11 Easy Ideas to Create Good Energetic Vibes in Your Home

Beautiful home

You know that feeling of opening your windows for the first time in spring and letting a fresh, light breeze swoosh through your home? Let’s talk about getting that same type of feeling for the vibes (or energy) in your home.

Just like the air can get stale and stagnant during winter months, the energy in your home can become stagnant any time of year.

Why do you want good energy in your living space?

  • To create good energetic vibes to boost your mood
  • Boot out negative energy and usher in new positive, happy energy
  • Promote your emotional well-being

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These quick and easy ideas will go a long way in helping you create a surrounding filled with positive, good energy and vibes in your home.

Beautiful living room

11 Ideas to Increase the Positive Energy/Vibes in Your Home

1 – Accentuate a Window

Comfortable chair by sunny window

A table by the window in a restaurant is always a perk, so why not have a window in your home that makes you feel special? It’s no secret that nature and the outdoors help our mood, so create a beautiful space around a window.

It doesn’t need to be fancy. Choose a rug in one of your favorite colors and a comfy chair with a colorful throw blanket. Add a plant (or really, anything you love) and you have a perfect space to read, meditate, and enjoy the outdoors from inside. Add a second chair and invite a friend!

2 – Ensure the entrance way energetically welcomes you and your guests.

Welcoming entrance way

Where you enter your home and exit to head out into your day, make that space energetically pleasing so it sparks a positive vibe.

Despite its name, a messy mudroom does not feel energetically welcoming. Instead of having it as a free-for-all drop zone for bits and bobs, keep it organized with:

  • Baskets
  • A rug designated for shoes
  • A bench to sit and change into comfortable slippers
  • Beautiful artwork that lifts your spirit. (Think scenery, flowers, etc.)
  • A decorative positive message. I have a “Choose Joy” artwork hanging on the wall to act as a friendly reminder as we walk out the door or arrive back home.

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3 – Declutter and Organize (don’t skip this one!)

I know you’ve probably heard about the value of decluttering and organizing many times before. But seriously, don’t skip this one!

Instead of telling you how good it is to remove items that no longer serve you and organize what’s left, I’ll offer the following video I recorded last year.


4 – The Sound of Calm

Sounds are incredible effective at changing the energy of a home.

  • Soft music excites the energy, boosts your mood, and instantly creates a calm inviting feeling.
  • Faster music can bring in excitement, but careful of hard metal or loud rap that can create a more negative energy.
  • Wind chimes diffuse outside noise and are relaxing.
  • Sometimes the sound of silence is perfect!

5 – Out With the Bad Memories

Although we can honor difficult times of our lives because they likely taught us a lesson and made us more resilient, that doesn’t mean we need to keep the memories alive.

What items do you have that remind you of bad times? Donate them so someone can attach good memories to it. This might be:

  • Clothing you wore when you were a different size or to an event that didn’t go so well
  • Pictures of relationships or events that don’t need to take up our precious space
  • Any gift from a person who is no longer in your life for a good reason

Keep it only if it brings you joy, and certainly get rid of it if it brings up negative memories.

6 – Strengthen Good Memories

On the flip side, bring out objects that fill your soul with memories of good times. A few ideas include:

  • That trinket you bought on that fabulous vacation
  • A photo frame with that special someone
  • The yard sale find you got while spending a fun day with your pal

7 – Excite Your Senses!

The 5 human senses

Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Each detail in your home appeals (or not) from one or more of those senses.

What does science say? A study reported by the CognitiveResearchJournal sums it up like this:

Ultimately, it is to be hoped that as the growing awareness of the multisensory nature of human perception continues to spread beyond the academic community, those working in the field of architectural design practice will increasingly start to incorporate the multisensory perspective into their work; and, by so doing, promote the development of buildings and urban spaces that do a better job of promoting our social, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

Here are some ways to fill your home with things that activate your senses.

  1. Soft pillows and throws are warm and welcoming.
  2. A polished worry stone by your chair is great for touch.
  3. Cool hardwood, porcelain flooring, or soft rugs… what creates the feeling you want in your home?
  4. Decor with pleasing colors and shapes.
  5. Interesting objects that spike curiosity are like eye candy!
  6. Decorative water fountains provide a soothing sound.
  7. Soft objects that absorb sound or hard surfaces that reflect sound.
  8. Candles scented with essential oils.
  9. An essential oil diffuser with an essential oil that smells nice and offers natural benefits.
  10. A bowl of lemons, limes, or pomegranates are pleasant to the eyes and are tasty!

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8 – Mirrors

Mirrors are an important aspect of feng shui because they help move chi energy in a home. Mirrors help expand spaces, reflect light and deflect unwanted energy.

Feng shui experts say you can use mirror inside your home to create good moving energy, and use them outside to divert unpleasant neighbors, traffic or visually unpleasant buildings.

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9 – Plants Bring Life Energy

Plants are another tool used in feng shui to attract good energy. Here is an excerpt about feng shui and plants from the home experts at TheSpruce.com:

In feng shui, plants embody life energy. What does that mean? Well, living green house plants connect us to nature and bring vibrancy into our homes. Green plants are like fresh pressed organic green juice for our homes. Think freshness, health, and vitality.

The most important thing to remember is to find plants that you can care for and are appropriate for the space. For example, take your lighting conditions into consideration. If you’re new to plants, try some easy ones like the golden pothos.

10 – Natural Sunlight

Natural light makes the colors in a room feel bright, cheery, and energized. Let sunlight bounce off various objects such as mirrors, crystals, and glass.

Pull back the curtains and open the blinds to take advantage of the positive energy vibes of natural sunlight in each room. Clean the windows to allow in more sunlight and set you up for maximum clarity.

11 – Good Luck and Good Fortune

Some objects are believed to bring good luck and good fortune. Whether it be a statue, ornament, painting, or decorative pillow, here are some ideas that you might want to incorporate into your decor and possibly attract prosperity!

  • Elephants are a sign of good luck, understanding, and loyalty. They are said to bring good luck, protection, wealth, and wisdom.

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  • Fish symbolize good health, prosperity, happiness, wealth and power, and are said to bring good fortune and prosperity.
  • Dream catchers are said to bring happiness and optimism, and protect you from negative vibes and dreams while sleeping.
  • Laughing Buddha: rub the belly to bring forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity.
  • A Tortoise represents longevity and has power to spread positive energy. 

My inspiration for giving you easy ideas on how to create positive energy and vibes in your home was a previous post I did, How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home. Click on it if you’d like more ideas on how to improve the energy in your home.

As a Life & Joy Coach for women, I want you to be surrounded by things that life your spirit and feed your soul. My wish for you is that you picked up a few ways you will incorporate into your home to create good energetic vibes in your home.

Home with good vibes