What are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are positively focused. Ask for general guidance or answers to specific questions.

Years ago I thought tarot cards and oracle cards were a bunch of woo-woo. But in the last decade, I’ve become very interested in angels and love getting messages from the them via various decks of angel cards. I fully believe that each of us has angels with us at all times, and I have fun tapping into their guidance using angel cards.

Angels 101 by Doreen VirtueI have to admit that it’s a little awkward for me to open up and share about this topic because many people consider it a bit woo-woo. But angel cards bring me joy and the whole point of my blog is to share what brings me joy. So here’s an introduction to angel cards, and you can decide if it’s something you want to try in your life.

Angel cards work by drawing guidance and intuitive thoughts from the angels. There’s no special training needed to use angel cards, so I encourage anyone who welcomes messages from the angels to purchase a deck and give them a try. They’re very inexpensive, and all decks that I mention in this article will last for decades because they are of very high quality.

Each deck has a guidebook with instructions and extended meanings for each card. The book also suggests layouts for specific questions, but the cards are designed to be used with your intuition. Most often I ask the angels to give me whatever guidance they feel I need, and then I simply draw four random cards. There’s no wrong way to select a card. As you shuffle the deck, you’ll feel guided to stop shuffling and choose one or more cards. You might shuffle some more, and then select another card. Sometimes I fan the cards and then choose the cards that I feel drawn to.

I use angel cards to get general guidance in various areas of my life. Sometimes I ask specific questions, while other times I ask for whatever messages the angels want me to know for that day or the upcoming week. I use the cards from time to time to assist myself with validating which life path I should take. Angel oracle cards are particularly useful if you’re going through a transition in life, such as your career or relationship.

I’m most familiar with angel cards by Doreen Virtue who I consider to be an angel expert. She is a best-selling author and doctor of psychology who works with the angelic realm. Doreen’s cards are positively focused, so there’s no “death” card or anything scary. You might be drawn to a particular deck because of the images, wording, or even the deck theme.

“Messages from Your Angels” is the first deck I purchased about ten years ago and I still use them regularly. This is my go-to deck and I recommend it to friends as a good starter deck. It’s interesting that I tend to get the same handful of cards no matter how much I shuffle. Some cards in this deck have never been shown to me throughout the years. There are definitely messages that the angels are pounding into my head!

My recent purchase of “Life Purpose” oracle cards has been extremely helpful and even played a major role in helping me make the move to create this blog. Sometimes I use multiple decks to get further information or clarification. There’s usually a common theme between all the cards I pull in a single reading.

To learn more about angels in general, I recommend Doreen Virtue’s book “Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels.

In addition to the cards and book mentioned above that I use regularly, the following cards and book are also excellent choices. The Angel Answers deck is great for follow-up questions after doing a reading with one of the other decks.

Out of sight, out of mind! Be sure to store your cards where you’ll see them so you have a friendly reminder to use them often. I store them in a basket on my bedside table.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences with angels, oracle cards, or tarot cards. You’re also welcome to leave a question in the comment area. I hope you can now better answer the question, what are angel cards.

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