Trash or Treasure?

17 Easy DIY trash to treasure projects using scrap wood you may already have leftover from house projects. #DIY #Upcycle #TrashToTreasure #RepurposeDIY trash to treasure projects are my favorite. Oh, the joy of finding a good use for something otherwise doomed for the landfill (or burn pile). Some people like to call these projects  upcycling or repurposing. Whatever you want to call it, one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

For example: After adding crown molding to our bathroom, my husband was about to toss the leftover scraps into the fireplace. I saved the molding just in time, and now I have a new mantel display or table centerpiece.

Although I cannot take credit for construction, I can say my husband said it was a very easy project. He simply mitered the edges of the crown molding, and nailed them together in the rectangular shape. A bottom piece of scrap wood was added, and the whole thing was painted. I added candles and…voila! Inexpensive yet stylish. Exact measurements are not important, just use what you have!

Trash to treasure project: decorative tray made of leftover wood trim.

Second Story

Personally, this candle holder is better than anything I can buy because my husband made it. It’s not only stylish, but it has a story behind it. This decorative tray is a perfect finishing touch for a fireplace mantel, centerpiece for a dining able, or accent on a bedroom dresser.

Do you have scrap wood trim leftover from a home project? Thrift stores are also a great source for materials to use for DIY projects. Think a little creatively and come up with something new and useful for your home. Think trash To treasure and give something old a second story in life!

More DIY Trash to Treasure Project Ideas

Be sure to click on the link below each photo to get step-by-step instructions for the project.

DIY upcycled drawer is now a tray
Easy DIY Upcycled Tray shared by

Wooden planter made from reclaimed woodReclaimed Wooden Planter shared by

DIY coasters
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Wooden doormat
DIY Wooden Doormat shared by

DIY pumpkins made from extra wood
Fence Post Pumpkins shared by

Cutting board holder
Kitchen Renovation: An Improvised Cutting Board Holder shared by

DIY wooden growth chart
DIY Wooden Ruler Growth Chart shared  by

Floating shelves made from wood
DIY Floating Shelves shared by

Jewelry holder made of extra wood supplies
DIY Rustice Jewelry Hanger shared by

Love sign made of scrap wood
DIY LOVE Sign shared by

Herb garden made from a wood pallet
Herb Garden Made from a Pallet shared by

Framed burlap wall hanging made of extra building materialsDIY Framed Burlap Wall Hanging shared by

Office desk made with recycled doorDIY Office Desk Made From Affordable Recycled Door and Cabinets shared by

Countdown board made with leftover wood
Family Celebrations Countdown Board shared by

Laundry room shelf made of recycled boards
Laundry room shelf shared by

Sign made of scrap wood“Make Stuff” Craft Room Sign shared by

Now it’s your turn! Take a look at items and scrap materials around your house and think about ways you might use them differently. Get creative and be eco-friendly as you turn would-be trash into a treasure.

Get more inspiration – browse Best DIY House Projects on Pinterest.


Simple inexpensive DIY upcycling projects using wood you may have leftover from other home projects. Eco-friendly home decor on a budget. #homedecor #DIY

14 Replies to “Trash or Treasure?”

    1. Hi Kendra, and thank YOU for sharing your awesome project. The shelves are perfect for any room in the house.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Joy. I’m guessing you might have lots of creative ideas! I will mark another trash to treasure down on my list. Thanks again. 😀

  1. Repurposing is the best. Love the candle tray your husband made. All great ideas! We’re in the middle of a huge remodeling project, so I’m pinning this page for future reference.

  2. So creative and inspiring. I love taking seemingly “trashy” things and making them into objects of beauty. It takes a real artist with a beautiful eye to do that. So lovely.

    1. Thanks, Jody! There’s something about a DIY project that feels so much more satisfying compared to shopping new items.

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