How to Start a New Chapter in Life

If I had waited to start my new chapter in life…

until all the stars were lined up and everything was “perfect”…

  • I would still be on a job to which I no longer felt a connection.
  • 50 hours/week would feel like a grind and it would spill over into my personal life.
  • Lack of fulfillment would have lead to not producing my best work (and disappointment in myself).

Celebrating 3 Years Into a New Chapter of Life

Three years ago I began a journey that required me to take a BIG risk. I walked away from my 30+ year business career to start a new chapter as a life coach.

It was scary because I was walking away from a career that provided financial security. But I trusted that the reward for this risk would put a much needed spark back in my heart.

Has everything been smooth sailing? Absolutely not! There have been plenty of trials and errors. Fear has tried to stop me (and still does).

Thankfully I’m armed with the tools I learned (and now share with my clients) during the Life Coach Training Program at the Fearless Living Institute. I’m better able to recognize and overcome all the sneaky ways fear shows up.

My self-confidence has catapulted! I’m willing to try new things even if I’m not immediately good at it because I know I’ll figure it out. Failure means I get to adjust and try again.

Do you want the life you keep dreaming about?

Small steps took me down a path to where I am today, feeling passionate and loving what I get to do every day.

And I want this kind of life for everyone! That’s why I do the work that I do.

It lights me up to help people find their confidence and inner-strength… and that’s why I won’t let my fears stop me.

Because I know how painful it can be when you struggle with self-doubt and feel like you’re not “enough” to be able to do all of the things you want to do.

So I have dedicated myself to helping people unlock their power within and create the lives of their dreams with CONFIDENCE!

Whatever it is that you really want for your life…

Don’t wait until everything is perfect, your wait will never end.

Woman thinking how to start a new chapter in life

The Best Time for a New Beginning is Now

Do you want to be more confident so you can get the joy-filled life that you keep thinking about?

Are you ready to understand how fear works so you can move through and minimize it?

If you’re not even sure how to begin that process, I can help.

If you’re new here, I’m Ellen Burgan, Confidence & Joy Coach… and a Certified Fearless Living Coach. I help people break through self-doubt, overwhelm, and other fear-based behaviors so they can get a life filled with joy and freedom.

Book a FREE strategy call with me and we will design a plan for you to overcome obstacles that are keeping you from the life you really want. The power to change is in YOUR hands.

We all have fear, but it doesn’t have to control our lives.