My Art Journey With Online Painting Videos

About six months ago, a friend and I sat down and painted our first acrylic paintings. Beyond elementary school, neither of us had any experience with artistic painting.

Although If It Brings You Joy has turned out to be my choice for a creative outlet, she really rolled with painting. Her improvement is amazing and she’s uncovered a new joy and talent. It’s fun to see each new piece she finishes, and she even painted a personalized one for me.

How did she improve so quickly? She discovered online painting videos! Using YouTube acrylic painting tutorials, she has learned to paint impressive art.

artist paint pallet


If you have even the slightest interest in painting, I encourage you to give it a try. Supplies are very inexpensive, and painting can be very enJOYable and therapeutic. Use the free YouTube tutorial videos recommended below, and you just might find a new hobby that you love.

Here’s Cherylynda to tell her story about her art journey using online videos.

Some of you might remember me from the post, “Painting and How it’s Calmed Me.” In that post I had said the next time you would hear from me would be about jewelry making. I tried that, it didn’t stick.

I have continued my painting journey using technology. I started with a YouTube video series by Angela Anderson.

Angela is an art teacher who does free online acrylic painting tutorials. She paints while her husband Mark narrates.

One of the reasons I kept coming back was the humorous, loving banter between them.

The other reason I continue to watch and paint along with their painting videos is that I could feel myself learning. The first painting I did was some blue poppies dome with a palette knife.  Learning to paint with a palette knife

I really felt good about this painting and enjoyed doing it. So I subscribed to Angela’s YouTube channel.

In Angela’s channel, I found over two hundred free painting tutorials. I knew that I was learning techniques I needed to know to get better.

This stone cottage painting is also one I did with Angela’s video tutorials.

Painting done using Angela Anderson free video tutorial

I just kept feeling more and more joy from painting! Over the past six months I’ve committed even further.

In one of her tutorials, Angela mentioned  a website that hosts artists and that she was part of this. If I joined this group I would spend from one dollar a month to whatever I wanted, but pledging a higher monthly amount allows you access to different things.

I pledge 10 dollars a month. With that I get to be part of five live videos a month. She will provide a traceable if you have a hard time drawing.

You can then chat during the live shows and get questions answered and meet your fellow artists.

Along with this group you also get to be part of Angela’s Facebook group, “Art Taking Flight.” In this group you can post original art and get constructive criticism from others and Angela. You also get a lot of encouragement.

In her Facebook group, Angela also mentioned a book about learning to draw. It’s called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards and it is available on Amazon.

I purchased the book and have been trying to learn to draw. I think it is helping with my desire to do more original paintings.

This painting called “Fighting Girl” is one I did from a series I am doing on women:

Learning to draw before painting

So the journey and the joy continues through technology.

I would recommend learning through YouTube online acrylic painting tutorials to everyone. It has changed my life for the better! Leave a comment to share your experience with learning to paint or any other hobby. Below are two of Angela’s many video tutorials:

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Painting Supplies to Get Started

Painting is really an inexpensive hobby for adults and kids. To get started, you really only need some paint brushes, paints, and either a canvas or foam board to paint on. Check out the following options for painting supplies available on Amazon.

(Click image to view on Amazon.)

That’s all you need to get started on your art journey using free online videos. No experience needed and people of all ages will enJOY!


Learn to paint using free online painting videos.

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  1. Nice job, Cherlynda! You really do great work. I love the message of the the ‘fighting girl!’….. you’re free! People are hard to paint, I can appreciate your success! And the poppies!!! You Tube, never would have considered, so thanks for taking the first step. Why didn’t I think of that?! You’ve inspired me!

  2. Hi Ellen, thanks for pinning this. I have been painting for a while but I always like as well as need help from others. Ellen

  3. I have a friend who is an incredibly talented artist. He makes good money selling his paintings on Facebook and at Craft Fairs. I was surprised to find out that he had actually just started, using old Bob Ross reruns to spark this artistic transition!

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