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Doormats are something I don’t often think about, but after giving a bit of my attention to our current doormat, I feel a little embarrassed! Seriously, why do I have a worn out piece of carpet outside our door? It’s so old and flattened that it has no functional value left in it, and the fashion statement it might have offered one day has long sailed away.

Although I’ve successfully ignored this poor rug for years, it’s past due time for me to spruce up my entry door area and replace the rug-type-thing formerly known as a doormat.

So I stepped up my game in welcoming guests to our home and got a doormat with a little more unique style. It was tough deciding if I should go humorous, classic, or maybe thought-provoking.

Drum roll… I decided to go with simply letting our personality shine.  We have two dogs and love them to pieces, and now we announce it at the door!

Dogs by the Every Home Should Have a Dog doormat

Matsy Doormats


My awesome doormat is from an online store called Matsy. They had so many fun doormats it was really hard to choose which one I wanted. Anyone who knows me will completely understand why this whimsical mat caught my eye – and I bet they smile when they see it.

The doormat is designed to really clean dirt and grass off of shoes (and paws) before people enter your home. It’s an extremely high quality coir mat. As Matsy explains on their website:

Coir means constructed from the husk of coconuts (aka legit). These natural fibers, combined with blended materials provide for superior water, wind and environmental protection. Simply put, these puppies are built to last.

Our doormat stood up great to the test of rain, and I’m sure our new mat will make our visitors smile for years to come.

I also love the Matsy company story. “Matsy was born of a simple idea: that the world could use a little light-hearted humor these days. So, we decided to make people smile when they are least expecting it.” So true, humor is something we can all use more of.

Matsy doormat for a dog fanatic

Think Outside of the Rug

There’s no rule that doormats must be used outside.

Matsy had a “CHOOSE HAPPINESS” doormat that I would use in our entrance area where we take off our shoes. Then, as we put our shoes back on to walk out of the house, our doormat would give us a friendly reminder to “Choose Happiness.” With a blog called If It Brings You Joy, of course I want to do everything I can to promote a positive mindset!

Free Shipping

Are you ready to greet your guests with a stylish new doormat? Whether you keep it classy or go funny, there are plenty of options to instantly make your doorstep more welcoming and appealing. And, your guests will surely smile with the message you choose to have waiting for them at the door. Who knows, it might be just the right little thing to give a delivery person a chuckle in their day.

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Be sure to check out what’s On Sale at! and of course you get Free shipping to the United States at Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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