity was being tested! 

March… April …this can’t be happening…

May… I’m sure this is all a bad dream…

June… any efforts of kids doing schoolwork or returning to our normal routine of “going into work” had disappeared officially. 

It was summer… and still we were vexed with quarantine rules, social distancing, washing hands … and agonizingly monitoring everyone in our family for symptoms.

My 2020 goals?

No time.

No energy.

No fun.

Creating a plan at the desk

Well, there are the last 3 months of 2020 ahead of us now, about to slip through our fingers. 

  • Is there time to accomplish some goals?
  • Some self-care ambitions? 
  • Key personal or professional objectives to set us up with momentum heading into 2021?

Have you built your own personal 90-day plan?

I have been noticing that many of my friends and leaders, colleagues, and neighbours are so overwhelmed with “life” these days, there is no time for self-care, personal goals, achievement, aspirations. 

I am here to help. 

I am an activator!  I love to start new projects, unearth new ideas, think creatively… and moreso, I thrive on helping others brainstorm and create their own plans.

I like to make things happen – turning leaders’ and teams thoughts, ideas and philosophies into action! 

Tips to Make the Best of 2020’s Final 3 Months

Here are a few tips to urge you to set your goals and achieve some accomplishments before the end of 2020.

Rate Your Life Worksheet

(Contact Kimberly to request a free printable of the Rate My Life worksheet.)

1 – Take an inventory.

Really take an inventory of the top 6- 8 categories of your life and sincerely rate your happiness with their success, their progress and your contribution to them flowing in your life with ease.

2 – Truly assess the 3 lowest scored categories.

Think about WHY these are important to you?  To the people impacted by this category?  To those who will reap the benefits of your energy and love in these categories.

3 – Create stretch by achievable goals.

No one strives for goals that are easy.  That’s no fun!  Set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results based, time-bound) and then map it out, 30-day increments.

4 – Have an Accountability Partner.

A “partner in shine!” who will cheer you on, ask “why?” or “why not” as well as celebrate your success and challenge you to be courageous.

The key to your success, the most important factor in goal setting is:

5 – Ensure your goal has value. 

When you think about each goal for the next 90-days, your brain will evaluate each goal, as it travels through the Amygdala part of your brain – the emotional part of your brain that is wired for Fight-Flight-Freeze response – before it will allow the logical, conscious part of your brain to engage. 

When we contemplate our values (and gosh, we had so much time over the last 6 months to truly evaluate our personal and professional values) and link them to our individual goals… we have a much stronger drive to accomplish them with ease and grace.  With less pressure and anxiety, our goal is emotionally invested and our brain will advocate for our triumph!


If you need a little courage … a little structure … a voice to propel you to activate your 90-day plan in motion… I hope this is it!

I believe in you! 

Start!  Start your 90-day plan and finish 2020 with self-assurance, confidence, thrilled you invested in your self-care, your self-resilience and conviction to invest in you… because you’re not here to be average… You’re here to be Awesome!

About the Author

Kimberly Snider

Kimberly advocates for your success – in business and in life – she’s your biggest cheerleader.

In a world of craziness, pushing and pulling, challenging your attention and demanding you to make decisions… do you still have time for You? Your goals?  Your ambitions?  Your self-care?

Kim is an entrepreneur – the founder of PeopleBrain, a Leadership HR Consultant, Productivity Tackle-Boxer, student of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.  As leaders, high-achievers, multi-taskers thrive, it seems there is an underlying current where they do not invest in their own personal ambitions.  She is advocating for your awesomeness … and believes the cup isn’t half full or half-empty, it’s time to live life overflowing!

She is the host of “OVERflow with Kimberly Snider” the Podcast.  Join our conversation to nourish the mind, body and soul so we can respond to life’s challenges.

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