111+ Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

Updated for 2023

It brings joy to give a gift that touches the heart of the recipient! Do you have a special woman on your list who seems to have everything and is impossible to buy for? Maybe your friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter or aunt? Rescue is here with over 111 gift ideas for women who have everything! Or, may you deserve something special for yourself.

NOTE: this list is updated regularly based on popular gift purchases.

That woman in your life might be extremely particular or that lady who buys all the cool gadgets for herself. Yet you want to give her the perfect gift to show you love or appreciate her – a gift that is unique yet thoughtful.

Flowers are always appreciated, but you want to give an original and useful gift that is also fun! You want to give a  gift that will bring a smile to her face.

So what do you get a woman who seemingly already has everything? Read on for gift ideas for women that either anyone can use, don’t take up much space, or are a bit of functional luxury…and will bring joy!

I’ve rounded up gift ideas that are perfect as birthday gifts, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and really and gift-giving occasion. And no judging – sometimes it’s good to give a gift to yourself!

Remember, a collection of items can be made into a gift basket that will surely be appreciated!

Bonus: these ideas are under $50 and qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

Collection of Items for Home Pampering

Give the gift of a spa experience – without your special woman even needing to leave her house! Select a few self-care items based on their personality, and bundle it up in a basket or gift bag. Here are some popular  ideas to get you started:

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

Would your gal appreciate gifts that are useful plus are kind to the environment? There are lots of new eco-friendly products that are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Below are a some of my favorites. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

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Wellness Gifts

There are so many little things people can do to eat and drink better, along with making exercise more fun and convenient. Keep her healthy and happy with these popular wellness gift ideas.

Unique Home Lighting & Decor Accessories

Unique lighting and decor accessories are really fun to add special touches to all rooms in the house.

There are so many interesting options, so here are a few that might fit the personality or style of home for your special women who has everything.

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Oh, Nuts! (And Treats)

The way to a woman’s heart is definitely through her stomach. Food is always a good choice….a girl has to eat! Gift an assorted nut tray or maybe a sweet treat. These popular picks should do the trick for women who have everything!

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For Coffee and Tea Lovers

Relaxing in your own home with a cup of coffee or tea makes for some great “me time.” With the following gifts, your special someone (or you!) will feel like you’re being served coffee or tea at a famous café.

I use my electric kettle and French press daily. The French press makes the best coffee and tea. The following are the models I have and recommend, along with my favorite tea. (The 32 oz French press is used daily, but I do enjoy the 1-cup size for a quick cup or to froth milk.)

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Tiesta Tea is high quality and soooo delicious! (Blueberry and Maui Mango are my personal favorites.)

Fun & Games Gift Ideas

Functional Yet Fun

Organizing is fun with functional, stylish, functional organization solutions:

Fabric shaver and clothing steamer:

On the  go?

For the Woman Who Likes to Cook

Oprah’s Favorite Things

Shop the full list of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Hobby Must-Haves

Every woman likes to have a hobby. If she doesn’t have a hobby, gift her a hobby! Would she like knitting, sewing, gardening, journaling, or playing a musical instrument such as keyboard or guitar?

Beauty Accessories That Make a Difference

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Essential oils are great gift ideas because they smell great and each type of oil is said to offer different health benefits. Oils can be applied directly to skin, added to massage oil, inhaled, used to make cleaning solutions, and my favorite is to use essential oils in a diffuser. Below are my favorite essential oils that I personally own and use regularly.

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Because there are so many essential oils, an essential oil sampler gift set is a great way to get introduced to lots of different oils:

To learn more about essential oils, read my Essential Oils Beginner’s Guide.

Essential oil jewelry is a fashionable way to get the benefits of aromatherapy:

To go along with the oils, an essential oil diffuser is a great gift to help your special someone reap all the benefits of the oils.

Essential oil diffusers are easy to use, help a home smell aesthetically good, and provide many health benefits such as: improves breathing, strengthens the immune system, and helps to lift your mood and relieve stress.

Not sure which diffuser is the best choice as a gift? Read my article to learn everything you need to know about selecting an essential oil diffuser.

Great Choices for Diffusers

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps add the most beautiful, decorative lighting to a home and is a fantastic choice for a gift for your woman who already has everything.

The lighting creates a warm, relaxing, and comforting atmosphere in any room. Himalayan salt lamps are also said to improve air quality and boost mood and energy levels due to the negative ions they emit. Read Himalayan Salt Lamps: Why I Love Mine.)

Gift ideas for women

Useful Techie Gifts

In this day and age, technology is part of our daily lives, so consider gift ideas that will make sure your special woman has cool accessories to go with her gadgets.

Accessories that help her stay organized, or provide convenience and fun are great gift ideas for her. The last item is a power bank so the women in your life always have a phone charger available anytime and anywhere. Take a look at these gift ideas for her:

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Cool Stuff that is also Functional

Unique and gorgeous coasters:

Unique bookends, candle holder, and palm stone all made of beautiful, natural agate stone:

Hoda from the Today Show recommended this portable chair that is perfect for the beach, playing with kids on the floor, meditating, and so much more. I need one!

Ideas for around $100 if You Have a Little More Budget Available

So far all of the gift ideas suggestions have been priced at $50 or less, but here are some options if you want to bump it up just a bit.

Coffee lovers may get bored with the same old coffee every day, so this handy espresso machine will make them feel like they have a coffee shop right in the convenience of their own home.

An electronic foot massager can relieve foot pain, offer health benefits, and feel wonderful!

As stated in the Shiatsu foot massager product description, “Deep-Kneading Massager Relieves Tired Muscles & Improves Blood Flow; Focuses On Full Foot Coverage from Ankle to Toe That Usually Bears Most Weight . Better blood circulation for feet, facilitates metabolism, eliminates fatigue, improves sleep quality, and helps with general heal and well-being.”

Your special woman won’t know if she should keep this gift at home or the office!

Style meets convenience with this pair of modern table lamps featuring USB ports.

A beautiful tapered bronze body and elegant natural linen drum shades, they’re sure to freshen the layout of your living room or bedroom. Take advantage of the convenient USB ports on the base to recharge your devices while you keep the lamp on or even when it’s off!

And look at this fun and  functional table!

Enough Gift Ideas?

So now you’re ready to get that special woman a gift she is sure to like – even is it seems she already has everything.

Need more gift ideas?

If your special someone has a dog, be sure to read about my best gifts for dogs.

Check out these awesome personalized wood ornaments, keychains, coasters, etc. on  ETSY.
Perfect for stocking stuffers:

Wood ornaments

Feel free to leave a comment with what gift you decide to go with for your special person who is hard to buy for, or tell me if you have any other gift suggestions. Hope these gift ideas for women who have everything helps you find the perfect gift. May your gift-giving occasion be fun and filled with joy.

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