How to Shift Your Energy and Calm Your Thoughts

Depending on where you live, you likely have been in some type of isolation for the past month. This health crisis has certainly sparked stress and is interrupting life as we know it.

Lily floating in calm water.

Interactions that we never thought twice about have come to a screeching halt. Running daily errands, casually strolling through stores, and chit-chatting with friends or co-workers are temporarily gone.

What we do have is more time at home.

Remember when you wished you could just have a week to catch up on stuff around the house? Wish granted!


Daily hustle and bustle has eased. We don’t have to hurry to a meeting, find time to pack for a weekend trip, nor scurry through the grocery store. (I never thought I’d look forward to grocery shopping as I suddenly do now!)

Typical daily distractions are gone, and we now have more “thinking” time.

  • Time to worry about the health of ourselves, family and friends.
  • Time to feel that ache in our heart as we miss hugging our friends and family.
  • Time to think about our investments that are falling like a lead brick.

And with that increased “thinking” time, unpleasant feelings like worry, anxiety, and even panic can easily sneak up.

Feel It

Merry-go-round of emotions

Do you feel a merry-go-round of feelings: stress, anxiety, grief, and sadness… all wrapped around moments of feeling fine in the safety of your own home?

Although we’re all impacted differently from this global pandemic, I think it’s safe to say most of us are experiencing feelings that are new to us.

While I’m about to suggest you do activities to distract yourself from the things you CANNOT control, it’s also important to acknowledge and process your feelings.

Sweeping those feelings under a rug isn’t going to magically make them go away. Honor your feelings so you can then release them and be free to make choices from freedom rather than fear.

The following video is of Psychologist Joan Rosenberg explaining how to handle and overcome unpleasant feelings. It’s worth a listen!


The good news is that we all get to make choices.

Do you want to let your emotional fear keep you stuck until you “get out of jail?” Or, do you want to make the best of your “solitude” time? (Did you notice the choice of words that insinuate an attitude choice?)

Then, decide how you want to act on those feelings based on what’s important to you.

  • Worried? Do you want to let it fester or do you want to do something to shift your energy and be more productive?
  • Bored? Do you want to sleep to numb the pain or do you want to make changes to make life more interesting?

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Awareness is Key

I tend to carry my stress in my upper back. I rarely feel anxiety in my body, but for the past few weeks I feel anxiety as a general tightness in my chest. My friend said she feels it at the top of her stomach. Do you feel stress or anxiety in your body?

The good thing about feeling anxiety in my body is that it helps me become aware that I’m feeling anxious. It’s the little nudge telling me I need to take action to refocus on things I CAN control.

I’m finding that I need to consciously do something to shift my energy so I don’t end up ruminating – which only makes it worse.

Awareness is key because it’s easier to shift your energy before feelings of fear gain momentum.

Things to Do to Shift Your Energy and Choose Calm

Calming stones in water

First, take a few deep breaths. Crisis or not, I’m always amazed at the immediate effect a few deep breaths has on my mindset.

Then, do something to give your mind some space to help you purposely shift your energy and mindset.

In a world where we temporarily can’t do everything we used to do, we still have many choices of things we CAN do.

Here are a few simple ideas of what you can do to shift your energy:

  1. Listen to music (dancing is even better).
  2. Do the dishes.
  3. Pet your dog or cat.
  4. Do an art project.
  5. Play that piano, guitar or any instrument that’s collecting dust.
  6. Dust or vacuum the house.
  7. Organize a closet or kitchen cupboard.
  8. Take a soothing bath.
  9. Make a meal or bake a treat.
  10. Refold your clothing into perfect stacks.
  11. Go for a walk.
  12. Take a virtual tour of a famous museum.
  13. Call a good friend.
  14. Any self-care activity (list of simple and free self-care activities)
  15. Learn a hobby (list of 35 free online resources to learn a hobby)

Take action as soon as you become aware that your mindset is less than optimal so negative momentum is minimized.

How Will You Look Back?

Worry, anxiety, and other negative feelings steal your energy and dis-empower you. Honor your feelings, process them, and when you’re ready, shift your energy so you feel empowered.

“Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.”


One day soon, we will look back on this time. Will you look back with fond memories or as a living hell?

In every situation, you can dwell in misery or grab onto opportunities. It may not be easy, but the choice is yours.

During this global pandemic, have you started a new habit that helps you keep your calm? Is there a habit that you want to continue after you move forward to your new normal? Please share it with me in a comment!

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