How Are You Dealing With Social-Distancing?

Pandemic. Shelter-in-place. Social Distancing. There’s no textbook for how to get through this time that is FAR from normal.

Are you like me and bounce between feeling good with having this unexpected rest time, to feeling lonely and stressed about all the unknowns?

I thought I’d share what’s going on in our household. You might be able to relate.

Our household is made of me, my husband, and our two dogs. We are finishing week two of self-distancing and shelter-in-place.

Week two was different from week one, and I suspect each week will be different. It’s my goal to make sure that whatever week we come out of this bizarre situation, that I’ll be a stronger person – physically and mentally.

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Responding to Reality

During week one, the thought “I can’t leave my home” played with my psyche. I felt a bit confined and worried, but carried on.

And then I realized, carrying on or feeling confined isn’t how I want to look back and remember this time.

I’m practicing a new mindset and reminding myself that I have control over how I respond.

Reality is that we actually can leave our home – responsibly.

  • We take walks with our dogs. We’re blessed with living in the northwoods filled with nature at its best.
  • We can do outside yard work (my husband recruited me to join his project of clearing brush.)
  • Our weather is still cool, but we will be able to sit out on our deck just as soon as the snow melts off of it. (So excited for warm weather!) And once the ice goes off the lake, we’ll be able to go for boat rides.
  • Tomorrow we’re taking part in a surprise birthday parade for a friend. We all stay safe in our vehicles, but get to have a taste of community in-person!

Reality is that inside of our home, there’s a whole new realm of projects to explore.

  • Get Creative! I started a mixed media art project. I’ve never done this type of project, but I’m combing through YouTube to get ideas. What fun it’ll be to have a piece of my art, something positive, to remember this time.
  • Project CoronaCardio! This week I decided that I want to come out of this downtime being in better physical condition. I’m on Day 7 of getting on my treadmill. That daily activity helps my physical AND mental health. I feel more energized, and I’m happy with myself for making my health a priority.
  • New Learning Opportunities! I have watched numerous free online webinars. Many people are offering free or highly discounted online learning opportunities. I’m offering free life coaching sessions, so be sure to read to the bottom to find out how you can participate.
  • Soak It Up! I’ve got my books queued up and I’m listening to podcasts galore.

Reality is that we CAN still connect with friends and family to support each other.

  • Zoom (web conferencing) is an amazing tool to stay connected. If you’re not familiar with Zoom, it’s a tool that let’s you do a group video call. Everyone shows up on a screen that looks like the Brady Bunch squares. I have connected with a group of strangers to discuss how we’re feeling during shelter-in-place, as well as connecting with groups of friends.
  • My friend and neighbor kindly offered to pickup anything I needed from the grocery store. She dropped it off and we had a brief but enjoyable conversation from a social distance. It was so nice to see another human face in-person! It helped my craving to get together with friends and family.
  • I’m due for another drive to see my mom. She’s in a senior living complex and they are not allowed visitors. Seeing her in her window from the parking lot while talking on the phone brings me joy.
  • We FaceTime with our grown children. It’s always good to see their faces. Thank God for technology!
My friends and I on a Zoom “party” call. So good to talk and laugh!

Overall, week two has brought my focus to what I CAN control, and more acceptance of what I CANNOT control.

I still feel a sense of loss, and I’m doing my best to make choices from freedom rather than fear. I’ve practiced this mindset for a decade. This year I have added my intense work with Fearless Living. I can do this with my joy intact!

What will your future self think of you during this time of solitude?

Person walking in fog

Yes, this sucks. But riddle me this… What will happen to your mindset if you stay in the doom and gloom mode?

How do you feel after watching news media coverage about the pandemic? I have to limit my media time or I go into doom and gloom mode. I keep up with what’s going on in the world without dwelling on the repetition of news coverage.

When we come out of this, and we will, how will you look back at yourself in the years to come?

May I Support You?

For many, it’s a challenging time right now. 

Many people are feeling bored, anxious, and fearful.

I would like to support YOU… by offering FREE coaching.

I’m weeks away from graduating from the Fearless Living Life Coach Certification Program, and I feel that at this time more than ever I can help YOU to get through this time with more joy than you might imagine.

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Be Hopeful

What are you filling your heart and soul with? If you’re feeling worried, fearful, or panicked, take me up on my offer for a free life coaching session and read my post about how to reclaim your calm.

It’s my intention for this time of social distancing or shelter-in-place to be good for me. There are a lot of unknowns so I don’t know what my new normal will be after I come out of quarantine. But I have faith that it will be better. I’m doing everything I can to stay calm, and come out of this stronger than ever.

There’s got to be a silver lining in all of this… are you finding your silver lining?

Take care of yourself and do what’s right for you. Please leave me a comment letting me know how you are doing during this challenging time.

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4 Replies to “How Are You Dealing With Social-Distancing?”

  1. Great article Ellen! My husband and I actually tend toward the introverted side so we are actually enjoying this time together. We also live in beautiful surroundings so we’ve been able to get out when the weather is nice. I have had a to-do list project since we moved in two years ago and every day I try to mark one thing off my list. I’m not much of a cook so I’ve used this opportunity to try some new recipes. I must say I’m not as bad as I thought🤔. Mostly I’ve used this time to just really give myself permission to rest and sleep as much as I need. An afternoon nap has been one of my little indulgent pleasures. I too have limited how much time I spend watching the news. I’m also finding little ways each day to encourage or bless someone else. Leaving things on my neighbor’s door steps, sending little packages via Amazon to family, texting, phone calls and video chatting with friends and family. I think we will all come out of this in ways that will have changed us for the better if we let it.

    1. Hi Joy, glad you are doing well! Thanks for sharing your experience, love your attitude and outlook. Possibly us introverts are having an easier time with staying home and, as you said so perfectly, giving ourselves permission to rest. Stay safe & much love!

  2. Even after all these years I discovered that yes, I can learn something more about myself. Thanks to physical distancing…although a lesson I’d rather have learned another way.

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