What is Self-Care and Why is Self-Care Important?

What are you doing for self care? If you don’t even know what self-care is… great! I’m happy you found this post to help you get started. Self-care is important. You’ll feel better and have more to give to people you love once you have your self-care routine established.

For others, you may need a friendly reminder to get back into a good self-care routine. Every now and then I need a reminder of the importance of self-care – especially when I let life get too busy and I forget to take a little self-care time each day to help me live a joy-filled life.

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What is Self-Care?

Putting priority on intentionally taking care of yourself is the basis for self-care.

Overall, this precious and necessary time is meant to give you a little breather from the stresses of life. Self-care positively affects your mind, body, and soul.

A good self-care activity will:

  • Reduce stress
  • Help you feel good mentally and physically
  • Improve your mindset

Self-care is different for everyone because we are all different. The best self-care activities for me will likely be different for what works in your life.

Going to the gym is a great self-care activity for some people, but for others it would be more of pain in their day (which is certainly not a good choice for a self-care activity).

The most important ingredient of a self-care activity is that it brings you joy. What do you enjoy doing? Give that question some thought and make a list of activities you like to do. 

Think back to a time in life when you had less responsibilities and were able to be more carefree. What did you enjoy doing? You might enjoy picking some of those activities back up now that you understand you need to devote some time to care for yourself.

Taking time for self-care doesn’t mean you need to take an hour every day – but you certainly can if you want! Even 10 minutes of a consistent daily self-care activity will help make you feel better, feel less stressed, and feel more motivated to take on daily responsibilities. 

It all comes down to doing what brings you joy and helps you relax. The stereotypical going to a spa is an excellent self-care activity, but it’s unrealistic to do that daily. 

Self-care can be super simple activities.  It can be as easy as reading a book or going for a walk. 

The best self-care activities to reduce stress are activities that combine a mental activity with a physical activity.

For example, I like to go for a walk. It relaxes me, gives me a chance to let my thoughts go, and I move my body. I return home feeling a little refreshed and energized.

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Mindset: Shift the Way you Think About Self-Care

Oh, you’d feel guilty about taking time away from family and friends to focus on yourself?

I invite you to consider shifting your thoughts about time for yourself. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself every day.

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.”
– Unknown

If you take time to rejuvenate yourself, you’re going to be much better positioned to have a cheerful heart as you help others in your life.

So instead of guilt, shift your thoughts about self-care to that of well-deserved time to focus on and care for yourself. If you take care of yourself, the people you love will benefit because your mindset will be more healthy and happy to then handle other life demands .

Taking a little self-care time will help your mindset shift to one that is more positive and joy-filled. You will feel happier!

Feeling good is a great motivator. Remember, by taking care of yourself first, you’ll have more to give. That’s why self-care is important!

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The following short video really demonstrates why self-care is so very important. It gives you a perspective that you might not otherwise this about.

Do You Have time for Self-Care?

Thinking you don’t have enough time for self-care is a sign that you’re prioritizing other things above yourself.

Recognize that even though you’re a busy woman, you should still find at least 10 minutes per day for self-care. You find time to take care of others, so you need to put priority on finding time to take care of yourself. 

The two best ways to ensure you take time for daily self-care are:

  • Schedule self-care time on your calendar – make an appointment on your phone and set an alarm.


  • Reserve the same time of every day for self-care so it quickly becomes habit.

If you currently don’t have a beneficial self-care routine, take small steps toward developing a routine that feels good and right for your lifestyle. Try realistic ideas that will work in your life.

Inject self-care wherever you can sneak in at least 10 minutes; morning, noon, or night. Time of day is not important, you just need to make it work for you.

Self-Care Activity Ideas:

Again, self-care is different for everyone. The following list is a wide variety of ideas that may or may not interest you. Pick one and get started today!

  1. Read something that lifts your mood and feeds your soul
  2. Dance (like nobody is watching)
  3. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before everyone else gets up
  4. Cuddle with pet (one of my personal favorites)
  5. Create a really fantastic music playlist for self-care time
  6. Do some yoga at home (for free!)
  7. Listen to podcasts or audio books
  8. Write in a journal (write self acknowledgments to build confidence)
  9. Get comfortable: blanket, slippers, music, etc.
  10. Close your eyes, and take a few deep  breaths (you have to breathe anyway!)
  11. Go for a walk or run (bonus points for being in nature)
  12. Soak your feet in walk – add some Epsom salt for added health benefit
  13. Call a friend to chat –  preferably someone who is uplifting
  14. Meditate
  15. Knit, crochet, or craft – any hobby that feels “therapeutic” (Read 35 Fun Hobby Ideas You Can Learn for Free.)

I don’t think you’re going to need any more ideas. Take what works, and leave the rest.

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Self-Care: It’s That Important 

On your mark, get set, go! Build self-care into your daily routine.

Bottom line is that when you take time to care about yourself, you’ll naturally start to care for others in a more effective way.

I think the secret to really benefiting from self-care is making it a top priority to take time on a consistent, daily basis. Make yourself accountable and get a self-care routine established.

Once you get in the routine, you’ll look forward to your special time and will learn to more quickly unwind from stress. Routine creates stability. Once you establish a consistent routine you’ll be able to put self-care on auto-pilot so it becomes more natural to put yourself first.

I hereby grant you permission to take time for yourself!

You deserve self-care time and will be a better person for taking that personal time. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about self-care. Do you have a self-care routine? Thanks for being here, I appreciate each and every one of you!

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14 Replies to “What is Self-Care and Why is Self-Care Important?”

  1. For me self care involves exercise. I feel so much better after walking, riding a bike, swimming or kayaking. When my kids were little, I used to feel guilty. As they got older, I remember one of them telling me to go for a bike ride. What they could see is that I had so much more energy and felt so much better that I was able to be a better mom.

    1. Thanks for your comment explaining the positive effect self-care has on you. Your kids certainly recognized the importance of you taking time for self-care!

  2. Such a fresh perspective. I always thought self care is about night time skin care routine and hair care and made me feel bad That I was unable to keep up with those things. I sure do fond some time for myself. Thanks for sharing

    1. I think the idea of self-care for stress management and happiness is getting more popular now that the benefits better known. Thanks for stopping by If It Brings You Joy!

  3. I agree that we should take care of ourselves first so that we can bring more joy and love to others. Reading, going for a walk, creating a music playlist and yes dancing (like nobody is watching) are some of my fave self-care activities.

  4. I enjoyed your post. Self care for me is so important. I need a lot of time on my own to recharge as I find being around lots of people takes another of energy x

    1. It’s interesting… some people get energized by being around people and some people get depleted of energy in the same situation. We’re all different! I’m similar to you, I need my quiet time. Thanks for adding you input.

  5. I consider myself an introvert at heart..so being around others all the time just exhausts me. I spend time alone or with close friends to rejuvenate. I like listening to podcasts that help me learn or laugh. I cuddle my cat. Listening to music frees my soul. I may be someone who needs to get out more. Lol.

    1. Sounds like you know exactly what works for you and you should keep it up! Of course go out every once in a while. 😳

  6. Women are so busy taking care of others, we neglect ourselves. I read Cheryl Richardson’s book on “Self Care” and it was excellent. Thank you for this great reminder.

    1. Oh I love Cheryl Richardson! I’m on her email list and look forward to her weekly inspiration. I’ve been meaning to read her book, thanks for the nudge.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Self care is so important. My husband supported me to help me have some self care even when I was in hospital having just given birth to our little girl. It’s so important to look after yourself too.

    1. Congratulations on you new baby girl! It’s wonderful that your husband understands the importance of self-care. As a mom with grown children, I feel that young moms having self-care time to relax or whatever they feel like doing (sleep!) is seriously important in order for them to be the best mom they can be. Good luck and and enjoy motherhood – it’s the best “job” I’ve ever had!

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