Hate Ironing? You’ll Love This Must-Have Convenience

I’m all for household products that bring ease to my life. As a person who loathes ironing, a portable garment steamer has become a must-have tool in my closet.

Garment steamer


Top Reasons I Prefer a Garment Steamer Over an Iron

  • A steamer requires very little setup.
  • Garments can be de-wrinkled while still on a hanger.
  • Steaming is faster and easier than ironing. (To crease or not to crease? I do not have my mother’s ironing skills.)
  • Portable steamers are great for home and travel.

Convenient clothing steamer

I like the small size because it’s portable for travel. But the bigger reason I like its small size is because I can store it in my main bathroom closet where it is conveniently located for quick touch-ups.

I use it all the time to quickly remove wrinkles from an outfit I want to wear that day. Within two minutes of grabbing it out of the closet and filling with water, the steam is ready to go.

Not only is it more convenient than an iron, but I also find it much more easy to use. In particular, I find it’s much easier to de-wrinkle shirts using a steamer.

If a shirt needed to be ironed, it tended to get pushed to the back of my closet. With a steamer, there is no shirt that I can’t quickly steam and have it looking good.

Deep wrinkles are no problem – they quickly steam out and look crisp. I also used it on new window panels that had fold creases from the packaging.

Amazon Disclaimer

The cords are generally long enough to reach, but short enough to avoid a safety hazard by someone walking over/under/through the cord and bumping it. The steam is HOT, so be mindful if there are children or pets nearby.


Contemplating buying a garment steamer? Shop Amazon for steamers as they have excellent prices.

Decent portable steamers are generally in the range of $19-$40. I’ve now ordered three steamers because both of my grown kids had to have one after they saw me so easily and quickly de-wrinkle clothes.

You will love this convenient, inexpensive must-have household convenience.

How Do I Use a Garment Steamer? Watch my video to see just how easy it is to use a steamer.