DIY Decorative Closet Doors: Boring to Fun!

Bifold closet doors painted with fun sports theme.

DIY – Painting Closet Doors

Sports Theme Idea for Kids Bedroom

Although I am an artistically-challenged person, I did paint this sports theme design on bifold closet doors. Granted, it was 14 years ago, but I still show those doors off with pride and they’re not getting replaced anytime soon!

I think painting closet doors in childrens’ rooms adds a big spark of fun to their room. They can help pick out the theme and colors. Chalk board paint is always fun for kids areas, too.

Of course painting closet doors goes way beyond the sports theme and kids rooms. With all the  stencils available, you can make the look more sophisticated for your main living area.

How to: Easy DIY!

You, too, can easily take your boring closet doors from drab to creative with just a little paint.

Begin by finding a desirable design from Pinterest or another resource. Checkout my Pinterest board: Decorative Closet Doors.

Make it easy on yourself and select a design that is either cartoonish (like mine) so it doesn’t need to be exact, or an image you can trace using a projector. Stencils can also be helpful to create a nice design with little or no artistic talent necessary.

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Take the doors down and put them on a flat work surface, and go to work! Don’t over think it, just do it. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll need to paint a solid color over a botched design.

Be sure you know which end is the top and bottom because the handles are not in the vertical middle. (If you look closely at my photo above, you’ll see that my husband had to do a little fix because I painted them upside down!)

DIY decorative closet doors

To add both dimension and function, I added real lockers on each side of the closet.

On a side note, to continue my sports theme…

1. I also painted a basketball backboard on the wall. I used a ruler for the straight sides, and a string attached to a pencil to make the curved top. A nerf basketball hoop completed the design which again added both function and design. The theme words going around the backboard are simply letter stickers.

Painted basketball hoop for sports theme room

2. I also painted this bedside table that was a thrift store find. I then cut decorative paper (used for scrapbooking) and glued it to the table. A final coat of polyurethane made it extremely durable, as it looks the same today as it did 14 years ago.

Decorative table in sports theme room

The hoop and table are overdue to be replaced, but the closet doors bring back too much joy to even think about painting over.

Quick Fixes for Fun Door Decor

There are some amazing products available if you are not into DIY projects. I especially love removable vinyl stickers because they can be changed out with no effort.

Here are some products available on Amazon that can help you with your door decor:

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