Simple Ways to Go Green AND Save Money

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

These suggestions will save you money AND help the environment. The ideas are all low tech and easy to do. Pick out a few to incorporate into your life…it will make a difference. May knowing you’re helping our precious environment bring you joy.

Use water bottles instead of buying bottled water.

Use a water filter if needed. Refilling water bottles is much less expensive than purchasing bottled water, and think about how much less plastic would be in our landfills if everyone did this!

My favorite water bottle is a stainless steel, insulated water bottle. It keeps drinks very cold, even in warm temperatures. The fact that this bottle is steel means I can keep it in my car as I run errands. (Plastic water bottles may leak toxins into the water when left in the sun.) I appreciate this bottle the most when we head out for a day of boating – my drink stays ice cold!

Go Green and SaveDressing/Ketchup Bottles

This one seems like 100% common sense, but maybe someone doesn’t do it. When salad dressing or ketchup bottles get low, just turn them upside down when returning them to the fridge. You’ll get 2 or 3 more servings from the bottle.

Tube Trick

My aunt has done this for years. Although I cannot get myself to do this, you may like it. When a tube of toothpaste is “done”, she cuts off the flat end and squeezes it out from that end. Apparently she gets another whole 1-2 weeks worth. She uses this trick with anything that comes in a tube (hand lotion, sunscreen, etc). Thanks for the tip, Aunt Donna!

Change out light bulbs to compact fluorescent  or LED light bulbs.

This not only saves money, but has the added benefit of avoiding the inconvenience of a burned out bulb. And your mother was incredibly smart when she so wisely told you to “turn off lights!”

Bomcosy has an LED “filament” bulb that has a great, fun look. It is energy saving LED without the unusual look like other LED bulbs. Actually, the yellow filaments look very cool. The Bomcosy bulb might seem expensive, but let’s put it into perspective. The life span is estimated at 30,000 hours. Even if you leave the light on 24/7, it would still last almost 3 1/2 years! No more bulbs inevitably burning out at an inconvenient time.

Use cold water for laundry.

Today’s detergent formulas get clothes just as clean when washed in cold water. Besides, hot water can make some clothing shrink, wrinkle, and fade.While we’re on the topic of laundry, air dry your clothes as much as possible.

Reuse your plastic baggies. (Don’t roll your eyes nor skip my explanation!)

I used to roll my eyes when my mom did this, but it really is eco-friendly and cost-wise. I don’t washout sandwich-size, but I do wash and reuse quart-size and larger. To reduce usage, I got reusable storage containers for sandwiches, chips and other lunch items that I otherwise would have put in a small baggie.


Instead of throwing out leftovers, designate 1 or 2 nights a week to be leftover night. Saves time, money, and garbage.

Use cloth bags.

Inexpensive cloth bags are available at most grocery stores. Or, at least bring bags back and have the bagger reuse them. You will be eco-friendly, and the store will save money.

Carpool or take public transportation.

As often as possible, utilize these options. You’ll save money for obvious reasons, plus you’ll have more “down time” while you’re riding instead of driving. It just might be a stress-buster! (Might I even suggest walking?)

Catch rain water.

Put a large plastic garbage can (or any container) under your drain spout to catch water from the roof during rain. Using plastic gallon milk jugs to transport, use that water for your garden, plants and bushes.

Let me repeat….apply a few of these ideas to your life and you WILL make a difference.



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