Nature, No Matter Where You Live

This morning  my neighbor shared this picture of the visitors in their yard. They know I am always on the lookout for what I call our neighborhood pets, and this year we have four precious fawns.

Deer with 4 fawns feasting in the yard

I’m blessed to live in a north woods lake home surrounded by many beautiful trees and amazing wildlife. Being in nature has some real benefits for both your physical and mental health (read Nature’s Amazing Benefits to learn more).

One of my favorite perks of living in the north woods is that I often look out a window and see a deer munching on some…branch…grass…or whatever it is that they munch. I think deer are so pretty and this year we have four fawns that are just adorable and fun to watch! 

But When It Comes to Plants…

However, our beloved neighborhood pets sometimes help themselves to our landscaping and even plants on our deck. That’s right, deer actually come right up on our deck and eat our plants like they’re deer candy!

planter with leafless stem

Prior to being lunch for a deer, this was a gorgeous plant with large leaves. My dog looks like she’s on the lookout in case that deer returns!

What to do? Artificial Custom Plants and Trees to the Rescue!

As much as I love my deer friends, I’ve got a big surprise for the next one that thinks she’s going to help herself to one of our pretty potted “treats” on our deck. I now have an artificial  tree that I think looks great!

Our deck is a peaceful place where we can take in all the beauty, and I like to have some flowers and greenery on our deck to let nature flow right up into our space. Going with the custom artificial trees  alternative takes the worry out of protecting the plant from wildlife.

Beautiful artificial custom tree

Watering and pruning  need to be a priority with real plants, but no maintenance is required for this bamboo tree. It looks good with no help from me!

You might be thinking that an artificial  tree is going to stick out like a sore thumb, but I found one that I really like.

This artificial tree looks darn close to real, and it’s made to hold up to outdoor weather. The leaves are made of some sort of durable, weatherproof heavy-duty fabric, and the leaf veins are adhered tightly.

The tree came in a pot that is weighted, which helps it from tipping but does nothing for aesthetic value. The pot looks like what a plant would come in if you bought it from a greenhouse.

The tree looked much better after I put it into one of my own decorative pots. When I bring it indoors, I’ll change the pot to better fit in with the room decor.

So although nothing can replace real, natural trees, there are some situations where artificial custom trees and plants can be a good alternative.

Artificial tree indoors
Artificial tree brings life to the indoors during winter. (Notice the overload of snow outdoors!)

Reasons to Go With Artificial Trees or Plants

Sometimes it’s okay to fake it!

1 – Animals don’t eat them.

In addition to my deer friends, we also have dogs. Some plants can be poisonous for cats and dogs, but there’s no worries with artificial plants.

2 – Green space when there is no green.

During winter, I’ll bring the tree indoors to bring a touch of nature inside. We have long, cold winters, and a little sign of life, even if it is artificial, is always a nice reminder that spring is around the corner.

Artificial plants are also a great alternative for city dwellers where outdoor green space is scarce.

3 – No maintenance required!

I tend to forget to water plants, so “no water required” is a big reason for me to go artificial.

Faux plants and trees add life to spaces that don’t have natural light. Going fake is a good alternative for office and dorm decor where watering and sunlight can be a challenge, yet a little green space can be beneficial. And for people like me who are missing the “green thumb.”

4 – Allergies.

Enough said for those of us who suffer from allergies.

Discount Offer For Your Artificial Plant or Tree Order

If you would like an artificial tree to enjoy in your home, you can visit Silk Plants Direct and use promo code BLOGGER10 to save 10% on your order (custom orders excluded). What do you think about artificial plants? Let me know in a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary tree in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. You’re a woman after my own heart. I have artificial plants mixed with real ones all over my house. They never get old and never need watering! Never thought of those for outside. Hmmm… you’ve given me ideas.

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