Trash or Treasure?

Oh, the joy of finding a good use for something otherwise doomed for the landfill (or burn pile). After adding crown molding to our bathroom, my husband was about to toss the leftover scraps into the fireplace. I saved the molding just in time, and now I have a new mantel display or table centerpiece.

Although I cannot take construction credit, I can say my husband said it was a very easy project. He simply mitered the edges of the crown molding, and nailed them together in the rectangular shape. A bottom piece of scrap wood was added, and the whole thing was painted. Added candles and…voila! Inexpensive yet stylish. Exact measurements are not important, just use what you have!

Personally, this candle holder is better than anything I can buy because my husband made it. It’s not only stylish, but it has a story behind it. This decorative tray is a perfect finishing touch for a fireplace mantel, centerpiece for a dining able, or accent on a bedroom dresser. Although currently I have dried moss in between the candles, alternatives include stones, beach shells, mini pine cones or mini Christmas tree bulbs for the holidays.

Do you have scrap wood trim leftover from a home project? Think a little creatively and come up with something new and useful for your home. Think Trash To Treasure!


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