Kindness Rocks: Spread Kindness in Your Community

Have you ever found a kindness rock? If so, you then must be familiar with the smile that comes to the face of everyone who finds kindness rocks.

I found my first kindness rock while on a walk in my neighborhood this past summer. I was so excited over my fun find that I was inspired to make my own kindness rocks to anonymously spread smiles and  kindness to others.

With kindness being at the forefront If It Brings You Joy,  I thought I’d share my experience and possibly inspire you to make some of these inexpensive, yet powerful gems.

Both the giver and the recipient get a happiness boost!

What Are Kindness Rocks?

Although the kindness rocks project has been around since 2015, I just learned about this national movement in the last year.

Kindness rocks are a fun way to spread kindness in your community. People paint regular rocks to make them decorative,  and they also usually have kind sayings or words of encouragement. 

Then, you take the rocks you painted and place them somewhere in your community where some lucky person will find it. Local parks or outside of businesses are popular hiding places.  It’s a great project for adults and kids alike.

If you’re lucky enough to find a kindness rock, you can keep it if you want. However, you’re encouraged to re-hide the rock to pass on the kindness to someone else. If you’re on Facebook, search for the kindness rocks in your city. You can post a photo of the rock with the location where it was found. The  giver will be excited to see that someone found their rock!

To learn more about the origin of kindness rocks, listen to this podcast about how the Kindness Rocks Project with the project creator, Megan Murphy.

A collection of kindness painted rocks.

How You Can Get Started

  • Find flat rocks. Landscaping rocks often work well or you can purchase rocks on Amazon.
  • Paint the rocks with non-toxic color acrylic paint or spray paint. Paint it all one color or paint a decorative item on it. Then let it dry.
  • Use oil based pens to write an inspirational message. (Here are kindness quotes and sayings to use on your kindness rocks.)
  • Option: spray with a clear coat spray to protect the paint.
  • Leave your inspirational rocks at parks, playgrounds, convenience stores, beaches and anywhere else to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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Making Memories & Having Fun

I painted rocks when we had weekend company. There was a bit of rain so some of us got creative with the larger, flat landscaping rocks. It was entertaining and we all got our creativity flowing. 

My cousin gave me the rocks. Her friend was replacing their landscaping and gave her several pails full of rocks. Lucky for me, my cousin shared with me. They made perfect canvases and didn’t end up in a landfill.

People painting kindness rocks at a table.

Next, I spent some time with my nephew and he helped me hide the rocks at a local park. It was fun finding nooks and crannies to hide them in!

Boy hiding kindness rocks in a park.

Kindness rock hidden in an old tree.

Here are some of our kindness rocks:

Collection of kindness rocks.

If I would do it again, I would order some acrylic paint markers because writing letters with a paint brush was tricky. 

All in all, I had fun painting the rocks and fun hiding the rocks. Kindness rocks are a great way to spread kindness in your community. I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already. Drop me a line and let me know if you ever found a kindness rock or if this is a new idea for you. Have a great day!

I leave you with my motto… Do at least one act of kindness today and every day to make life a little better for yourself and others. Trust that the Universe will reciprocate exactly when you need it most.

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Kindness rocks

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  1. I’ve found two and each time was thrilled! Somehow I haven’t been able to part with the first find, but someday I’ll rehide it for someone else to enjoy. Love your photos!

  2. What a great idea! We decorate rocks in the UK but not, as far as I know, hide them to be found by strangers 😊 When I’ve done them with the children, we’ve used nail polish to decorate instead of paint 😊

  3. This is so, so, so, amazing. I’m all about spreading kindness and positivity and so I really love this movement. I think this would be something amazing to do with younger kids to help and teach them about what it means to be kind and helpful to others. Great post!! I love this message!!

    1. Love to connect with others who put top priority on kindness. Thank you for stopping by with your inspiring comment. 💗

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