How to Start A Fairy Garden

Do you know that gardening is good for your mind? Research has shown that gardening has a significant positive effect on well-being and life satisfaction. Of course there’s also beauty in every garden – like candy to the eyes.

While gardens have their perks, not everyone has the space to plant one or time to maintain it. If you aren’t able to have a traditional garden, a fairy garden might be a perfect choice for you. Fairy gardens are very popular and give you the opportunity to let your creativity shine.

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Handmade fairy garden

Fairy Gardens Can Be Big

If you have an old tree, it might be the perfect setting for a fairy garden. A tree might even have natural elements such as mushrooms or moss that you can build your garden around.

Along side of your house is another great option, especially if weather and sun conditions are not suitable for growing plants.

Or Fairy Gardens Can Be Small

If you live in a city apartment and don’t have much space, consider creating a fairy garden in a container.

Terracotta planters are a good basic container, but you could also get more whimsical and upcycle an item that may not even have anything to do with gardening. Small fairy garden containers can be placed on a side table or as a dining table centerpiece. Containers also look great in the corner of a balcony.

Easy DIY Project

Fairy houses and accessories are available at many craft and hobby stores. I’ve seen displays with one item more fun than the next! You can accessorize your fairy house with items that fit your personality and lifestyle.

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You can also make a DIY fairy house and accessories for your fairy garden from many materials you may already have around the house along with  a few purchases from the craft store.

Tutorial: To get your creativity started, here is a really fun fairy garden made by Amanda from Read Amanda’s tutorial for step-by-step instruction for making a fairy house and accessories. I love how she built the garden around her real flowers. The house is adorable and Amanda will show  you that it’s an easy and fun DIY project. (Thanks to Amanda for sharing her project with us!) For more ideas, check out Amanda’s 27 Fairy Garden Ideas for Inspiration.

Whimsical fairy garden

You can start with a fairy house and a few small items, and then make it more intriguing by adding more things as you see them in a store or have time to make them.

Fairy gardens can be a family project, as they are fun for children and adults.

Most importantly, have FUN and enjoy the process of creating your special fairy garden that fits your personality.


Colorful fairy garden

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  1. Hi Ellen, I am so impressed with this worth-sharing post about a fairy garden creation. I love gardening as well as decorating it. Yes, I absolutely agree when you said that adding a birdhouse and a birdbath will make it more adorable and beautiful, cheers!

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