How to Create a Powerful Intention

Life happens, and New Year’s resolutions tend to lose steam and end up by the wayside. In my last post, I introduced you to intentions – a powerful alternative to resolutions.

Here’s that post about the basics of using intentions if you missed it.

Now, let’s get to the specifics of creating an intention which is a proactive statement that empowers, supports and inspires you to take action.

How to Create an Intention Statement

How to create a powerful intention

The format and practice of intentions that I’ll explain is what I learned from Rhonda Britten of the Fearless Living Institute* where I completed my Life Coach Certification Program. I’ve integrated this style of intention statements into my daily life, and find it to be a powerful tool.

Intention statements are:

  • Self-focused: all about YOU, nobody else. So gives you full responsibility for your life.
  • Proactive: empower and inspire you to take action
  • Process driven: not results driven because then we can allow energy from the universe to amaze us.
  • Focus on the present moment: you practice it now rather than waiting for the future you.
  • Framed in the positive: Instead of “stop overeating,” reframe it to a positive of “become more healthy.”

To maximize the potential of your intention statement, write an intention statement in the Fearless Living format:

“I am willing to practice…”

This format will empower yourself, while being doable and practical… not unlikely or impossible.

Be specific enough that you can practice it, yet general enough to allow for the energy of the universe to give you what you need.

There are a few key words in this intention statement: willing and practice.


Are you willing to commit to making a change in order to achieve your goals?


This is a key word because you’re human! It’s about progress, not perfection.

Changing behavior is a learned skill. If you fail to follow through one day, don’t beat yourself up over it – you’re practicing!

Examples of intention statements:

  • I am willing to practice being patient with myself and my family in the mornings.
  • I am willing to practice taking steps outside of my comfort zone and be open to possibilities as I build my business.

Intentions encompass goals.

Intention without any action is called wishful thinking.

Set specific goals to support your intention.

For example, goals that would support the intention of “I am willing to practice taking steps outside of my comfort zone and be open to possibilities as I build my business” might be:

  • Goal: I will attend one virtual webinar per month to further my knowledge.
  • Goal: I will read 10 minutes or more each day to learn about establishing a business.
  • Goal: If I feel impatient or disappointed, I will take 3 deep breaths and remind myself of my intention.

Of course you always want to be open to new ideas that pop into your head – that’s the energy you’re looking for!

Trust the process and take inspired action.

How to integrate your intention into your daily life.

Reviewing your intention daily tells the universe that you’re serious about your intention.

Ultimately the goal is to memorize your intention statement so you carry it in your heart.

I set a daily popup reminder on my phone, but you can post it wherever you will see it. It’s important to review it each day.

Accountability is Crucial for Success

Yesterday I told a friend that I’d walk with her today at noon. Today, it’s cold outside and I don’t really feel like going for a walk. But because I told my friend that I’d walk, I put on my coat and hat, leashed up the dogs, and we went out the door. Accountability is powerful.

Rather than wishing to change, a goal can take reality when there are action steps taken and a way to stick to it.

This is one of the reasons life coaching is so effective. I help my clients get clarity on what they want, set an intention, plan their action steps, and keep them accountable. If not a coach, find a supportive friend who can be your accountability partner.

Read more about the power of accountability.

Recap of the steps for creating an intention and integrating it into your life:

  • Create an intention statement and review it daily (at minimum).
  • Follow it up with supporting goals.
  • Get yourself an accountability buddy.
  • Start taking action: no step is small!
  • Stay open to possibilities the universe might bring you in the most unexpected ways.

If not now, when?

As powerful as an intention can be in making a change and achieving your goals, you must be READY to commit and WILLING to take inspired action.

  • Is there something that you are truly ready to commit to changing?
  • What’s at risk if you don’t achieve this change over the course of the next year?

If you’re stuck and can’t get yourself to take action, I invite you to connect with me on a call. We can talk about what you want in this upcoming year, along with possible obstacles. I will help you get clarity on how you can move forward to achieve your goals. There’s no pressure, it’s a conversation. Are you ready? Schedule a free call with me.

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