Start a Hobby Blog – No Technical Skills Needed!

Do you love to write and want to start a blog to share your story? Great idea!

How to start a free hobby blog without the technical hassles.

Let’s Get You Writing!

Forget the technical hurdles.

You want to just sit down and start writing, but technical hurdles have kept you from getting started. Worry no more. I will cut the confusion and create a blog for you! Technology will be made easy and will no longer hinder your joy.

Cost: How does free sound?

After a one-time investment of $197  for my services to setup your blog and train you, your hobby blog will be completely free for years to come. And at any time you will be able to upgrade to your blog to a custom domain.

Let’s Get You a Free Blog – It’s Simple!

Here are the steps:

1. Fill-out this Become a Blogger form so I can get to know a little about you and a what you want to do with your blog. (Don’t worry if you’re not exactly sure of what you plan to write about.)

2. I will contact you using the email address you provide.  You’ll receive a link to make the one-time payment using PayPal. We will then schedule a date for your one-hour training session.

3. We will meet using an online meeting where you can see my screen. I will create your blog  before our online training session, so during this one hour I will simply train you on how to write posts. You will also receive documentation that gives you step-by-step instructions for getting a post published, along with various settings you can use to further customize your blog, if you choose.

That’s it! At that point you will be prepared to start blogging.

Start a hobby blog and let the joy begin!


Let the Joy Begin

Blogging has brought me more joy than I ever expected – and that’s what I want for you, too.  Blogging is a great hobby, and in time, you may decide to take it to a more serious level and bring in an income.

Reasons to start a hobby blog.

In addition to founding, I have internet marketing experience that includes managing a blog for a major online pet supplies e-tailer, plus I have nearly 30 years experience as a Business Analyst in I.T. projects.

I promise it’ll be simple, and with my help you’ll understand exactly how to start writing immediately. Sound good? Fill-out this Become a Blogger form and let’s get you started!

Take your writing to a new level - start a hobby blog! Let me handle the technical setup for you!