How to Give Home Decor Visual Emphasis in a Room

I have a few decor items that have special meaning. Other items I particularly like because of the color, shape, or maybe even its function.

Whatever the reason for the item being special, there are some items that I want to bring extra emphasis to in a room. These decor items bring me joy and I want to display them in a special way.

But sometimes a small accessory doesn’t make a big enough statement on its own. My solution? A simple home decor hack using inexpensive placemats!

Using Placemats to Add Emphasis in a Room

Although a placemat’s primary function is to protect your dining room table, think outside the box and use placemats to add texture and interest to your home decor. Placemats made of wicker or bamboo are my favorite type of placemat because of their strong textural element.

Placemat Wall Arrangement
Wall arrangement using two square wicker placemats and 2 wicker coasters.

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In this photo, you can probably figure out that I like the color turquoise. It’s my favorite color. The feather also has significance because its my symbol for angels, and I very much believe angels are with us all, always. There are stones surrounding the candle, and I feel they represent earth, along with fire represented by the candle. The mirror….I just like it.

To give these pieces more prominence, I used some placemats that I think are interesting even on their own.

Using colorful placemats is another way to give emphasis in a room with your favorite color. Placemats are available in a whole array of fun colors, so use your creativity and find an arrangement that brings you joy.

Here are a few ideas to add a little decorative umpf to your home decorating using inexpensive placemats. May these ideas spark your creativity and bring you joy as you enhance your home decor.

Give Prominence to a Decorative Item


Position a decorative placemat behind a simple object. The placemat will draw attention and give that object a bigger presence in the room. This bamboo plant was the first gift given to my friend after the birth of her first child. Giving the plant more emphasis in the room tells her guests that there’s something special about this plant.

This small candle sconce becomes a significant piece on a shelf display with the round placemat positioned behind it. The placemat scaled an inexpensive hanging candle holder up to a statement in the room.

Here is another example of using a placemat to layer and add interest to a centerpiece:

Home decor tip! This decorative centerpiece can be improved by adding a simple placemat to give emphasis and interest. #homedecor #DIY DIY Tip! Add emphasis to a room. Decorative centerpiece using a placemat to add a layer of interest. #homedecor #DIY

Placemat, or Art?

Some placemats have enough interest alone to make an interesting hanging art piece. Look how hanging three placemats in a row changes the look of the entire area.


The best part is I got these rectangular placemats on clearance at Walmart for a mere $1 each.

Are your wheels turning for how you can add emphasis in a room with some fun placemats? There are placemats for any decor style, so give it a try! Here are some interesting placemats that might help you get started.

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