How to Be Your Best Self When Life Gets You Down

Lately, I’ve found myself questioning so much in this world that currently looks strange and uncertain (although when is anything in life certain?).

Many people are really hurting and it’s easy to slip into a place of doom and gloom. Instead of focusing on things I can’t control, I’ve been purposely thinking about how I can positively impact the world.

I decided that looking at myself is the best first step. Without me being the best, beautiful person I can be, how can I have a positive effect on anyone or anything else?

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Personally, I believe the world is in an incredible time of change. It may seem like it’s not changing in the right direction, but I choose to believe it can and will. Is our world bouncing off it’s lowest low so it can strive for its highest high? Bounce into a more awakened, better world? Certainly possible.

You might be thinking, “I’m just one little person on this planet, there’s not much I can do.” I beg to differ.

What Ripple Effect Are You Creating?

Ripples of life

Just like a stone that’s thrown into the water produces ripples, each of us produces ripples based on how we show up in the world.

I’ve written many times on how the ripples of kindness are a powerful way for one person to touch friends and strangers alike.

You showing up as your best, beautiful self WILL make a difference to the world. The ripples you create by showing up as your best self can have a huge impact on others in this world.

What type of ripples are you sending into the universe? Are you showing up as your best, beautiful self so you create ripples that have a positive, high-impact effect on other people?

We all have our individual talents and desires, and we each get to decide how to use them.

5 Self-Reflection Questions to Lift You Up When Life Gets You Down

Woman on a beach reflecting on life

My gratitude goes to Jennifer Flynn (The Balance Maven). She facilitates her Monday Afternoon Club where we “talk about what is most pressing in our inner and outer worlds and commune with one another in the most meaningful ways.”

Yesterday, Jenn posed 5 questions for us to think about during times in our lives when $hit hits the fan. I found them incredibly powerful as a way of looking at myself and deciding what I want to do.

1 – “When and where today can I stop, pause, rest, and heal?”

Notice it says WHEN, not if.

Take care of yourself first, and then go out into the world and be your best self!

This is something I’m passionate about because you can’t show up as your best self if you are depleted and not well. If you take time for yourself, you will be the happiest version of yourself.

This might sound overly positive, but it really does have an impact on your life. It’s important! When you feel your best, you can give your best.

Look at it as a gift that you give not only to yourself, but also to those who you love.

Even just a few minutes each day will help you to stop, pause, rest, and heal.

Need help with this area? Read my post that discusses filling your own cup first and another that gives ideas for simple and free self-care activities.

2 – “What do I need right now?

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take the time to think about what will help you.

  • Are you trying to control something over which you have not control?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed about a big project? Try breaking it down into smaller steps so it feels less big.

Jenn talked about how sometimes we condition ourselves to think that food and drink is a reward rather than a necessity. If you are hungry, then eat. If you are thirsty, drink. Tired? Take a nap!

This question might take some time and practice to embrace. It sounds simple, yet I know for me I sometimes ignore my basic needs.

Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up to fill my water bottle. Other times I am too tired to make a decision, and I just carry on rather than taking a nap.

3 – “Is there anything I’m avoiding or I need to deal with?”

Take care of it!

This question is great for shedding some light on something in the back of your mind or maybe something that you’re unconsciously avoiding. If it’s unconscious, you’ll likely need support by a life coach or therapist to shed light on it.

If you’re able to put your finger on it, great! What can you do to resolve it so you can move on and get back to being present in your life?

4 – “With whom can I take some time to really connect with today?”

This question really jumped out at me. Family is my top core value, and at the end of the day, all people I care about are my family.

How do you feel when someone randomly calls or messages you? It makes me feel loved and like my existence matters. My life has touched others, and they are thinking about me. What a gift!

Although I do have a fairly good habit of connecting with people, this is something I really want to improve upon.

There is nothing more important than the people in my life, and having a tighter connection is a sure path to more joy.

Do you have a daily (or even weekly) habit to reach out and connect with someone in your circle of friends?

5 – “How can I slow down and let go even more?”

Again, notice the wording. The choice is how to do it, not if you do it.

In Jenn’s words, “doing it is non-negotiable.”

Do you need to let go of the little things? No matter what has happened in the past, you have the power to change your experience from this point forward.

Spend some time listening to your thoughts to become aware of what seeds are being planted. Make sure they’re seeds that some day you’d like to harvest.

Let go of the little things so you can cultivate a mindset that will grow inner joy.

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The World Has a Place For Each of Us

The purpose of those powerful questions is for self-reflection, deciding how you want to show up, and then acting on that commitment.

The world needs YOU. The world needs YOU to be the best you can be. The world needs YOU to stop, reflect, and purposely decide how to bring your best self to everything you do.

If you need a day (or two or three) to stop and do nothing, then do nothing! Do whatever you need to do to rejuvenate yourself. Inspired action is likely to follow.

You have the freedom to make every decision about your life.

  • Do you like how you’re showing up in this world?
  • Are you making sure your life is blossoming?

No matter where you are in your life, let it be a time of expansion that reflects growth in your life. As you change your life, the lives of others around you will be impacted by the ripples of your change.

Need help? If life feels overwhelming, or if you want to build the confidence and courage to kick-start a new season of your life, reach out to me to see how I can help you live your best, joyful life. There is no better time than right NOW to take a deep look at yourself. As a Joy Coach, I can help you take action and get the life of joy you want and deserve.

Did any in particular question jump out at you? Which one do you choose to reflect upon today, and take action on today? Please drop me a comment below with your thoughts. Then, go out and be your best, beautiful self!


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  1. “If you take time for yourself, you will be the happiest version of yourself.” – if only we had all learned this thirty years ago! So many of us were raised to ‘push through’ and not allow our minds, hearts and bodies to recover. Thanks for the great article and the reminder that we can start a ripple that positively affects those around us.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes! If I had done this when my children were babies, I would not have been exhausted and depleted as a young mom.

    1. Amen! Now we just need to be the conduits of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your important thoughts, Rebecca!

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