How to Start A Fairy Garden

If you’re passionate about gardening but don’t have much space in your backyard or happen to live in a studio apartment, then fairy houses or fairy gardens are a sensible choice.

Fun fairy garden is perfect in a small outdoor space.

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If you’ve never made a fairy house, let me assure that making one is very easy. You can create fairy gardens from broken pots, terracotta trays, hollow tree trunks, and even abandoned kitchen pans and bowls!

Fairy gardens have emerged as the latest trend in gardening and people have been creating all types of cute and creative fairy gardens ever since and sharing them on social media as well as gardening blogs. This proves that you can create beautiful garden arrangements even from very mundane items.

That being said, let’s delve on how you can get started making a fairy garden by yourself.

List of Things You Need To Make a Fairy Garden

  1.  Wooden Birdhouse
  2.  Twigs
  3.  Dried Pods
  4.  Colored Silk Flowers
  5.  Moss
  6.  Miniature Artificial Birds
  7.  Small Terracotta Tray
  8.  Miniature Terracotta Pot
  9.  Glue Gun
  10.  Wire Snips

Create a charming DIY outdoor fairy garden with these easy step-by-step instructions. Fairy gardens are perfect for small outdoor spaces. Learn how to start a fairy garden and have fun making it. #DIY #FairyGardens #FairyHouses

8 Steps To Creating A Fairy Garden

1,  Let’s start with the obvious one – the birdhouse. Using the glue gun, glue the pods to the birdhouse. You can either choose the front or back of the birdhouse as the front of the fairy house. However, you don’t have to conceal the little bird hole at the front if you opt for the back side of the birdhouse. Glue pods to the front as well as both sides of the house.

Easy to make house in a fairy garden.2. To make the door, just snip the ends of the twigs and glue them next to each other. Place the completed door in front of the pods.

3, You need a doorknob for the door. To make it remove the center from a colored silk flower and glue it in the twig door.

4. Now glue the moss over the eaves of the roof. Remember to apply the moss all around the birdhouse. Also, glue the moss on the roof and to the back of the house as well. Furthermore, furnish the bottom ledge of the birdhouse with moss as well. The aim here is to cover any exposed wood with moss.

5. Now it’s time to construct a ladder. You can make one by cutting two twigs at equal lengths for the rails and cutting shorter pieces for the rungs and then gluing all of them together.

6. Glue few flowers and a little bird at the top of the birdhouse.

Miniature birdbath in a charming outdoor fairy garden.

7. A birdhouse feels inadequate with a bird bath. So make a birdbath by gluing a terracotta tray to the bottom of a small terracotta pot. Don’t forget to glue a cute bird on the rim and one inside the inside the tray.

8. You’re almost done with your dreamy, whimsical fairy garden. Take the twigs and push them into the ground to mimic trees outside the birdhouse. Now take the ladder you just made and lean it against the roof of the house. Create a path to the house using pebbles. Adjust the position of the birdbath in a way that it does not obstruct the door or the path. Check out for any empty spots and if you see any cover them up with moss.

So, there you go — you have just created a nice and adorable fairy garden all by yourself. It wasn’t that hard, right? Well, we already established that at the beginning. You can make this fairy garden even more intriguing by adding more things from time to time or you can just leave it as it is now.

Build a charming DIY fairy garden. Fairy gardens are perfect for small outdoor spaces. Learn how to start a fairy garden and have fun making it. #DIY #FairyGardens

Nonetheless, we hope that you really enjoyed this project and make you feel proud and inspires you to create similar things in the future on your own.

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  1. Hi Ellen, I am so impressed with this worth-sharing post about a fairy garden creation. I love gardening as well as decorating it. Yes, I absolutely agree when you said that adding a birdhouse and a birdbath will make it more adorable and beautiful, cheers!

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