To give you a better idea of the positive impact I have had on my clients, I encourage you to read through some of the testimonials. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

“I recently finished an 11-week coaching session with Ellen. I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience. I always knew there were things holding me back from leading a joyful, lighthearted, fearless life. But to be honest, I thought for a long time, I didn’t need a life coach. I thought I just had to  ‘suck it up’ and get over my fears. My wife convinced me to give coaching with Ellen a try. And so I did.

In her kind, affirming way,  Ellen helped me see that if you aren’t aware of what’s holding you back, you just keep spinning in those old mental patterns, and it is very difficult to move forward. Over the course of our time together, Ellen gave me some valuable tools and strategies to be able to see  exactly what thought patterns were holding me back in my life.  She also helped me to identify my core strengths, so that I could lean on them to be my best self.

I found Ellen to be extremely intuitive and an attentive listener, and she always comes from a space of compassion. And in my sessions with her, she had no agenda other than to help me live my life in freedom.

I am extraordinarily grateful for my 11 weeks with her, and I look forward to seeing how the discoveries I made play out in my life!”

Sunil R., WI

“Ellen is amazing, an angel from above and so motivating!

One of the things that Ellen helped me to do was acknowledge myself and be more present and aware. One of the biggest breakthroughs Ellen helped me with was being aware of things I can and can’t control, and acting accordingly.

I’m so glad I worked with Ellen. One of the things that helped me the most was the way she spoke with such care and was always so inspiring and motivating.  I highly recommend Ellen and her work!”

Marin M., NY

“To say that I was looking forward to my sessions with Ellen was an understatement. I absolutely LOVED my sessions with her.  We definitely tackled some difficult stuff, but Ellen’s way is so compassionate and helpful. She is able to really tackle issues of confidence with real tactics that get real results. She is open, honest, smart and one of the kindest people I know.

I left every session with her feeling empowered and ready to take on the world as a more confident person.

I am 100% more confident than I was when I started the program.  I am truly grateful for Ellen and the Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Bootcamp.”

April B., NY

“I’m so happy I worked with Ellen. What helped me the most was the way she listened and encouraged me all the way through. I felt like whatever I shared with her was safe and there was never any judgement. If I got stuck Ellen helped me to express myself and get to the bottom of what was really holding me back.

My life was challenging due to a big change, so it just made sense to work with a coach. I’m glad I worked with Ellen as she helped me to look at things in new ways. The tools I gained were 100% personalized throughout my coaching.”

~ Heidi T., CA

“Before starting my work with Ellen I was constantly scared to ask for help and terrified to hold a conversation with a stranger which was holding me back in my workplace.

Throughout the 12 weeks, I gained confidence and don’t let those things hold me back in my day to day life. Even though I am still not 100% comfortable always, I can truly say that the fearless living program has helped me and I would suggest everyone do it.

When you begin to work on your “Wheel of Fear” and “wheel of freedom” your eyes will widen and you’ll learn so much about yourself. I am so grateful for this journey and seeing how I continue to grow.”

~Britny J., VT

“Ellen has made a huge positive impact on my life. Ellen has made me realize there are easy ways for me to live a happier healthier life.

I enjoy seeing how eager she is to help others have a more joyful life. She truly believes in finding joy and she truly wants everyone to find it. You feel how much she cares when you talk with her. You find yourself telling her things you didn’t even know could be adjusted for the better. I really think Ellen has found her life’s purpose in coaching and I really think everyone should take a minute and talk with her. You won’t regret it and I’m pretty certain your life after that conversation will be for the better.”

~Kristi T., WI

“Ellen is such a caring and intuitive coach. I only ever experienced thoughtful and empathetic thought-provoking questions from her, never did I feel judged or criticized. Ellen let me do the work, the thinking, which is so rewarding. She’s so good at getting me to think from angles I hadn’t considered before, ultimately giving me freedom to let things go and embrace new truths. I felt that she was as invested in my breakthroughs as I was; she’s just that committed to her clients’ joy! MONTHS after completing my coaching, I’m still using the tools from my toolbelt.

~Chris D.,WI

“Ellen is a great leader and did a phenomenal job taking our group through Fearless Living. She knows the material/concepts really well and can easily explain things when we got stuck. She was always well prepared, extremely patient and made sure to involve everyone in the discussions. I really enjoyed the experience.”

Barb J., CO