Little Ways To Make a Birthday Special

Birthday card
Humorous card I received from my friend Marlene who is so good about remembering!

We all like to be remembered on our birthday! Many people leave their birthday wishes on Facebook, some send text messages, and a few still send cards. Love them all.

The cards are especially nice when it depicts something personal and you know the sender spent a bit of time finding just the right card.

Homemade cards and notes are my favorite; they’re sweet, thoughtful, and definitely real keepsakes.

So today is my birthday and my hubby had a sweet letter waiting for me on the kitchen island when I woke up. He’s not a mushy kind of guy, so his note is particularly appreciated. We talked a few days ago and I mentioned how I’d prefer a non-purchased card, and he really came through with flying colors!

I’m not the type of person to keep many mementoes, but homemade cards and letters are something I cherish and save. Saving something to throw it in a drawer seems silly to me, so I keep these ol’ treasures where I see them often.

My favorite spot is to tape them on the inside of cupboard doors; they’re not visible to everyone but I see them every time I open that door.

Homemade cards on the inside of a cupboard door

Cherished handmade card on inside of a cupboard door

I still have homemade cards taped on various cupboard and closet doors that my daughter made me many years ago. Just a few years ago, well into her 20’s, she still made me a card because she knows that I love her homemade cards.

Homemade cards from my daughter

My son didn’t get into making me cards, but there were several birthdays during his childhood that he gave me a coupon book. Coupon books are awesome! He had really good coupons like…. Good for one free cleaning of my room without complaining! or…. Good for one free 5 minute massage! I would always save those coupons for just the right time.

This year he messaged me his birthday wishes to me yesterday evening. Although it was a day early for me, it was right on time for him because he’s living in New Zealand and their time zone is a day ahead of us.

My plan for the day is to do whatever I feel like doing – whatever brings me joy. I think my husband and I will go out for lunch, I’ll stop over and visit my mom (after all, it wouldn’t be my birthday without her!) and then I’ll do whatever the spirit moves me to do. Love it!

Have a great day everyone! Make my day and let me know how you like to observe your birthday!

11 Replies to “Little Ways To Make a Birthday Special”

  1. Happy birthday! I’m with you, I like homemade cards and letters. Hallmark is way too expensive and not as good.

  2. I’m with anyone remembering my birthday…. no matter how it’s done!

  3. Sure hope your day was one to put down in the memory book! How’d it turn out, did Jamie text, or homemade card? Love your idea of hanging the cards on the inside of the cupboard! My homemade cardsand notes are all saved in a hanging file that says ‘Love Notes.’ It may just be time to do something about getting those into a sweet book of ‘love.’ And three cheers for Ray! There is nothing better for the heart of a woman than hubby hearing our special requests, and making it happen! Happy Birthday + 1 day, my friend!

    1. Thanks Chris! Your idea of a book of love is a great idea. I have a few other things in a folder and you’ve inspired me to consider some sort of book. My day was great. Texts and calls from the kids were great, as were all the other avenues of people sending me birthday wishes. Loved them all.

  4. Happy Birthday. I love the idea of taping inside a cupboard where you can enjoy the message! Enjoy your day

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’m far from being a hoarder, but I just can’t part with those cards! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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