DIY Home Decor Ideas to Spark Cheer and Inspiration

Uplifting home decor looks great, and also acts as a friendly reminder to be positive and appreciative. I love inspirational home decor such as sayings, images and signs, and I have lots of them around our home. EnJOY these DIY inspirational home decor ideas and decide if adding a few to your home might make your life a little better. Make your home a positive environment!

Inspirational words painted on a staircase

The Joy Is In The Process (this is important!)

This staircase painted by my friend, Mary, was my inspiration for this post. (Thank you, Mary!) I think it’s genius how she turned this space that is generally boring into something completely inspirational and decorative to boot!
Mary gives credit for her stair idea to her 98 year-old friend who had painted her basement window wells to make them more cheerful.
She painted a white background and filled it with flowers, and that inspired Mary to do something with her stairs that she planned to paint anyway. Mary is also genius in recognizing the key to maximizing the joy:
Think process, not product.  The joy is in the process of living, trying, discovering, preferring.
The stairway process has given me many hours of joy, thinking about it, doodling, looking for supplies, buying supplies, considering, contemplating, erasing, painting over, reevaluating, etc. 
↑ My friend, Joy, shared her inspirational home decor sign with me. I love how she uses vertical space that would otherwise be wasted. What a great reminder for her and her family each day, as well as being a great conversation starter with visitors.
You can also make fun little framed art messages with stencils: ↓
Framed positive messages
Or go big! ↓
Painted home decor
Fun, Easy Alternatives from Amazon

Decorative signs and inspirational quotes are fun reminders. Consider placing a simple sign with a positive message on your nightstand so you see it as you drift off to sleep and again when you wake up in the morning.

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↑ Thank you to my friend, Marlene, who shared her “Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times” decor with me. Marlene is a wonderful hostess and she finds joy in cooking delicious meals for friends. Her sign makes her guests know they’re important to her.
Again, perfect example of using vertical space that would otherwise lack interest.
Woman in home with inspirational decor

Inspirational Wall Decals Available at Amazon

Vinyl wall decals such as inspirational quotes are affordable, sophisticated and an easy way to brighten up any room in your home. Amazon has some fantastic wall decals, and they’re so easy to apply.

Most decals can be applied to your wall in one piece as shown in the product images or each line can be separated with scissors so you can add your own creative touch. Just be sure to place them where you can see them often for a daily dose of inspiration! (Browse off of Amazon’s wall decals here.)

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This wall art made from frames and photos of family a fun way to display memories:

Wall-Art121 flickr photo by mattwalker69 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

DIY! Create this Family Wall in Your Home With These Supplies

(Click image to view on Amazon)

Size: 20″ wide x 17″ high

 Size: Decal Words Measure approx. 6″ X 17″ on the Top, 4″ X 17″ on the Bottom

Hour hand length: 23.5cm ; Minute hand length: 31.5cm
Powered by 1 AA battery (not included)

Includes 12-4×6 Inch matte black frames

Inspirational Pillows

Woman on couch with inspirational pillow decor

Pillows with the word love

Pillow cases are extremely inexpensive and easily changed to have different inspirations attracting your attention. Of course they’re functional, too! Choose a saying or image that lets your authentic self shine!

(Click image to view on Amazon)


Two kids on couch with fun pillows

Don’t forget to inspire the kids, too! Fun pillows can bring out the happy in anyone, especially children.

(Click image to view on Amazon)


Are you inspired to bring joy to your home with these easy DIY inspirational home decor ideas? Check out my other home decorating articles if you’d like more ideas for inside and outside home decorating. Please leave a comment with your favorite idea or share your DIY Inspirational home decor ideas. I love hearing your ideas! 💗

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  1. Love these ideas! Even one of these is a great way to add something fresh and new in my decor for spring. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Stenciling is a great idea. It’s easy to do and easy to paint over when you’re ready for something new. And yes, the pillows are fun! I have the black “enjoy the little things” with a bicycle. Easy and fun.

  2. My favorite decor theme is vintage. I am planning to retouch my walls with wooden ornaments of vintage design, with soft colors.. thank you for your ideas..

  3. I love inspirational home decor and fit is my favourite method as you said the process is most important thing

  4. Some great ideas, simple yet impactful. Painting the stairs is fabulous! Very cute, makes me wish I had stairs to paint.

  5. That staircase is lovely! It’s good to have motivational quotes around us. They can really help turn around an awful moment. Great ideas here.

  6. Hey, these ideas are fantastic. Loved the Pillow stuff and the stairs one too. We can also try by adding all the spring palette colors on every stair to add more drama and make it attractive. Thanks for sharing them. Love <3

  7. Love these ideas. First I love inspirational stairs. I’ve even seen stairs that had book spines painted on it like it was a bookcase. I’ve used the vinyl stickers before, primarily at work where we could put up inspirational sayings. But I also threw in a couple of “just for fun” ones in unexpected places.

    1. I have very limited space for personal items at work. Your idea to put vinyl stickers on the wall is perfect! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Jennifer!

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