How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Your home should be a haven; a place for you to retreat from chaos and feel calm and at peace. Woman enjoying a home filled with positive energy

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Using the ideas in this post, you’ll see that inviting positive energy into your home is:
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • And fun!
There’s no risk, and you’ll likely find that little positive elements will help make life a little better for yourself and your family. Even if your entire home can’t be calm, it’s good to have at least a little slice of this haven in your home. Whether your home is chaotic, calm, or somewhere in between, there are simple ways you can bring more positive energy into your home where you can enjoy a little tranquility. In the morning, having a place in your home to calm your thoughts and be inspired can help bring joy to your whole day. And after a long day, it’s good to have a place to de-stress and help you feel relaxed, grounded, and aligned.

A Little Upfront Thought

First, decide what space in your home you can make your own.
  • It can be a small corner in a room. Small spaces can be cozy and special.
  • It can be a table centerpiece in your main living area or on your nightstand.
  • It can be a whole room designed to be filled to the brim with positive energy.
Next, decide the details of what will help you make your space feel positive. Remember, the way something makes you feel is important in attracting positive energy.
  • What do you think of when you think of relaxing?
  • What color do you envision?
  • What scent do you smell?
  • Is there special lighting?
  • What do you hear?

9 Simple Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

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1 – Clear Out the Negative

Ok, so you can’t get rid of your negative family members or your loud, crazy neighbors. What you can get rid of is anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Examples of things you should remove from your positive space are:
  • Clutter: A de-cluttered space will help the flow of positive, inspiring and creative energy.Clutter in your environment can be a direct reflection of the clutter in your mind. Start small, like with a drawer. Slowly make changes to get rid of clutter and, if you’re like me, you’ll feel a sense of freedom with your clutter-free space.
  • Decor that you don’t like: Keep only items that bring good feelings because the rest just stop the flow of positive energy. Your decor should make you smile!
  • Unclean things: Dust or general unclean items such as laundry slow positive energy.Make your space tidy and organized. If there’s a bed, make it. If there’s a table, dust it.
This is your special space, so make it a positive-only zone. No negativity allowed! Here’s a collection of short decluttering/organizing videos that give you specific tips to start organizing your space today.

2 – Choose Positive Colors

Painting a room with a bright color to brighten up winter.Nothing like a splash of color to brighten your spirits! There are certain colors that resonate with me, and I’m not even sure of the reason. According to
“… each color has a psychological value. Think about how certain colors make you feel; they can influence any emotion, from tranquility to rage.”
So if you’re going to paint a room, be sure it is a color that promotes the feeling you want to promote.  But you can also add color in less committed ways by using colorful accessories. To help you out, here is an abbreviated explanation of what some colors can do for a room as explained by
  • Red raises a room’s energy level and can stir up excitement. It can stimulate conversation in your living area, and make  a strong first impression in your entryway.
  • Yellow  communicates happiness.  It can energize and uplift. Yellow may not be a good choice for some rooms as studies show that people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow interior. Interestingly, babies seem to cry more in yellow rooms.
  • Blue is  calming, and can “bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.” However, dark blue can evoking feelings of sadness.
  • Green is a restful color for the eye. It combines the qualities of blue and yellow, and is a good choice for almost any room in your home. It encourages unwinding and promotes comfort.
  • Purple is associated with luxury and creativity. It can help your bedroom feel restful without feeling chilly.
  • Orange can bring on excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. Use it in a room where you want to be active, such as a fitness room.

3 – Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are known for clearing away negative energy, stress and air pollutants. I don’t fully understand the science behind Himalayan salt rocks, but I do know that they provide the most beautiful lighting. Himalayan salt lighting creates a warm, relaxing, and comforting atmosphere in any room. Even if you don’t believe in the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, the visual benefit alone will make your room look great. What’s not to love? Read more about why I love my Himalayan salt lamps.

4 – Aromatherapy

No one is untouched by stress in today’s world, and of course you don’t want the negativity of stress making it’s way into your positive space. By diffusing essential oils in an oil diffuser, aroma therapists suggest essential oils can help with stress relief and can add happy vibes to your home. RELATED POST: Essential Oils Beginner’s Guide Even if you don’t believe in the proven health benefits of aromatherapy, it will still make your room smell great and engage your sense of smell. What’s not to love? Essential oils that are especially nice to make your space less stressful and more positive: Lavender essential oil Buy here   Bergamot essential oil Buy here   Ylang-Ylang essential oil Buy here   Joy blend essential oil Buy here

5 – Crystals

Crystals are a spiritual tool that are said to help transform any negative energy in your home into positive energy. Get the magical energy from crystals by simply displaying them around your home. And, they’re beautiful! Crystals displayed in the home for good energy I have started collecting crystals because they intrigue me and they’re beautiful. That in itself is reason enough to have them in my special space. Crystals displayed on a plate I am at the beginning of my journey of learning more about healing crystals. The book Crystal Angels 444 was recommended to me. It’s on my bookshelf ready for me to read! Buy here To learn more about why you might want to consider adding crystals in your home, my friend, Carol, has some great expertise that she shares in this article about how to use crystals. Carol also makes gorgeous homemade candles that contain healing crystals. These candles are perfect for bringing positive energy to your space. Check out Carol’s gorgeous healing candles by clicking the healing crystal candle photo below. Candle containing healing crystals

6 – Meaningful items

Do you have a few special items that make you feel happy just looking at them? Maybe it’s a cherished necklace, a shell you found during a beach vacation, the perfect find at Hobby Lobby, or just a decor item in your favorite color. Positive sayings on decorative signs and pillows act as friendly reminders. Fill your space with meaningful items that are personal and invoke positive feelings. I like to have decorative feathers and angel wings that make my space feel sacred and that remind me to connect with God and the Universe. In the following photo of my home office, literally everything has personal meaning.
  • Desk: Is from my father-in-law’s business from many years ago.
  • Artwork: I created the mixed media hanging art. The process of creating it brought me joy!
  • Teddy bear: Was made by Hospice volunteers out of my dad’s clothing after he passed away.
  • Framed crystals: This was a gift from my step-son. The crystals are in a pattern with specific meaning.
  • Books: Some of my favorites. I generally donate books after I read them, but these are keepers.
  • Angel painting: a gift from my artist friend because she knows I talk to my angels.
  • Crystals: There are a few on that shelf to give positive vibes.
  • Words: I resonate with the work “JOY” so there are a couple of those on the shelves.
  • If you like my desk lamp, you can buy it here on amazon.
This office area brings me so much joy and the positive energy it throws off helps me as I bring joy to my clients who I coach. I’m adding a small table behind my chair to hold an essential oil diffuser, a plant, and a Himalayan salt lamp. (Hurry up, Amazon!) Office with meaningful items for positive energy RELATED READING: DIY Inspirational Home Decor.

Inspirational Home Decor Available on Amazon with Free Prime Shipping (Click image to view on Amazon)

7 – Nature

Bringing in elements of nature can help promote calm, peace, and relaxation.  All that adds up to some great positive energy!


According to Feng Shui principles, the natural green of plants is said to have a calming and relaxing influence on people.

Improving concentration which boosts productivity is a side effect of plants because they are known to purify the air by:

  • Lowering CO2 levels
  • Removing dust, mold, and  bacteria
  • Removing everyday toxins from electrical equipment.

Bamboo has been a symbol of peace and harmony for many centuries and is well-known for spreading positive energy. It is the one plant that I have no trouble maintaining, and it fits perfectly into a few of my “positive zone” spaces.

Bringing plants into your space to attract positive energy is a pretty simple choice.

Faux Plants

If you’re like me and lack a green thumb, a faux plant might be a better choice for you.

I recently purchased an inexpensive arrangement of faux succulent plants. They are incredibly real-looking and are a good alternative for me because I tend to forget to water plants.

My lack of green thumb doesn’t prevent me from enjoying a bit of nature. They look absolutely real and I love them.

Elements of Nature Available on Amazon with Free Prime Shipping (Click image to view on Amazon)

Read my post about how I used a gorgeous custom artificial tree to cozy up my deck area.


We have a bird feeder right outside our main living area window. It’s relaxing to watch the birds as well as the squirrels who also enjoy the birdseed! As we feed nature, they nurture us.

Enjoy this short video of our busy bird feeder!

8 – Smudging

Have you heard of smudging? Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony and it is thought to clear negative energy. Smudging is another great way for you to consider when deciding how to cleanse your home and promote positive energy. The idea is to set your intention of getting rid of negative energy, and then burn a smudge stick made of either white sage or sweet grass. The smoke takes the negative energy up and out, and makes room for higher, positive energy. Smudge kits are an excellent, inexpensive way to give smudging a try. It has everything you need including directions for use.

(Click image to view smudge kit on Amazon)

How to Smudge
  1. Say your intention either out loud or in your mind. For example, your intention might be to fill your home with positive and loving energy.
  2. Light the tip of your smudge stick – using a candle works best.
  3. Gently wave the smudge stick in the air until the tip begins to smolder, and allow the smoke to fill the corners of your home.
When I first heard of smudging, I was skeptical of its effectiveness. In the past few years, I have really been working on becoming more spiritually aware, and I now believe intention is key. I have both white sage and sweet grass for the purpose of smudging and allowing in positive energy.

9 – No Electronics

After some hemming and hawing on whether to include this idea or not, I decided it was too important and needed to be suggested. Cellphone That constant “noise” makes focus difficult. And when you’re trying to bring yourself back to your inner self, electronics takes our focus elsewhere. Logically, we know that being connected to our cellphone all day and night is not a healthy choice. It’s just so darn hard to disconnect! So if you can’t leave your phone and laptop in another room, consider keeping it at least a little distance away from your special areas that are your haven. If nothing else, have a basket or some sort of visual barrier. I’m working on this tip. Enough said. RELATED READING: 11 Easy Ideas to Create Good Energetic Vibes in Your Home

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Simple home changes to bring positive energy Home is where the heart is, so keep it filled with positive energy. Having positive spaces throughout your home will help you be the best version of yourself. These ways to bring positive energy into your home also work at your workplace. Making both your home and your workplace as positive as possible will help make life a little better for yourself. Apply a couple of these ideas to bring positive energy into your home and you’ll have a space that will:
    • Help you release negative vibes
  • Inspire a calming of your mind
  • Promote relaxation
  • Revive good, positive energy

Real Life Examples

I’ll finish with a few photos of positive areas in my home. Corner of room designated as a positive energy space The corner of our office/guest room is “my” positive space. It is filled with my favorite color, turquoise. At the foot of the bed, there is a blanket that was a gift handed down throughout the generations. At the top of the bed is a pillow my friend made for me out of my dad’s shirt. The table shelf has a basket with many of my oracle card decks. On top of the table is a dish with a collection of crystals, my vision board, an essential oil diffuser, an Himalayan salt candle holder, and a few other cherished items. The walls are yellow which brings feelings of happiness. The decor includes inspirational words. Table centerpiece filled with items that attract positive energy in the home. My dining room table centerpiece includes a wooden box made by my husband that is filled with polished stones, marble spheres, candles, bamboo plants, and some glass with positive messages written on them. Beside the box is a metal angel wing decorative holder that contains pieces of amethyst. There are a few more glass inspiration messages and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. A sun room filled with positive items to attract positive energy. Our sun room has elements of nature such as plants (live and faux), a bird feeder (outside the middle window), a basket of pine cones, and plenty of outside (snowy) nature that comes in via the many windows. The room is also sprinkled with my favorite color, turquoise. Crystals display Do you have an altar in your home? I like to have crystals and candles on my altar. And that’s some of the little ways I bring positive energy (and joy)  into my home. I hope this post provided some inspiration for you to bring a couple of these positive elements into your home. Drop me a comment with your thoughts, ideas, or questions. Thanks! Join 'If It Brings You Joy' on PinterestMay I ask a favor? If you enJOY my blog, please follow me on Pinterest where you’ll find more ideas and articles for personal growth and other fun topics that will bring you joy. Thank you!

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Lucky bamboo Crystals with positive energy in the home
How to make your home a haven

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    1. So true. Sounds like you’ve been through or have at least started the de-cluttering process. Clutter can bother people even when they’re not in the cluttered environment – it follows to work or wherever! I wholeheartedly agree about room color, too. When I walk into my favorite rooms at home, I just get a little joy rush walking in!

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