My Favorite Things to Buy at Aldi

Aldi logoMy motto about grocery shopping has turned into: if I can’t buy it at Aldi, we don’t need it!

Aldi is a small store but is packed with gems. In a world where we want more catering done for us, such as ordering groceries online and having them delivered, one has to wonder how Aldi is not only surviving, but thriving (at least they are in our town).

According to the Aldi website, they “operate more than 1,600 stores in 35 states.”

Aldi prices are extremely low.

Aldi prices are even much lower than Walmart, the store known for its low prices. You can save BIG TIME on your grocery bill.

Most of the Aldi products are Aldi exclusive brand, so you won’t find many brand names. Eliminating the marketing and advertising costs associated with national brands helps Aldi pass savings on to their shoppers.

No-frills shelving helps keep Aldi prices low.

Don’t let the no-frills shelving deter you from shopping Aldi, as it is another way they keep their prices low. They use boxes more so than shelving because it reduces employee time spent on stocking shelves.

Aldi carts

Yes, you have to put a quarter in the cart release chain, but that’s really not a big deal. It helps keep their prices down by not having to pay an employee to chase carts in the parking lot.

Yes, you have to bag your own groceries. Again, I don’t mind this mostly because I like certain items bagged together to make it easier to put everything away. Bring your own bags, or purchase bags there.

Just to be clear, nobody is paying me to write this post.  I just really like Aldi and I have several friends who are also regular Aldi shoppers. We love to share our favorite finds so I simply want to share these favorite products with you.

My Absolute Favorite Items I Regularly Buy at Aldi

Fresh Produce

Aldi’s fresh produce is probably my favorite Aldi buy. In particular, I like their multi-colored bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, various kinds of lettuce (heads and bags), asparagus, avocados, berries and watermelon.

Aldi produce is my favorite Aldi section

Salad Kits: By the time I would buy everything that’s in the Sweet Kale Salad Kit, I would be eating it for a month! Plus, why would I spend time chopping when it’s all done for me in a handy $2.49 kit (pictured below). This stuff is healthy, and adds crunch and color to salads. Yum.

Everything pictured below was part of my produce purchases from my most recent trip to Aldi.

Organic baby spinach
Organic baby spinach (5 oz): $2.49

Kale salad kit
Sweet Kale chopped salad kit (12 oz.): $2.49

Sliced mushrooms
White sliced mushrooms (8 oz): $1.69

Roma Tomatoes
Roma tomatoes (16 oz.): .99¢

Multi-colored bell peppers
Multi-colored bell peppers (16oz): $3.99

Romain hearts
Romain hearts (3 pack): $2.49


My favorite picks are feta, fresh mozzarella and any of their specialty cheeses. Priano Italian cheese wedges in both Asiago & Parmesan are also excellent. I also buy shredded cheese at Aldi because it’s as good as any other brand but definitely less expensive.

You never know what they’ll have for sure, and their seasonal cheeses are always excellent. I add feta to salads. May favorite way to eat the fresh mozzarella is to add it to chopped tomatoes and add fresh basil and sea salt.

Feta cheese is very reasonably priced at Aldi
Fresh mozzarella cheese from Aldi

Frozen Foods

I really like all of the Aldi Fusia brand stir fry kits. I usually buy both the Oriental Sitr Fry and Chicken Lo Mein and cook them together, adding a little extra chicken. The sauce comes with the the kits. Sometimes I also add extra of our favorite fresh vegetables such as extra broccoli, red bell peppers, or onions. Any of the Aldi Fusia products make for an easy and delicious dinner.

One of my newest Aldi discoveries in the frozen section is the Cattlemen’s Ranch black angus pre-made hamburger patties. They are delicious! I buy the burgers that have cheese and bacon mixed right in with the burger. They are very large and filling, so we normally grill the burgers (no bun) and serve with just a nice tossed salad. They make a super easy yet delicious dinner.

Eggs and Dairy

Eggs are priced ridiculously low. Typically they’re 39¢, but in my last shopping trip they had them priced at 58¢. We tend to eat low-carbohydrate style, so we go through a lot of eggs in our house. Even at 58¢, they’re still less expensive than even Walmart.

Aldi egg display

We drink very little milk, but Aldi does have excellent milk prices and I have several friends who save a lot of money by serving their family milk from Aldi.

Really, all dairy is priced inexpensively and tastes great. In particular I recommend their sour cream and Greek yogurt. The Fit & Active® light string cheese also tastes great, and only has 50 calories and 2.5g of fat.

Pantry Items

Millville Fiber Now bars from AldiThere are oh so many great items in this category. My newest favorite are these DELICIOUS Millville Fiber Now bars. The Cinnamon Coffee Cake flavor is amazing. When I’m craving something sweet, these things do the trick without nearly as many calories as a candy bar. The bars have 90 calories, 3g fat, 18g total carbohydrate, 5g fiber and 1 g protein. Did I mention they are insanely delicious?


Almonds-Walnuts 100 calorie packs from Aldi

Aldi also carries several 100 calorie pack snacks. Everything is individually packaged so I’m not as tempted to eat way more than a serving size. In my last trip I bought these almonds & walnuts snack packs. In the past I’ve had the Fit & Active® 100 calorie chocolate snack packs and the Fit & Active® Caramel Rice Snacks – all very delicious.


Here are a few other miscellaneous pantry items that I always have on-hand:.

Aldi bread Cinnamon and other spices
Mild pepper rings Stevia packets

If you are already an Aldi shopper, I hope I gave you some new ideas for your shopping list. If you haven’t shopped at Aldi, I hope I’ve given you enough reason to check it out and see if Aldi grocery store is right for you.

Aldi Grocery Store.

22 Replies to “My Favorite Things to Buy at Aldi”

  1. I’m an avid Aldi shopper. In addition to most of the items you already listed, I also love the Elevation bars, various crackers and meats.

      1. I too am a big fan of Aldies;I especially like the ham that they have around the holidays. I also tried the grass fed beef and found that to be really tasty as well,it was more like the Hamburger we used to get before they started adding water to it.Also remember if you try something and don’t care for it take in your receipt and they guarantee a double your money back because they just want you to try new things so it’s a win win situation.

        1. Great tips – thanks, Marlene! I had heard about the double your money back a while back and forgot all about it. I also like all their meat. The ribeye steaks are one of our favorites.

  2. I love Aldis as well! I especially agree about the cheese and produce. If you Google “Aldi’s best wines” you’ll get some great wine buys as well. Most are priced under $10. Great blog Ellen!!!

    1. Thanks, Joy! You are the person who introduced me to the Elevation low carb bars – I had one for breakfast! The Aldi in our town doesn’t carry wine, so I guess I now have a reason to travel south and check it out.

    1. I agree! My sister-in-law is gluten-free, so I’ve tried some of those products and they’re really good.

  3. I love Aldi… although it took some time to get used to bringing quarter every time and not paying by credit card. Thanks for spreading the word on how awesome these stores are!

    1. You’re welcome! Aldi does take credit cards now….thank goodness! And I totally understand the quarter thing lol.

  4. They just opened a store 3 minutes down the street from me. This morning I bought several rack of lamb for Christmas dinner. $9.99 a pound plus I had a store coupon for $5.00. Also bought a ham and a ton of cheese. Pie crust $1.29 box,, large bags of cashews for $4.00 a bag. If I bought from any other store I would have paid at least $100 more for this shopping trip.

    1. That’s awesome! Love hearing about Aldi savings. Where did you get the store coupon?

      I purchased king crab legs @ $16.99/lb for our Christmas dinner. Expensive, but lots less than any other store. Their cheese selection is really, really good. (And who doesn’t love a good cheese tray!) Thanks for sharing your tips!

    2. I live 3 minutes from the new Aldi that opened in December. I had the same deal on the lamb. I bought 4 racks and they were delicious! I also bought the lamb, cashews. I love this store!

  5. I love Aldi for the inexpensive and very good wines! I also think that our German Aldi stores have a better selection than the ones I went to in the States. Very good prices both here in Germany and State side.

    1. Our Aldi doesn’t have wine. However, it’s currently under a major remodel so my fingers are crossed that they’ll add wine!

  6. We can’t do a full shop in Aldi but we did get Elsie’s nappies until size 3 from here and they’re so cheap!!

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