If You Could… Would You?

If you could magically snap your fingers and have a goal achieved, would you?

You have something you really want to do. It could be going back to school, writing a book, or finding your soul mate.

In a heartbeat, you would have what you’ve been dreaming about, without having to put in the time and effort.

Hmm, sounds pretty fantastic?

In the example of going back to school, you’d have your degree without having to put in months or years of going to classes, paying for tuition, pulling all-nighters before an exam, and everything else that goes into earning a degree.

Sign you up?

Woman deciding

Let’s look at this from a different perspective.

If you magically achieved your goal without going through the process – each little step – what would you miss out on? What’s the cost?

In the same example of going back to school, you would:

  • Miss out on having the nerves of showing up on your first day soon turn into confidence as you find a new routine.
  • Miss out on meeting other people going through a similar journey.
  • Miss out on endless study hours and then feeling proud when you ace an exam.
  • Miss out on building your ability to get back up after failing an exam, and learning from your mistakes.

You’d miss the experience!

Sure, you’d have a degree. But you wouldn’t have worked your way through the process (the journey) of all the ups and downs of earning it.

Imagine this..

Woman at pottery wheel

You take a pottery class, and when you enter the classroom you see a clump of clay on the pottery wheel for you. The instructor immediately asks you to step out into the hallway for a few minutes. When you return, there is a beautiful clay bowl molded for you.

When you took the class, you didn’t just want a clay bowl, you wanted to enjoy the process of learning how to create a bowl from a clump of clay!

You wanted to feel the clay in your hands and learn how to use the wheel, knowing that you wouldn’t get it perfect on the first try. Maybe you wouldn’t even like the art of pottery, but you wanted to experience it so you could decide for yourself.

(Credit: I heard this basic story from Abraham-Hicks many years ago.)

Not Just the Outcome, But the Process

The process of sorting through your likes and dislikes, trying and sometimes failing, and learning from mistakes can be more impactful than having immediate success.

Experiencing the ups and downs, the good the bad, the pretty and the ugly are all growing pains that result in a stronger, better you.

It’s like you’re building a muscle that moves you toward making the choices to get the life you truly desire.

Woman on a journey

No Step is Small

We grow as a person through our experiences (taking action).

Each small action step you take outside of your comfort zone helps you:

  • Gain momentum in taking more action toward anything you want in your life.
  • Build your confidence by taking risks and learning to get back up when things don’t go perfectly.
  • Prepare for taking even more action.

With each action step, you gain momentum and eventually can have real pride in not only reaching your goal, but also pride in you as a person.

So every step is important. Even having a new thought is important because it can lead to getting the confidence to take a step. That’s why no step is small.

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The Joy Is In the Journey – Explained

So  I ask you again… If you could magically snap your fingers and have your goal achieved, would you?

The joy is in the journey means that your experiences as you aim for the destination (your goal) are all as valuable as achieving your goal.

Even the obstacles are an important part of every journey! You don’t just want to jump to the destination, you want to experience all the ups and downs on your way to earning the accomplishment.

There is joy in every journey, albeit sometimes the joy cannot be recognized until the journey is complete.

Ellen Burgan

Are You Ready?

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You’re ready to take time to focus on YOU and make a change, yet not sure where to start.

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