The Joys of Walking – Especially in Nature

There are so many benefits of walking. Of course we all know walking is good for your health. But even more so, I appreciate what walking does to improve my mood. Truly, walking brings joy to my life.

At work, there’s four of us ladies who walk during morning and afternoon breaks. We chat, and  naturally avoid any conversation related to work. It’s our little escape time. Time to take a brain break and de-stress. During the summer we walk outside to get fresh air. During winter we walk in the auditorium. Where we walk is really irrelevant. It’s all about the friendship that makes my work life more joyful.

At home, my walks ALWAYS include my dogs. Their sheer excitement when they see their leashes makes me feel happy – just because they’re so happy. I’ll stop here about my dogs. They’re one of my huge sources of joy in my life and you’ll be hearing much more about them in future posts.

Onward to what I really want to share with you in this post. I live in the northwoods of Wisconsin, surrounded by trees, lakes, and wildlife that make me feel like I’m living in a beautiful nature heaven.

My walks give me the opportunity to discover up-close, little pieces of mother nature that I would otherwise miss.

I often find myself whipping out my phone camera to capture some interesting, sometimes small, but always beautiful piece of nature. Below are some my favorite finds from my walks.

One of the many neighborhood “pets.”


Condo tree
I wonder who lives in this condo.


Weed or wildflower? Regardless, I admire how it stands tall and looks beautiful all by itself.


Forest in the fall
The smell of fall is in the air.


The daisy is a classic. Simple and beautiful.


Deer on my walk
Love these babies!


Noticing the little things on my walk.


Mother Nature provides incredible scenery when I walk the dogs.


Beautiful sunrise.


Appreciating how the snow clings to each and every little branch.

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you find most enjoyable about your walks.





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