How to Make Small, Sustainable Changes to Make Your Life Better

The change in seasons got me thinking about life changes in general. Now hold on if you’re thinking, “Change! Not for me – it’s stressful and probably won’t even stick.

I completely understand. I’ve sworn to stick with a new exercise routine many, MANY times throughout my lifetime, only to eventually let my routine slide. The changes I made were not sustainable in the long run.

A better life

One change that I’ve been quite successful with sustaining is reducing the amount of my clothing. A few years ago I looked in my closet and saw way too many clothes that I never wore.

I’ve always been pretty good about regularly donating clothes to our local thrift store. But that day I still saw a lot of clothes that I liked, but didn’t wear because I simply had too many clothes. What a waste of space and money.

At that time I made a different change… I vowed to STOP buying new clothes!

I motivated by decluttering my closet so it felt good to open my closet door. Out went anything I didn’t wear or didn’t love. It was a real Marie Kondo moment.

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For two years I’ve stuck with what was really one small change. There have been a few necessary purchases, and most of those were from a consignment shop.

Staying out of tempting clothing stores and feeling passionate about having an organized closet with a manageable amount of clothes feels great!

I say it was a small change because I just stopped buying new clothes. It was one step in an ultimate goal of having a minimalist wardrobe.

As time went on, it felt so good that I am now getting rid of more clothing because it just feels wasteful to have stuff I don’t wear. I even got rid of boots and clothes I like, but know it’ll feel better to further minimize.

How to Make Change Doable

Looking at an ultimate goal might seem insurmountable. Just thinking about it and the energy it’ll require can be exhausting.

The good news is that you don’t have to get to the goal in one quantum leap. Small, sustainable changes toward your ultimate goal will get you to the finish line, AND you’ll be more likely to enjoy the journey.

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4 Steps to Make Sustainable Changes

1. Establish a clear understanding of your goal.

Decide exactly what you want to manifest and declare it. Get as detailed as possible so The Law of Attraction can help you be presented with a path to your goal.

Consider making a vision board to help you get specific on what you want. Vision boards are a powerful tool to help you visualize and then manifest what you want to bring to your life. Plus, the process of creating a vision board is fun!

2. Declutter to make room for good changes.

Declutter might mean physically tossing material possessions, like I got rid of some clothing.

You might also need to mentally clear out things that are keeping you stuck such as:

  • Toxic friendships that prevent you from moving forward or bettering yourself.
  • Negative self-talk that keeps you from taking action toward your dreams and goals. (Tips to stop negative self-talk.)
  • Thoughts that clutter your mindset with negativity. (Tips for clearing negativity.)
  • Anything else that consumes your precious energy.

Decluttering is different for everyone.

If you want to reduce negative thinking, negative self-talk, and feel better emotionally, try a daily gratitude routine that will help you clean up your mindset.

At the end of your day (or in the morning if that works better for you), recall three good things that happened in your day and write them down.

The act of thinking over your day will help you relive the positive moments and reinforce the way it felt good to experience those good things. Soon you’ll be looking for gratitudes throughout your day, and the more you look the  more you’ll find!

Over time, recalling three good things in my day has really helped me gain a more positive outlook in my daily life.

I feel so strongly about this “tool” that I created a Daily Positives Journal, and want you to have it for free with the following download:


3. Take inspired action.

It’s helpful to make a list of action steps that could help you get to your destination. Brainstorm! You don’t have to use all of your ideas, but it’ll help you think outside the box.

Look at your alternatives and do what excites you. Enjoy the small action steps that will move you closer to what you want. Listen to your intuition for guidance.

You may need to take action that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. You might be ready to take a risk that will open doors for you.

Be willing to take conscious action when you are inspired to do so.

If you want something in your life, be fearless and take small steps toward your goal.

4. Enjoy the process.

The advice of Abraham-Hicks seems appropriate to share here.

Imagine you are taking a pottery class and when you arrive they give you a clump of clay and ask you to step out into the lobby. When you return, they have already molded the clay into a beautiful bowl.

It would be so disappointing to miss out on the experience of learning and creating the bowl!

Similarly, enjoy the process of change. Find small joys in each step of the process and be sure to acknowledge yourself for each step you take.

Be patient with yourself and the process of change. Good changes are worth the time it takes to fully adopt it into your life and make it stick.

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Now or Later

Progressing toward having a happy, healthy life requires change. Is there one small change you can start today that will take you down the path you’ve been wanting to go?

You can wait for the perfect time…


you can resolve to make one small change today.

One small step can change your life and bring you joy!

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12 Replies to “How to Make Small, Sustainable Changes to Make Your Life Better”

  1. I’ve started simplifying and decluttering the past year and it feels so good! I love the way you break it down into steps and how to be purposeful about it. There’s something very freeing in all of it isn’t there?

    1. Yes! It feels fantastic to drop a load off at the thrift store or hand it off to someone who will get use from something I no longer need. Freeing, for sure. I imagine that moving has helped you minimize.

  2. I feel pretty good! I’m already doing some of this! I started striving toward minimalism a few years ago and have really embraced it in our new home. I pared my wardrobe way down and buy way less often now! I ask my daughter to tell me three good things about her day when she gets off the bus, but never ask myself that! I would probably feel so much more relaxed at night if I started! Thank you.

    1. So good to hear it has worked so well for you! Asking your daughter about good things that happened in her day is an awesome tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great ideas. It’s amazing what decluttering can do. I even take time to declutter my email. It feels so good when I let go of material possessions too.

  4. Breaking down big goals into small steps makes it so much easier to accomplish. Doing small things every day instead of trying to figure out how to do it all. Thanks for the tips!

  5. These are all great tips. Decluttering is my favorite. I hate clutter but I’m just as guilty as the next gal creating it.

    1. Ah yes, good ol’ clutter! It’s amazing how decluttering physical stuff naturally makes my mind less cluttered. Thanks for the comment!

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