Enjoying Nature: Photos to Feed Your Soul

Nature feeds the soul within me. Enjoying nature is good for me and I need it! I love the relaxing feeling I get when looking at the lake, the appreciation I feel during a walk through the woods, and the thrill of seeing wild animals cross my path. Nature is known to improve our mood, and I can tell you I proved that theory to be true.

Seeing the various facets of nature feeds my spirit and re-energizes me. Nature brings me great joy and it makes me feel better after being out there or even just watching the meandering animals from inside my home.

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself.” ~ Maxime Lagace

Fifteen years ago we moved our family to the northwoods of Wisconsin. Every neighborhood has its perks, and the perk I enjoy in our neighborhood is it’s endless supply of nature.

Each day as I take my dogs for walks, I fill my camera with photos of interesting finds. Even from inside our home, wildlife comes into our yard and I can’t stop myself from grabbing my camera.

As a blogger, I love to share my joys, and enjoying  nature is truly a joy. Although sometimes I miss the excitement of a big city, I try to not take my northwoods surroundings for granted. Because I do live in somewhat of a unique area, I’m happy to use my blog as a platform to share these photos with you.

May these photos of outdoor Wisconsin nature bring you joy, as they do for me. I’ve included my favorites in this post, but please watch the video I created with many more nature photos for you to enJOY.

Oh Deer!

Deer are beautiful creatures: curious, graceful, and interesting. Even after 15 years of having deer in my yard on a daily basis, I still find them completely captivating. When I’m close enough for them to hear me, I always tell them how pretty they are and I love their big ears. Is that weird?

↓ PIN FOR LATER ↓A gorgeous deer in nature.

This gal was taking a rest under the shade of our tree on a hot fall day. Beautiful view outside my kitchen window as I did the dishes. ⇓

Appreciating wildlife while watching a deer taking a rest under the shade of a tree.

Buddies… ⇓

Two deer in the forest, showing us nature is beautiful.

Deer in the forest

I stopped my car (convertible with the top down) and had a chat with this pretty girl. I think she wanted a ride and for a moment thought she was going to jump in! ⇓

Deer looking at me from a few feet away when I stopped my car next to her. Nature and wildlife are amazing!

A curious doe almost posing for me as I take her photo. ⇓

A curious deer posing as I take her photo. Nature is amazing, enjoy it! #nature

This isn’t the best photo, but it certainly depicts the curious nature of deer! She took her time while studying the inside of our home. ⇓

Curious deer looking in window. Nature is amazing!

Why did the deer cross the road? ⇓

Deer running across the road in the woods. #nature

Fawns are my favorite. We generally get at least one quick view of them as they learn to walk, or when their mom leaves them lay while she goes and….well I don’t know what she’s doing but I’m sure she’s keeping a close eye on her precious new born. Fawns have the most gorgeous spots and I just love to watch them grow.

Fawns eating dinner - a beautiful sight in nature.

The twins were taking a mid-morning rest in the woods. My dogs “alerted” me to their presence and I of course took the opportunity to capture the precious scene. ⇓

Twin fawns taking a rest in the forest. Nature is sweet!

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Other Animals to Enjoy

I had the joy of participating in a research project last winter relating to bears. While momma bear got a checkup, I was overjoyed to help keep this little bear cub warm! An experience that I will never forget.

Ellen holding a bear cub

On more than one occasion, I’ve pulled over to help a turtle cross the road. Other drivers usually slow down and thank me. We all love our wildlife – big  and small. This turtle so happens to be fairly big.

A turtle on the move, adding to the joys given to us by Mother Nature.

Enjoying Nature Galore!

Taking the time to really breathe in the beauty of nature is energizing. Natural beauty is amazing, and it’s definitely worth shutting off the world for a while and just soaking it up using all 5 senses.

If trees could talk, think of the stories this old tree would tell. It has obviously fed and housed various creatures throughout the years. ⇓

A worn tree with holes going all the way up its trunk.

Sometimes I need to look real close to appreciate the details. Something about this pine bough captured my attention.

Close-up view of pine bough showing details of nature given to us to enjoy. #nature

Beautiful view of the lake with trees reflecting in the water.

Beautiful view of the lake with trees reflecting in the water.

This is a view that never gets old. Toes in the sand….cold one in my hand… ⇓

Sitting on the beach by the lake

One can never enjoy too many sunsets. ⇓

Enjoying a gorgeous sunset over the lake.

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Lessons Learned from Nature

A walk in nature can be a real attitude changer. Slow down, let go of your active thoughts, and just let the universe take over for a while. You never know what creative options for your issues might suddenly come to you.

Nature will pull your energy up. Be ready and expect it to bring you joy. It’s good for you.

Make choices that will feed your soul and strengthen your spirit. Feeding drama is draining. Bypass the drama and go straight to whatever passions feed your soul.

Need more reason to get outdoors and enjoy nature? Read my post Nature’s Amazing Mental Health Benefits that gives science-backed reasons why you should find some nature – and how you can do that even if you live in a city.

1-Minute Video Collection of Nature Photos:

I hope you’ve enJOYed these nature photos of deer, trees, lakes, small animals and signs that they’ve been there. Enjoying nature is like giving Mother Nature a big hug. Please leave me a comment and let me know what photos you most enjoyed, and tell me about the perks of your neighborhood. Thank you!


14 Replies to “Enjoying Nature: Photos to Feed Your Soul”

  1. Wow, Ellen! You certainly do have a unique and beautiful neighborhood. We have some really nice parks in our area that I like to stroll through. I love the tall, old trees and the playful atmosphere. There’s lots of squirrels running around but I haven’t seen any deer. Thanks for sharing your photos. They’ve inspired me to get up north some time soon!

  2. You do an amazing job of capturing nature with your words AND your photos! We finally got to move back to the country 8 years ago and I take pictures daily! It is just so beautiful of a world! Deer, rabbits, birds of every color. There’s so much to enjoy!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lori. I’d love to see your photos! Isn’t it great that our phones have such nice cameras? Photographing birds is tricky. Someday I’d love to take a photography class. Thanks for stopping by the blog. 😀

  3. I am a nature lover too and I was happy to see your photos of deer
    Such beautiful creatures
    Male deer so majestic with their heads held high
    And the doe s so timid and shy
    Fawns a pretty sight
    The sight of them bought a smile on my face
    Thanks for sharing
    When you are with nature relaxation just happens as if you are blending with it

    1. Thanks for your comment! I completely resonate with all your words. What a wonder gift we have from Mother Nature!

  4. Is there anything more beautiful than nature? I love your deer pictures. I can’t imagine not having that kind of appreciation, although there are people who don’t, sadly. Lovely post.

    1. Thank you, Laurie! My backyard with all the deer and other wildlife is one of my favorite things about living in the northwoods.

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