Elevate Your Life: 21 Fun Ideas for Summer Self-Care

Woman having fun on bike doing a self-care activity

Self-care is a buzzword that has become synonymous with bubble baths and meditation, and indeed those are two of many good self-care activities. However, it’s important to understand why self-care is critical for your mind, body, and life.

Why make self-care your goal? In a nutshell… you’ll feel and function better. That will make you the best version of you, and then you’ll be able to be the best possible partner, parent, professional, and friend.

Whether you are a beginner or are ready to supercharge your self-care routine, the longer daylight of summer days opens doors for day adventures, fresh air, and fitting in as much fun as possible. Instead of walking through summer with the same ol’ boring daily routine, put a spark of joy in your days! Make a decision right now to:

  • Focus on fun
  • Try new things
  • Take precious time for YOU

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It’s this type of practical self-care that can help you naturally adopt the healthy habit of self-care into your life.

Even busy women need a good self-care routine. It may seem unproductive to take time out just for you when there’s so much to do, but it’s better to start practicing self-care prior to hitting burnout.

A Lifestyle of Self-Care

Putting priority on intentionally taking care of yourself is the basis for self-care.

Overall, this precious and necessary time is meant to give you a little breather from the stresses of life. Self-care positively affects your mind, body, and soul.

A self-care routine is something that has great pay-off when you give it top priority and create long-term consistency. Treating self-care like a fad diet that isn’t sustainable over the long run won’t give you the lasting results that are sooooo worth the investment in yourself!

Once you get in the routine, you’ll look forward to your special time and will learn to more quickly unwind from stress. Routine creates stability. Once you establish a consistent routine you’ll be able to put self-care on auto-pilot so it becomes more natural to put yourself first.

Benefits of a Self-Care Routine

A lifestyle of a good self-care routine comes with many positive benefits for your mind, body, and life.

A Forbes article titled “Self-Care Isn’t Just Good For You—It’s Also Good For Your Productivity” states the following benefits of self-care:

  1. Self-care gives you a break from stress and anxiety.
  2. Self-care improves your cognitive functions.
  3. Self-care provides some alone time.
  4.  Self-care allows you to give more to others.

Additionally, Wright State University sited the following benefits of self-care:

  1. Being at your best
  2. Maximizing your potential
  3. Improving your quality of life
  4. Increasing your physical and mental resources to deal with stressors

21 Fun Summer Self-Care Activities

Fun beach scene

Take advantage of summer weather and make self-care a lifestyle with these ideas for practical self-care that are especially nice for summertime.

1. Go For a Walk

Walking outside is a great way to enjoy nature, get a boost of energy, clear your head, and overall feel better. Sometimes I don’t feel like going for a walk but I go anyway because my dogs are insistent that they must go. I’m always glad I went because I feel better and recharged.

Increase the fun-factor by discovering some nearby hiking trails, and always take time to enjoy beauty in the small things.

2. Sit on Your Deck/Porch/Balcony

Grab a cup of coffee or a good book and enjoy the fresh air. I like the quiet in our neighborhood, yet it always brings me joy when I hear the laughter of children playing. Take a few deep breaths of fresh air and relax!

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3. Watch a Sunrise/Sunset

The beauty of a sunrise and sunset is food for the soul! Don’t wait for a vacation or being at a special location to watch a sunrise or sunset. The sun rises and sets every single day – gift it to yourself often! (And be sure to get your Instagram-worthy photo!)

4. Treat Your Body Well

When you eat well and stay hydrated, you’ll better handle stress and will be less apt to feel drained.

Too hot to cook? Great! Summer is a great time to try out some new salad recipes. During a recent Pinterest search, I found this Mediterranean Chickpea Salad that is DELICIOUS. Check out my 99 Meatless Meals (Vegetarian) Recipes for some new recipe ideas.

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5. Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

Sometimes it’s fun to release stress with carefree, childlike playfulness and laughter! Playing is fun and joyful. It refreshes and energizes both children and adults. That’s why fun and play shouldn’t end with childhood.

What did you enjoy as a child? Try it again! Get out the sidewalk chalk, go get an ice cream cone, throw a frisbee (my dogs like that option), or visit your local zoo.

6. Go On a Picnic

Pack a lunch to enjoy in a local park. It’s a fun way to get some fresh air and add a twist to your daily routine, plus picnics are said to reduce stress. Instead of sitting at your desk or in the lunchroom at work, find a place to sit outside!

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7. Accept Your Body

Do you cringe when thinking about putting on a swim suit or shorts after a long winter? Research shows that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. In truth, your negative body image has little to do with your actual body and much to do about lack of self-worth. So love your body as it is, and you can start doing that by gifting yourself a self-care routine that becomes a natural lifestyle.

Don’t let your body stop you from enjoying the summer. Your body keeps you safe and gets you from here to there. Respect and accept it, and keep moving!

8. Spend Time With People Who Make You Feel Good

Summer goes by quickly so make the most of it. Spend your summer with people who are fun, caring, and lift you up. This is so important that I wrote a post about how to build a circle of supportive friends.

9. Soak Up Sunlight (With Care)

There is plenty of supportive research about the benefits of sunlight. For example, it’s said that sunlight positively impacts your mental health and can also improve your sleep and heart health.

That being said, be sure to take care of your skin. (Did you know skin is the largest organ of the human body?) No matter your skin type, protect it from the sun with sunscreen. Your older self will thank you.

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10. Go Fishing

The avid fishermen in my family say that being outdoors and near the water diverts their mind from stress and tension, and actually calms their mind. Fish with someone to strengthen a relationship, or fish alone to ease your troubles.

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11. Daily Gratitude

The power of gratitude is immense! It helps your emotional wellbeing and actually increases happiness.

Start (or end) each day by writing 3-5 things you appreciate and feel grateful for. It’ll start help you start your day on a positive note (or send you off to dreamland feeling good). If the actual writing is going to stop you from doing this practice, then make a mental list of as many gratitudes as you can.

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12. Attend Community Events and Local Attractions

Strolling through a farmer’s market or a local “fest” is a fun way to get moving, spend time outside, and do a little socializing.

13. EnJOY Some Friend Time

All work and no play is no fun. And while it’s fun to spend time with family, it’s also good to spend time to have fun and laugh with your besties. Meet for coffee in the park, go shopping, grab brunch, or enjoy some cocktails!

14. Enjoy a Lazy Summer Day

If you’re typically on-the-go, give yourself permission to take a day off from everything! Only do things that you want to do and you think will be fun. This is a great day for a Netflix binge, a good old fashioned nap, a long bath, or maybe you want to finally clean out your closet. Here’s a challenge…. do nothing! That is actually easier said than done. Treat yourself like royalty and do whatever floats your boat.

15. Pamper Your Skin with a Homemade Sugar Scrub

Enjoy a simple DIY project, and then make your skin feel great!


  • 1 Cup Coconut Oil (not the liquid)
  • ½ Cup White Sugar
  • About10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Use a hand mixer to whip ingredients until completely combined. Store in a mason jar.

16. Listen to Podcasts or Music

There are so many podcasts available from entertaining, relaxing, to educational. Listen to podcasts while getting ready in the morning, during a walk, or while relaxing before bedtime.

17. Move Your Body

Dance like no one is watching. Go for a walk. Go for a bike ride. Go kayaking. Learn yoga for free. You don’t need to start an extreme exercise routine (unless you’re ready for it), just start by moving. Do whatever feels fun and gets your body moving.

18. Get Creative with Photography

Get out and about and bring your camera for a creative outlet that is therapeutic! Look for interesting or fun things to photograph. Explore where you live with a different perspective. From nature to people, put on your photographer’s hat and have fun!

19. Garden

Whether to add beauty to your yard or deck, or to grow your own delicious vegetables, give a try at gardening! It’s therapeutic to dig in the dirt and let your mind relax.

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20. Declutter Your Space 

To many, decluttering may not sound like a fun self-care activity, but it brings me great joy! Try it, you might like it! I find it therapeutic because I forget about life as I focus on my task, and the result is so satisfying.

Having too much stuff in your space can stress you out and feel overwhelmed and generally unhappy with your home. Here are some decluttering tips to help you spark some joy.

21. Read 31 More Ideas!

Read my previous post for 31 simple and free self-care ideas.

Make YOU a Priority this Summer – You Deserve It!

Taking time for self-care doesn’t mean you need to take an hour every day – but you certainly can if you want! Even 10 minutes of a consistent daily self-care activity will help make you feel better, feel less stressed, and feel more motivated to take on daily responsibilities. 

Self-care is important, and summer is a great time to start or supercharge your self-care routine. You’ll feel better and have more to give to people you love once you have your self-care routine established.

Self-Care Not Even in Sight?

My gift as a Life & Joy Coach is to help accomplished women who have spent their lives prioritizing others’ needs and wants ahead of their own, and now they found themselves just going through the motions of life. Does this hit home for you?

You might be at a crossroads in life:

  • Leaving/returning to the workforce
  • Midlife unsettledness (empty nest, career boredom)
  • Changing marital status
  • Caring for elderly parents

These are all junctures in life when you can benefit from a coach’s support to move through your life transition with more ease.

It’s time to invest in yourself so that you can get the life you want and deserve. And then you will naturally be a better partner, parent, professional, and friend.

If you’re ready to focus on YOU, schedule a call and let’s have a conversation. I can help you get the clarity, confidence, and courage to get the joyful life you truly desire.

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