Refocus and Create Good Energy For the New Year

How to Bring Good, Positive Energy Into Your Life Right Now

As we roll into a new year, it’s an especially good time to focus inward and reflect on everything that has happened over the past year. At the same time, we can set ourselves up for success by getting some good energy flowing toward what we want for our life this upcoming year.

Last year I wrote about the power of living with intention rather than making resolutions. Intentions are practical and doable, yet are all about the process, not the results. Check out my article about the power of intention.

This year, Tony Robbins’ quote “Where focus goes, energy flows” is my inspiration for this new-year post.

Where focus goes, energy flows

What you give attention to in your life via your thoughts (your focus) has a huge impact on how you feel and your behavior.

Focusing on what you want in your life is the best way to build high vibrational energy that will help you create what you want in your life with more ease.

What We Focus On… Grows

Viewing challenges through the lens of “this sucks” does you no favors.

Think about all the things that are wrong in a situation, and you’ll likely find more wrong things. On the other hand, focus on what’s good in a situation, and you’ll find more good.

For example, think about the joy you’ll feel as you work toward a better relationship rather than thinking about how you’re tired of the stress and bitterness.

Being on a hamster wheel of thinking-thinking-thinking about things that are wrong:

  • Is emotionally exhausting
  • Steals our joy
  • Keeps us stuck in the problem rather than finding a solution

Thinking about what’s GOOD in a situation (even if there are plenty of not-so-good aspects of that situation) will:

  • Help you inch your way up to a better feeling, such as hope.
  • Find gratitude and appreciate the good things in the situation
  • Get high vibrational energy flowing!

With higher vibrational frequency of your energy you’ll feel lighter emotionally, while lower vibrational frequency will make your problems feel heavier.

How to Change Your Focus

A good first step in resetting your focus is to observe your thoughts.

  • What area(s) of your life are you not happy? Are your thoughts focused on everything that’s wrong with it?
  • What’s going really well in your life? Take note of the types of thoughts you have in that area as they’ll likely be focused on what you want and what’s going well.
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts for a week and notice if there are any themes to your thoughts. Only with full awareness can you make a positive change. In particular, three things to look for is how you judge yourself, other people, and situations.

When You Realize You’re Focusing on Things You Don’t Like In Your Life

You’ve likely been subconsciously focusing on what’s wrong for a long time, so be gentle on yourself as you begin the process of growing your awareness and shifting your focus.

🡲 It’s really a process of retraining your brain to focus on what you want to grow in your life.

3 Strategies to Shift Your Focus to Feel Emotionally Lighter

These strategies can help you form new ways of thinking to help you create new, positive thoughts that will get high vibrational energy flowing… and set yourself up for success.

1. Consider how the situation can be turned into gifts or opportunities.

I learned this in a recent Positive Intelligence Cohort I participated in with Shirzad Chamine. Please watch his video as he explains the strategy of turning any situation into a gift or opportunity… even if you think there is no positive in your horrible situation.

2. Ask yourself, do I have control over this, or do I have no control?

If you have control over a situation, great! Own it and do it well.

When you do NOT have control in a situation, resistance creates tension and stress, making resistance a very unpleasant choice. The more pleasant choice when you don’t have control is to relax and accept the change. Release it!

Yes, easier said than done. Make acceptance easier by giving yourself self-compassion – treat yourself like your best friend would treat you.

 Acceptance will give you peace of mind. Resistance will give you stress. Which do you choose?

3. Envision what you want and give yourself permission to dream!

Put some intentional design into creating what you want for your life. Consider each area of your life: personal, business, social, financial, etc. (This planning post can help you think it through and build a plan.)

Be creative. Consider ideas that you never thought possible. Imagine it as so. Act as if it is so. The Law of Attraction is your friend!

What Does Science Say?

According to an article on,” Researchers have known for a long time that thoughts and behaviors affect the rhythms in your body.”

The article goes on to say “There is plenty of evidence linking positive emotions and thinking patterns to better health and greater goal achievement.” Read the whole article here: What Is Vibrational Energy?

Journal Prompts To Reflect

Here are some journal prompts to reflect on the previous year and how you arrived at this moment in life.

  • What were your biggest wins this year?
  • Did any unexpected opportunities come into your life?
  • What losses did you experience? Include the gifts that may have already come from those losses.

And these prompts will help you envision what you want for yourself during the upcoming year.

  • How can you bring more fun and joy into your life?
  • What are some possible solutions for your biggest challenge?
  • What are you avoiding that you can address and move forward?

Get High Vibrational Energy Flowing!

Build awareness of your thoughts. As fast as possible, catch yourself when you’re focusing on things you DON’T want and shift your focus to what you DO want in your life. Raise your good, high vibrational energy and set yourself up for success – whatever success means to you.

In my coaching programs, I help you shine a light on fear-based hidden patterns that hold you back. Then I show you the tools to move beyond them giving YOU the power to create more calm, confidence, and joy in your life. Check out my life coaching programs if you want help getting positive energy flowing so you can create the life you desire!

How to bring good energy into your life