Joy: The Magic Ingredient

Today I choose joyThis “Today I Choose Joy” sign is on my desk at work. It acts as a friendly reminder that I have the choice to be joyful… or not. I can’t control everything that happens, but I try to remember that I CAN control the way I react.

Joy is the magic ingredient that makes everything go better in my life. When I’m movin’ and groovin’ with internal joy, I feel like I increase the joy factor in myself — and in others I encounter.

I really believe that joy is contagious. The more joyful I am, the more joyful I become. Joy multiplies.

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Tips to Grow More Joy to Your Life

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How do we spark this joy within us when life is not always peaches and cream – or even when everyday responsibilities seem overwhelming?

How do we grow our internal joy when we just don’t feel joyful?

Here are some tips that have helped me grow the joy in my life. It doesn’t happen overnight, but practicing and making these tips habits will certainly help you grow your joy.

And as your inner joy grows, you’ll be able to sustain it more easily during difficult times.

1 – Set a Daily Intention

Make a conscious decision to find joy. Start your day by setting an intention to practice being ________. Fill-in that blank with a quality such as courage, patience, compassion, joy, etc.

Optionally, follow it up with a more specific situation. For example, “I’m willing to practice being patient with my spouse after dinner.”

By setting an intention, you’re empowering yourself. Are you willing to practice becoming a more joyful person?

2 – Be Aware of Your Feelings & Act Consciously

When you catch yourself feeling annoyed or upset, stop and deliberately bring your thoughts back to a happier place.

No, it’s not always easy, but it does get easier with practice.

Set reminders on your phone or place notes around your house to remind yourself to be aware of how you’re feeling.

If you’re feeling anything less than satisfied: 

  1. Stop and take note of what you’re feeling, and give yourself time to process those feelings. Stuffing feelings down will make them stick around longer. Allowing yourself time to process those feelings will help you release feelings that don’t serve you  well.
  2. Remind yourself about what’s important to you. What was your intention for the day and what is ultimately important to you?
  3. Now you’re ready to consciously move forward proactively rather than reacting.  Decide to act in a manner that will support your intention .

    Positivity quote: I can't control everything that happens, but I can control the way I react.

Being aware of and letting go of life’s little annoyances is an important step in growing your joy. Here are 3 Tips for How to “Let Go” of the Little Things.

3 – Be Grateful and Appreciate

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Being grateful for what you already have will naturally attract more for which you can be grateful.

Each morning or at bedtime (whichever suits you best), write three positives that happened in your day. What are things outside of yourself that you appreciate?

Another time where it’s beneficial to be grateful is when you’re not happy with a situation. When you catch yourself complaining, stop and find something about the situation for which you are grateful. Don’t like your job? Rather than focus on the negatives, focus on your friendly co-workers or the financial stability your job brings to your life.

Gratitude feels so much better than negativity.  Having gratitude for things you already have will have a positive impact on your life. Give it a try by leaving a comment about anything you are grateful for that you already have in your life.

So today, I choose joy.

  • I kickoff my day by taking time to feel appreciation for my comfy bed, quilt and pillow.
  • My dogs are always right there (literally in my face) to greet me in the new day. They inspire me with their ability to pop up out of sleep and be tail-wagging ready for the new day. They definitely have this joy thing mastered, and their joy rubs off on me.
  • Dogs brighten my every day

      These sweet faces brighten my every day.


  • I keep my thoughts positive for as long as possible. Some days my positivity lasts longer than others, but I have gotten better at it over time. (Read 5 Simple Daily Tips for Positive Thinking for more ideas on how to be more positive and attract more joy to your life.)
  • I try to pour joy and fun into everything I do – my job, doing laundry, cooking, exercising, connecting with friends and family, etc. Sometimes I play fun music while cleaning, connect with a friend to exercise, and I always expect that things will work out for me. Read how podcasts can make boring tasks fun.
  • Before I drift off to sleep at night, I recall my day and think about 3 positive things that happened. Download my FREE Daily Positives Tracker:


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 What are the ways that you bring joy and fun into your every day responsibilities? Please share your tips or thoughts in a comment.

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