5 Quick Yet Effective Tips to Make Your Day Better

On occasion, everyone has days when they feel tired, overwhelmed, or just a little under par. When you’re having one of those days, there are simple things you can do to reduce those feelings and help you turn your day around.

The sooner a less than optimal mood is caught, the easier it is to figure out how to make your day better.

These are all habits that I’ve created for myself and have experienced the benefits first-hand. enJOY!

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5 Tips to Answer the Question…
How Can I Make My Day Better?

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1 – Drink Water

Feeling tired or have a headache? Instead of taking a nap or taking pain relievers, try drinking water!

According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, drinking water to relieve dehydration improved fatigue, TMD, short-term memory, attention, and reaction. 

Start your day with a tall glass of water and have a water bottle handy throughout the day so drinking water is convenient.

I have a great water bottle that keeps me on track with time markers reminding me to boost my daily water intake. Check it out:

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Ease into the habit of drinking more water. Start by increasing your intake by 8 ounces per day until you reach your goal. I feel so much better since I built a solid habit of drinking water!

For more information, Mayo Clinic has a great article about dehydration and how much you should drink every day.

2 – Smile

women smiling

Whether your smile is genuine or fake, research shows smiling is good for you because it can increase your happy-factor and even reduce stress. Sound crazy or maybe too easy to be true?

Even if it feels awkward, and even if a smile doesn’t depict your current mood, give it a try right now and just smile! Really… right now. I’ll wait…

Isn’t that incredible how even a fake smile positively impacts your mood instantly? Get in the habit of smiling as you drive home after work, when you are making dinner, and anytime you want to uplift your mood instantly.

There’s actually scientific explanation for why smiling is contagious. It involves mirror neurons, a small circuit of cells in the brain.

3 – Go For a Quick Walk

woman walking to make her day better

The combination of fresh air, sunlight, and moving your body can shift your energy and give you a natural energy boost and mindset shift.

Emotionally, walking can help you clear your head and can provide the shift needed to reset your view of your troubles.

Physically, walking increases oxygen flow throughout the whole body. It can also increase levels of hormones that help elevate energy levels.

Skip the extra cup of coffee and go for a walk. You’ll feel better physically and emotionally – I know I do!

4 – Make the Decision!

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are on a hamster wheel and end up with decision overwhelm?

One way to clear your head of the overwhelm is to make a decision that’s weighing on your mind. These are often simple decisions, yet overwhelm makes it feel like a big decision.

Make a decision and move on.

5 – Remember Gratitude

Woman writing in gratitude journal

It’s common for people to complain about their boss, the weather, the traffic, or someone/something else. When complaining, the focus is on the problem and nothing improves.

Shifting to see life from a perspective of gratitude will not only make your day better, it will seriously change the rest of your life. Look at a situation and ask what IS working.

Replacing complaining with gratitude REALLY changes the perspective of just about everything.

Lousy rainy day? I’m grateful the trees and plants are getting watered and for the relaxing sounds of rain on the roof. Hate your job? I’m grateful for my friendly co-workers who make me laugh.

The quicker gratitude is embraced, the quicker the negativity of complaining can be released instead of staying stuck in it.

I know this sounds too easy to be true, yet I KNOW because I’ve done the work and gratitude has literally changed me at the core. If you take ONE thing away from this post, start a practice of gratitude.

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Stepping Stones to a Better Day

These tips are stepping stones to create better days and ultimately a better life. Continuously look for ways to be better.

Do the 5 tips seem too simple to really be an effective way to make your day better? Great! Then you can give them a try. What do you have to lose?

Need a Little More Help?

If overwhelm is habitual in your life, these tips are not going to miraculously make the overwhelm go away. For that you need to dig a little deeper into your inner self.

Let’s get on a call and talk about how I can support you as a Confidence & Joy Coach.

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  1. Follow Ellen as she is always a spark of joy and inspiration.

    I remember doing a monthly gratitude journal. It was a great way to get into that daily focus of reminding myself to stay in the moment and to be thankful for all the great things I have in my life.

  2. Loved these simple, yet effective ideas. I’ve been grinning huge at times while walking the dog 3 times a day. I think it helps. It’s hard to keep negative monkey mind chatter going when using those smile muscles in a big way. And of course taking time to review gratitude’s in my mind or on paper can help shift the energy. Thanks for your positive spin 🙏❣️.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment – it means the world to me knowing that you read my blog and find value. Isn’t it great how a smile can change our day?!!?? And those pups are just the greatest for making our day better. Sending you lots of love!

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