Helpful Self-Massager to Relieve Sore Muscles

Do you tend to have muscle knots in your shoulders and back area? They’re painful and can also cause headaches.

I’ve had my share of neck and back aches, and I’ve had plenty of massages and chiropractic adjustments to get relief. But those get expensive and aren’t daily events.

When a colleague first showed me her Remedy Cane, I had no idea what the heck it was. After I got over my initial confusion and gave it a try, I was hooked – no pun intended – but I found it funny after I realized it. Anyway, it’s a self-massage tool that is easy to use and really works.

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(The  Remedy Cane looks exactly like the Thera Cane, and truthfully I’m not completely sure which model she has.)

Luckily, she’s very nice about sharing. I found myself sneaking into her office to borrow her cane to use at my desk for a while. I finally decided it was time to get one of my own.

Lady with sore neck and upper back muscles.

Easily Loosen Muscle Knots – even if they’re hard to reach

First, let me be upfront by saying that as much as I like this tool, it isn’t going to fix serious back conditions. If you have a serious condition, you can ask your doctor about this self-massager, but don’t think that by itself, a self-massager will resolve a serious spine, disk, or whatever condition.

As weird as these self-massage tools look, from personal experience I assure you they help with muscle knots and aches. The unique shape along with the little ball-like knobs make it easy to apply pressure on hard to reach places along your neck, shoulders, and back.

I tend to carry my stress in my upper back and shoulders, and the cane works great to loosen muscles along my shoulder blades. It feels great! Well, actually it hurts when putting pressure on a knot, but the end result is worth the pain to work on releasing those darn knots.

The self-massager canes are super affordable, convenient, and perfect for daily use on muscle knots and aches. The specific model I got is called the  Body Back Buddy Junior. It came with a manual that shows how to use each feature, as well as diagrams of various pressure points in your body and feet.

(Click image to view the Body Back Buddy Jr. on Amazon)

Video Demo of Self-Massage Cane

Here’s my video to show you the various ways I use my Body Back Buddy.

Fair warning: It’s not a professional video, and my dog steals the show! It’s just me, a real-life normal person, showing you how to use this odd looking thing that may help your sore muscles feel better.

Let the Cane Do All the Work

The best thing about  the Body Back Buddy or any other model of a self-massager tool is that the tool does all the work for you.

Applying pressure with your (or someone else’s) thumb gets tiring quickly.

Even if you have little upper body strength (like me), the self-massage cane is still extremely easy to use. The shape and knobs make it effortless to put pressure where you need it and for as much time as you need.

Relief For Feet, Too!

The knobs on the self-massage canes work great on pressure points on the bottom of your feet. I especially find it helpful along the heel for stress relief.

There are a few ways of using the cane for feet, and both are demonstrated in my video above.

So Many Choices

There are many styles of self-massage tools available on Amazon that are very reasonably priced, generally between $20-$30.

Although I like the Remedy Cane, I think I prefer my Body Back Buddy Jr. because of the S-shape. The small end of the S works great on my feet. I also like that Junior model because it’s portable for travel and bringing back and forth to the office.

Here are some options starting with the Body Back Buddy Jr. and the Remedy Cane:

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The Secret to Making it Work

Keep it in a convenient place! If you put it away out of sight, it’s easily forgotten about.

Slide it along the cushion of a chair or end cushion of the couch. You’ll still see it, but it won’t look like clutter.

It’s like forming any habit – the more convenient you make the new habit, the more likely you are to stick with it.  Wherever you’ll see your cane and can easily grab it, the more you’re likely to use it.

A Few Final Thoughts

I still have full intentions to get massages because it’s one of my favorite self-care activities. However, my Body Back Buddy is perfect for daily use to help prevent muscle knots or try to get rid of knots in the early stages. It’s not going to magically cure all your muscle aches, but it’ll help and will feel great.

There are other products that are wonderful for at-home massages. Read my Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager product review – it’s amazing! Think beyond just muscle tension relief – think self-care that feels awesome. Read why self-care is important: Time for Self-Care!

Remember to drink extra water when you use the self-massage tool. Just like when you get a massage, toxins are released into your body. It’s good to drink extra water to flush them out  of your system. Of course it’s always good to stay hydrated!

By the way,  I am not getting paid to write this product review nor was I asked to write it. I bought the Body Back Buddy on Amazon and think it’s a great little tool to have around the house and office. I decided to share my thoughts with you, and maybe you’ll want to try it to help prevent or relieve your sore muscles.

Have questions? Feel free to leave them in a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Affordable self-massage tool that really works to relieve sore muscles.

14 Replies to “Helpful Self-Massager to Relieve Sore Muscles”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ellen!

    I’ve used a similar “tool” for years now (not quite as many knobs, but effective none the less!)

    If I’m driving long distances I pack it with me. Sitting in the car for hours will evitably cause tightness somewhere in my body. Without fail, those I’m visiting or traveling with request using it for their own sore spots and knots.

    Great self-care tool!

    1. Hi Barbara. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Taking it on long car trips is a great idea. So inexpensive yet so helpful. It’s the little things in life!

  2. Lucas has one of these. We all got a chance to try it out over the Christmas holidays. At first it looks strange but once you use it, you want to keep it up.

    1. It is a little addictive! At work, people can’t help but to ask what it is and then give it a try.

  3. I have so many self-massage tools, but this is one I haven’t tried yet. I have to say, though, this one sounds as if it would cover most of the bases of my current ones and then some! Thanks for the useful tutorial!

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