80+ Funny Jokes for Kids (that make adults laugh, too!)

Kids always love a funny joke. The best types of jokes for kids are simple, silly, and funny! Kids one liners are always a hit at home and school.

Of course many kids enjoy gross jokes. Kids tend to find jokes particularly hilarious when it involves everyday people and objects. Oh, and the corniest jokes get the biggest laughs on the playground!

Comical Frog

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Parents: When it’s your child’s day to bring the joke of the day to school, let them pick their favorite jokes from the following list. These cute, silly jokes will make your child the comedian of the day, and their classmates and teachers will chuckle!

Oh yes, adults find these jokes hilarious, too! Have you child read these jokes out loud for the whole family to enjoy. Get scrolling for lots of “punny” jokes that will make kids and adults laugh.

Funny Jokes For Kids

Here are some great jokes for kids (and adults, too!) to put in your memory bank:

Q: What does a pig say on a hot summer day?
A: I’m bacon!

Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
A: It was feeling crummy.

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Q: Why did Waldo go to the therapist?
A: To find himself!

Q: Why couldn’t the astronaut book a hotel on the moon?
A: Because it was full.

Q: What did the boy waffle say to the girl waffle?
A: I like you a waffle lot!

Q: What did the big flower say to the little flower?
A: Hi, bud!

Funny Kids Jokes About Animals

Q: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
A: A carrot!

Q: Where do cows go on a Saturday night?
A: To the MOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooovies

Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide!

Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
A: An investigator!

Q: What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?
A: Put it on my bill!

Q: Why don’t ants get sick?
A: Because they have little anty bodies.

Funny joke about ants that kids will love.

Q: Why was the baby ant confused?
A: Because all of its uncles were ants!

Q: Why do birds fly south for the winter?
A: It’s easier than walking!

Kids joke about birds

Q: What did the horse say when it fell?
A: “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!”

Q: Where do horses live?
A: In neighhhh-borhoods!

Q: What do you get if you cross a parrot with a shark?
A: A bird that will talk your ear off.

Q: What do you call bears with no ears? 
A: B

Q: Why aren’t koalas actual bears?
A: They don’t meet the koalafications.

Q: Why do turkeys lay eggs?
A: Because if they dropped them, they would break.

Q: What do you get when you put 5 ducks in a box?
A: A box of quackers!

Q: What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede?
A: Bacon and legs.

Q: What do cows like to listen to on their headphones?
A: MOOsic!

Q: What’s a cat’s favorite breakfast?
A: Mice Krispies.

Q: What kind of cats like to bowl?
A: Alley cats.

Q: What sound do porcupines make when they kiss?
A: Ouch!

Q: What happened when the lion ate the comedian?
A: He felt funny!

Q: What time do ducks wake up in the morning?
A: At the quack of dawn.

Jokes About Food that Kids (and adults) Love!

Q: What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
A: Anyone can roast beef. (Think about it, think about it!)

Q: What did one cup of coffee say to another?
A: I like you a latte!

Q: What do you call a tired pea?
A: Sleep-pea!

Q: Why didn’t the orange win the race?
A: It ran out of juice.

Q: What did the grape do when it got stepped on?
A: It let out a little wine!

Q: What did the potato name his son?
A: Chip!

Q: What is a chip’s favorite dance move?
A: The dip!

Q: What did one carrot say to the other carrot?
A: Silly, carrots don’t talk!

Q: Why were the apple and orange all alone?
A: Because the banana split!

Q: Why are bananas never lonely?
A: Because they hang out in bunches!

Q: What do you call a sad strawberry?
A: A blueberry!

Q: What happens when an egg laughs?
A: It cracks up!

Q: Can I tell a joke about pizza?
A: Forget it, you’ll think it’s cheesy!

Q: Why do basketball players like donuts?
A: They like to dunk!

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Any Topic Can Make Funny Kids Jokes!

Q: Why didn’t the toilet paper cross the road?
A: It fell in the crack!

Q: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
A: Great food,  but no atmosphere.

Q: What happened when Ben Franklin told a joke to the Liberty Bell?
A: It cracked it up.

Q: Why are teddy bears never hungry?
A: They are always stuffed!

Q: Did you hear about the two antennas that got married?
A: The wedding was terrible but the reception was great!

Q: Did you hear the joke about the roof?
A: Never mind, it’s over your head!

Q: Did you hear the joke about the paper?
A: Never mind, it’s tearable!

Q: What did Santa Claus yell as he ran for the elevator?
A: Ho ho hold the door!

Q: How much did Santa pay for his slay?
A: Nothing, it was on the house!

Q: What kind of music do elves listen to?
A: Wrap.

Q: What do you call greedy elf.
A: Elfish!

Q: What is a librarian’s favorite Christmas song?
A: Silent Night.

Q: Why shouldn’t you argue with stubborn circles?
A: There’s just no point!

Q: How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern?
A: With a pumpkin patch.

Funny kids balloon jokeQ: What kind of bee can’t make up its mind?
A: A maybe!

Q: What is a pirate’s favorite letter?
A: Aaarrr!

Q: What did the pencil say to the other pencil?
A: You’re looking sharp!

Q: Where do sheep go to get haircuts?
A: To the Baa Baa shop!

Q: Why is 6 afraid of 7?
A: Because 7 8 9!

Q: What did zero say to eight?
A: Nice belt!

Q: What makes some plants better at math than others?
A: Square roots!

Q: What goes up and never comes down?
A: Your age!

Q: What keeps rock stars cool?
A: Their fans!

Q: Why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon?
A: Because she’ll Let It Go!

Joke Books Your Kids Will Love To  Read.

When kids are learning to read it’s so important to not only get them to read, but get them to love reading. Joke books are a sneaky way to get kids reading. Have your kids read out loud to the whole family and a simple joke book can turn into a family fun night  with lots of laughter!

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Q: What kind of music scares balloons?
A: Pop music!

Q: Did you hear of the musical group called Cellophane?
A: They mostly wrap!

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the big dance?
A: She had no body to dance with.

Q: Why are fish so smart?
A: Because they live in schools!

Q: Why was the math book always worried?
A: Because it had so many problems!

Q: Did you hear about the crook who stole a calendar?
A: He got 12 months. 😂

Q: Did you hear about the semi-colon that broke the law?
A: He was given two consecutive sentences!

Q: What do you call a baby insect?
A: A baby buggy!

Q: What runs but cannot walk?
A: A river!

Q: How does the ocean say goodbye?
A: It waves!

Q: What did one ocean say to the other ocean?
A: Nothing, he just waved!

Q: What did one toilet say to the other toilet?
A: You look flushed.

Q: Why did Tigger get dirty?
A: Because he was playing with Pooh!

Monkey hilarious jokes for kids

Q: Why can’t your nose be 12″ long?
A: Because then it would be a foot!

Q: Why did the scarecrow get a raise?
A: He was outstanding in his field.

Q: Why did the sun go to school?
A: To get brighter!

Kid: What are you doing under there?
Mom: Under where?
Kid: Haha! You said underwear!

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
A broken pencil.
A broken pencil who?
Never mind, it’s pointless!

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Pizza who?
Pizza really great guy!

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Little old lady.
Little old lady who?
Why are you yodeling?

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Boo who?
No need to cry, it’s only a joke!

Knock knock… Who’s there? Orange
Orange who?
Knock knock… Who’s there? Orange
Orange who?
Knock knock… Who’s there? Banana
Banana who?
Orange (aren’t) ya glad I didn’t say Orange

Lunchbox jokes printable example page

Click here to enjoy the jokes printable.

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Laughing makes us feel liberated and alive, and those near the noise are also filled with joy.

Laughter is not only fun, but it also has the great side effect of reducing stress because it triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. The ol’ saying, laughter is the best medicine, is true!

There isn’t a specific science to telling jokes to kids, but if you strive for simplicity and some silliness, you are sure to impress all the special kids in your life.

May these funny jokes for kids AND ADULTS bring you and the kids much joy and laughter. What’s your child’s favorite funny joke? Share in the comments below and let’s spread the laughs!

Check back because I’m always adding more funny jokes for kids that adults like, too!

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