Discover the Proven Method to Go From Self-Doubt to Solid Self-Confidence in Just 6 Weeks

Get ready! Because when you radiate unshakable self-confidence, you become unstoppable and everything is possible.

Confidence Bootcamp

From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Bootcamp is a private 1:1 coaching program for women who want to achieve maximum results in the most efficient way possible.

Does this sound like you….

  • Your loud inner critic creates self-doubt that makes you question your every idea and decision.
  • You don’t trust yourself and have self-defeating thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “I will fail.”
  • Perfectionism, worrying about what people will think of you, and comparing yourself to others all keep you stuck and afraid to try new things.
  • You often find yourself wishing and hoping things were different in your life.
  • You’ve tried self-help: read books, attended webinars, and listened to podcasts but haven’t gotten the results you want. You’re disappointed in where you are in life, and know you’re capable of so much more if you had more self-confidence!

In my bootcamp, you’ll discover a science-backed, proven method* that’s helped thousands of people go From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence.

  • Discover the root of why you can’t seem to take action toward your goals and dreams
  • Say good-bye to your inner critic and hello to a new YOU who you can trust
  • Move from feeling disappointed to feeling in control of your life
  • Discover what’s draining your energy and keeping you stuck in your problems
  • Get beyond what’s keeping you shut off from the possibilities around you

From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Bootcamp includes:

  • 6 – private 1:1 weekly coaching sessions with Ellen for INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION (60-75 minutes each).
  • Audios for each topic: focused on applying to your life and getting results.
  • 9 Tools that help you build and maintain LIFE-LONG SELF-CONFIDENCE.
  • Specific and actionable daily exercises so that you instantly see change in your life.
  • Worksheets that help you process and practice the work so that it gets into your heart!
  • Accountability and support so that you won’t be alone on this journey.

Get Ready to Live the Life YOU Want!

If you’ve read to this point, you want and DESERVE the peace, flow, and freedom that come with self-confidence you’ll grow from my bootcamp.

The next step for you is to schedule a call with me. I want to be sure that both you and I feel we are a good fit for each other. I promise, it’s a no-pressure call.

It’s my passion (and I believe my purpose) to help women who crave more for their lives get the self-confidence that makes EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!

Are you ready and serious about doing the inner work?

You can get the life YOU truly desire, and you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be there to help you on your journey.

Schedule your call and let’s talk! The private 1:1 bootcamp sessions start throughout September.

Bootcamp Testimonial…

“To say that I was looking forward to my sessions with Ellen was an understatement. I absolutely LOVED my sessions with her.  We definitely tackled some difficult stuff, but Ellen’s way is so compassionate and helpful. She is able to really tackle issues of confidence with real tactics that get real results. She is open, honest, smart and one of the kindest people I know.

I left every session with her feeling empowered and ready to take on the world as a more confident person.

I am 100% more confident than I was when I started the program.  I am truly grateful for Ellen and the Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Bootcamp.”

April B., NY

* Ellen Burgan is a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC). She received her certification from the Fearless Living Institute which is the only Life Coach Certification Program that specializes in fear.

Ellen’s programs are based on the work of her teacher and mentor Rhonda Britten. Rhonda, founder of the Fearless Living Institute, is a pioneer in the Life Coaching Industry, an Emmy-Award winning coach, one of Oprah Winfrey’s repeat coaching experts, and was voted “America’s Favorite Life Coach.”

Life Coaches Rhonda Britten and Ellen Burgan

Certified and Trained by Rhonda Britten