How Successful People Fit in Gym Time

Fit Gym time into your busy schedule

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To be fit does not end with physical fitness and the outward appearance. Fitness demands that you be mentally and emotionally fit to face day to day activities with confidence.

A successful person is that person who oversees a busy schedule and sometimes is forced to push themselves beyond boundaries to be successful. But how do you achieve all this without an exercise regimen?

Training is considered to be the best thing that can happen to your body if you want to stay successful and relevant in your line of business.

Presidents, business executives, musicians and entrepreneurs know that even half an hour spent doing some physical activity will keep them focused on the events of that day. How do you, as a successful person, plan to fit in a gym routine before you embark on your daily routine?

Let us look at how you can join other successful people in fitting Gym time into your busy schedule.

How to Fit in Time For the Gym

1. They Work Out With Other People

The best way to get encouraged to shelve off time from your daily routine is to work out a group or a team.

Form a reliable team or look for a training partner probably in the same field so that you can chart your progress by supporting each other every day in the gym. You can create a following on your social network and let people know that they should cheer you on.

Working with others makes missing out on a workout difficult because you are not willing to bear the burden of guilt. When you have limited options in creating a social circle, make use of exercise Apps that records your daily challenges and will keep reminding you of what you need to do every day.

2. They Mark it On the Calendar

All your business dates are on a calendar, why not include your workout routine. It can be before heading to work or after work. By marking your calendar for a fitness routine simply means you take some time off to take care of your body.

Think of this as a doctor’s appointment that you cannot afford to miss regardless of how busy you are. Many business executives prefer creating gym time before heading to work as a way to seek motivation and build up energy as they prepare to face the day.

I prefer the evening after work routine because it gives me a reason to leave work on time so that I do not miss my fitness calendar.

3. They Do What They Enjoy

Donald Trump, the United States President prefers long walks and a weekend golf to keep fit, at least he claims to lose 2- 3 pounds after every session. He does golf because he enjoys it and nothing including his official duties will interfere with his Gym time.

Do you love treadmills, an early jog, cardio vascular activities or even yoga? (Learn more about the benefits of yoga and how to get started using the best free online yoga videos.)

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Take a pick and go with what will seamlessly fit into your daily routine without making an extra effort.  You may decide that after every frustrating day, you hit the gym and ask for a punching bag to keep fit by punching and kicking as you release all your negative energy.

4. They Rarely Stay Idle

Look at any successful professional out there and tell me which one spends a lot of time doing nothing or idling waiting for the next course of action.

Do not make it so easy to find a chance to extend your lunch break without seeing the need to seek an extra 30 minutes to burn some calories.

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Look at how you spend your time before and after you started working out and balance out on events that do not need much time with those that need time so that you can find time within your schedule.

5. They Have a Sense of Urgency

Doing things slowly can be boring, and that is why getting off a Gym routine can be quite easy.

Try approaching your fitness plan with the same urgency you use in chasing contracts. Go to the gym do your routines and look forward to the next event.

This sense of urgency is the easiest way to reward oneself because of the tremendous benefits you are likely to get from a dedicated Gym time.

6. Successful People Wake up Early

If you want to do business, early preparation means waking up early and planning for the day’s events.

Why is it that when it comes to personal, gain waking up becomes a problem?

Laziness is not part of a successful person, sleep early to wake up early and embark on an exercise routine that will keep your mental and emotional status in check as you prepare to face daily challenges.

7. Family time

Get in involved in your family activities, help your kids dress up, make them breakfast and on the family weekend take them for a bike ride, you being the team captain.

Kids have a special way of disconnecting us from the heavy back breaking routines. The hearty laughter and physical bonding that you gain from your family cannot be found anywhere else. A clear mind will also guide you into making wise fitness decisions when choosing an appropriate workout routine. Do not let work get to your family and health goals.

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There is no way to add extra two hours in a 24 hour day. If you want to have adequate gym time, let not your success be a hindrance to your desired fitness levels.

If you look into your daily schedule, I am sure you will be able to find some time for a quick workout. Successful people like you believe in appointments and having enough passion for driving their agenda.

Do the same here, mark it on the calendar and pick an exercise routine that will bring out the best in you. Once you find a rhythm, you may be surprised that you didn’t find enough time early enough.

Did you find a time fit that works for you? Share your tips and comments.

John Parker, guest author


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