I Want to Make a Big Life Change, But It’s Scary!

Are you feeling an “inner nudge” to make a change in your life? You’ve tried to ignore it, but it has done nothing but gain momentum for a few years!

You’ve got a good life. Maybe you even had it planned out for years! Yet now that “it” is here, you’re not sure “it” is what you still want.

You can no longer pretend that you’re satisfied with life exactly as is. There’s something calling your soul! There’s something better just waiting for you.

Whether you are still figuring out what it is or if you already know, the next step is to get the courage to go for it.

It takes courage to make changes in your life

BUT, BUT, BUT… There are so many excuses to NOT change!

  • It’s scary! What if I fail?
  • My dream might be impossible. People would think I’m crazy!
  • I’m so busy, I don’t have time to focus on my true self.
  • I’m tired and overwhelmed.
  • I’m too old/too young!

Those excuses are all fears, and fear can keep you stuck…. keep you the same. Do you want to get beyond the fears or do you want to be in the same situation next month, next year, or longer?

Get beyond excuses (fears) to get the life you want and deserve

Change Is Not Comfortable, But Change Is POSSIBLE

Ah, the beloved comfort zone. If feels so…. Well, comfortable (for the most part)!

The circumstance you’ve been in for years is what you know, and your brain (fear) likes that familiarity. Fear doesn’t want you to change – which means you continue to feel stuck.

So you continue to be pestered by this “inner knowing” that more is meant for your life.

As nice as comfortable feels, you know that it’s really time to tell fear to step aside because you’re ready to make a change. You know there’s something more waiting for your future.

What circumstance in your life is no longer serving you?

You may not be sure what change to make or how to make it, but the thought of finding that new joy is exhilarating!

No matter your age, it takes courage to take a leap in your life. Going from comfortable to the unknown is scary and feels so risky!

Taking a Risk to Make Real Change

See if you can relate to my story of making a big change. You might want to change something other than your career, like I did, but your thoughts and feelings may be similar.

So imagine this being the change that has you feeling stuck.

My story of making a big shift happened for me when I said goodbye to my unfulfilling 9-5. It came on slowly over 3-5 years. By that 5 year mark, there was no question in my mind that I was done with it!

  • On one hand, I was thinking about how I had a professional, well-paying job with some really great colleagues. I thought about my 30 years of experience, and it was scary to think about leaving it!
  • On the flip side, I was thinking about how agonizing it was to get out of bed at 5am to go to an unfulfilling job that I dreaded.

Although I wasn’t ready for a shawl and rocking chair, I wanted to both semi-retire and find my “passion job” where I could have a positive impact on people, as well as name my own hours.

For years I went to personal growth workshops, conferences, read books, and listened to audios and podcasts galore! I learned a lot, but nothing gave me the confidence and courage needed to walk away from my job.

My feelings of discontent, boredom, and dread finally bubbled their way to the top. I was ready to release my job that no longer served me. It was also affecting other areas of my life, and after 5 years I took action.

I didn’t know exactly what my dream was, but I knew I was not living it.

Woman thinking about making a life change

Fearlessly Pursuing “ME”

With the help of my life coach, I picked a direction at the Y in the road that had kept me stuck for a long time.

Thanks to the skills I learned and daily habits I created through the Fearless Living program, I got the clarity, confidence, and courage to take a risk, take action, and change my life!

I took what felt like a huge, scary risk!

One year later I graduated from the Fearless Living Institute, the ivy league of life coach training. I’m a Certified Fearless Living Coach and love what I get to do every day! (For more info, read What is a Life Coach.)

Before I graduated, I built up the courage to leave my 9-5, and I have never looked back.

I call myself a Joy Coach because I specialize in helping women learn life tools and build habits so they can get beyond fear and have clarity, confidence, and courage to live the life of joy they want and deserve!

Do you have an “inner nudge” pestering you?

Do you have an “inner knowing” nudging you to do something that seems huge and scary?

Do you:

  • Have a hard time being your authentic self and speaking up for what you want and need?
  • No longer feel excited about your work, relationship, or life in general?
  • Feel like you need more fun in your life, but you’re not sure what fun looks like at this new stage of life?

It takes A LOT of courage to make a big shift in your life! Are you ready to make a decision to get uncomfortable so you can make the change(s) to get the life you want?

Quick Tip

There’s a saying in Fearless Living:

Nobody can be fearless alone!

Especially when you’re taking a big risk, it’s important to have support. Friends, family, and someone you hire are all good people to have in your circle of support.

A circle of support can help you if:

  • Your confidence is shaken
  • You feel stuck
  • You just need someone to remind you of all your strengths

Read my article How to Build a Circle of Support for Your Life to get some ideas on who would be good to have in your circle, and who you might not want to share your dream with.

Nobody can be fearless alone

You Have a Decision To Make!

Are you going to make a change in your life? And know that as you change your life, there will be a ripple effect on the people you love.

There is no investment more important than YOU. You are worth it.

As a Joy Coach, it would be my honor to support you through any life transition. I can help you get beyond fear so you can take action to get the life of joy that you want and deserve.

Book a free strategy call with me. During this call, I’m committed to help you gain three things:

  • First, I want us to gain absolute clarity around your dreams and vision, your goals, and the ‘Big Why’ that’s driving you forward.
  • Second, I want us to identify any challenges or blocks that might be keeping you from reaching those goals.
  • And lastly, we’re going to develop a strategy together that will give you immediate and lasting results.

How does that feel? A call that can change your life forever. If we’re not a good fit, that’s okay. You’ll still gain clarity on the life that you want.

Schedule a free strategy call, YOU are worth the investment. YOU deserve to get beyond fear and be your best authentic self who achieves your goals and dreams!

Quote about the importance of investing in yourself.

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  1. When we moved up to the north east together it was a massive step for our relationship but also particularly for my husband. Bar six months he’d never lived outside of Lincolnshire so to move 250 miles away was massive and to start a new career. The risk paid off though. We now have good jobs a lovely home and a fantastic daughter.

  2. My husband and I recently made a big life change when we moved to Florida without any jobs to start our lives over in a sunny, warm place.

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